Why Mansfield

  • Small town
  • Beautiful landscape
  • Foxborough
  • Gillette stadium
  • Amazing people
Hey everyone we are hoomies back with a new trip and some new adventures and amazing stories.
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Hey everyone we are hoomies back with a new trip and some new adventures and amazing stories.  😊😊

During our visit to Boston, we decided to head over to a nearby beautiful city 🌃  towards a small town. We had some of our friends staying here. So we decided to pay a visit and enjoy the day out.

Post CreatorIt was just a one-day plan and even a spontaneous one. Boston was treating us well with a really amazing lifestyle, food, and people. Everyone is just so calm, composed, and comfortable out in here. Students are busy within their lives. Parents visiting their kids. Lots of universities and colleges. Its got some amazing 🤩 culture and background.

After enjoying a day out in Boston, we decided to go on a really short trip to Mansfield.


It is a really cute small town in Massachusetts, United States 🇺🇸. It is a Bristol County. With a really small population of about 23,000, it is located very close to Boston. It is in the south-southwest suburbs of 🌳 Boston. And is even very close to Rhode Island. The village of Mansfield Centre is located in the town. The town was established in 1775.

According to the  United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 20.7 square miles, of which, 20.5 square miles of it is land and 0.3 square miles of it (1.25%) is water.

There are five conservation areas in the town. They are, from largest to smallest: the Great Woods Conservation Area, Maple Park Conservation Area, York Conservation Area, Marie Strese Conservation Area, and Sweet Pond Conservation Area.

Dayout in Mansfield, Boston

This town is very well connected with transportation. It is even very close to the two major international airports is Logan International Airport, Boston, and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island. Both of them being around 30-35 miles from the town.

It is located at a distance of 40 miles south of Boston and around 35 miles north of Providence, Rhode Island.

There are some of the ways to reach here. You can either take a

car 🚘
Train 🚂 or
Taxi / Rental Cars 🚗

So in order to reach here, we decided to take a train. We got up in the morning, enjoyed our lavish breakfast 🥞 , and headed over all dressed up and ready towards Ruggles. We booked ourselves a cab 🚕 to take us to the station.

Ruggles Station 🚉 is an intermodal transfer station in Boston. It serves all kinds of transit, bus, commuter rail services. It is surrounded by the campus of Northeastern University.

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The station was around 3.4 miles from Boston city. It took us hardly 10 minutes to reach here. On reaching you need to take an escalator up and as soon as you reach, you can collect your tickets 🎫 by entering the place you wanna travel to from the booths available at the station 🚉.

We got your tickets and again took an escalator down in the front to reach our platform and waited for the train to arrive.

In case you feel hungry 🤤, you have an option to buy yourself stuff to eat at the station. Though they are a bit slow as compared to the amount of crowd they get.

We waited for our train to arrive. We took a Providence line train from Ruggles to Mansfield station. The trains run four times a day to the same place and you can get to choose according to your comfort.

The timings being:

  • 11:13 AM
  • 01:13 PM
  • 02:33 PM
  • 04:43 PM

The ride was really beautiful and lovely. The trains are very well maintained. The entire ride was amazing. It took us around 45 minutes to reach our destination. You can prebook your tickets or can even take them to the station itself. Along with that, you get a proper chart and timetable for you to choose and decide regarding your journey.

On reaching, we were picked up by our family friends, who were there to meet us. We got into the cars and went to stay at their house.

We had our lunch in there. It was a nice delicious 🤤 typical Indian lunch 🍱 with lots of curries, dal, rice, and pieces of bread. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal 🥘 and had a great and lovely time there.

Following some chit-chat, we decided to explore this beautiful amazing town. It was a really good, peaceful place. So calm with amazing surroundings and so much to explore.


  • National Black Doll Museum of History and Culture
  • Mansfield public library
  • Xfinity Centre
  • Mansfield Crossing


June to September

We traveled towards Foxborough. It was such a nice and amazing experience. It took us around 30-40 minutes to reach here. The place is just lovely. You can enjoy some shopping time here. They have a lot of factory outlets and even various malls. So you get to decide what and from where you want to shop. Lots of options are available.

About Foxborough



Dayout in Mansfield, Boston

It is a small town in Norfolk County, Massachusetts around 22 miles southwest of Boston. This is best known for Gillette Stadium 🏟.

We enjoyed some amazing shopping time here. The staff was really really good and is available at a great affordable price. It completely depends on your budget and even on your taste.

We got some amazing watches and handbags. We love handbags 👜. The prices were reasonable out here. Even they have a lot of amazing options and even an almost great collection. Though it lies in the outskirts of Boston city, they have some amazing collections.

Following some time out in here, we went towards an amazing place to check out some binoculars. We always wanted to buy some binoculars, though we already have one. But unfortunately, we are not allowed to buy binocs with a good range outside the United States due to security reasons. But still, we had a good time here. They had almost everything if you are looking for a shop to get all your travel kits.

Dayout in Mansfield, Boston

They have amazing collections of boats, binoculars, camping stuff, and lots more. Even if you have kids traveling along, they can enjoy time in here with lots of games and fun stuff to do.

It was just amazing and we had a lovely time in here. Finally, it was time for us to get back to Boston as we had to leave this beautiful city the very next day.

We had a beautiful two weeks in Boston. It was just amazing. We got into our cars 🚗 and got back to Boston.

It was a 45-minute drive back to the city.

After our time back, we enjoyed a great dinner in the city and went back to our stay home. Packed our bags and stuff as it was time to leave this beautiful city 🌃 and head back to our country with lots of precious memories.

Thanks for reading us. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. We will be back with new adventures really soon.

With lots of love and strength

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