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Today’s blog is about India’s most lovely tourist place Goa. Goa is famous for a lot of tourist attractions. Beaches, monuments, sculptures, endless beautiful roads, beautiful Portuguese houses, and water activities anyone will fall in love with this. Water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, jetskiing, parasailing, rope surfing, and a lot more list are endless.


So let us quickly get to the list, I love to do in Goa before wasting most of the time.

1. Scuba diving

This one is surely going to be on my list. Goa is a hub for water activities and parties, so this is a perfect vacation location. Scuba diving is another kind of experience, deep water sea dive gives you a chance to know a different world that you have never seen. The world above the sea, and beneath the sea is totally different.

A dive in the sea, looking around the beauty of nature under the sea, the different types of creatures beautiful water plants, everything looks attractive. You would wish to stay there forever until the oxygen runs out XD!

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2. Riding quad bikes on the roads of Goa

Trust me roads of Goa are damn beautiful, you can walk/ ride on those the whole day and never get tired. Roads with fewer trees but sea on one side bushes on the other, then roads with old artitecture which look damn attractive as our colorful and different to what we see normally. Riding a quad bike is always fun but when we talk about the roads of Goa the fun multiplies by 10. As everyone looks for peace while enjoying and goa is peace.

3. Attending night parties in Goa

Goa is famous for parties around beaches, different locations all night. One can simply visit any party to dance, enjoy yourself and have fun.

4. Staying in a tent on a beach

This is something I really want to do, it is night time you are in the tent you can listen to the sound of the waves the whole night. Imagining this gives me a different level of excitement to do it once, I can imagine how peaceful this would be.

5. Parasailing

This is something everyone would love to try. This is easy you are tied on a kite on the one end, and a kite is tied to a boat and you fly with that kite following the boat. This is easy, simple and anyone could try.

Para sailing


4. Kite surfing and water skiing

Both look very amazing in pictures, I have spent hours watching videos of these and would surely want to try both of these, these are quite similar to one another.
In kite surf, you are holding a kite in your hands and you need to surf with the flow of the kite. Sounds amazing, right?
In water skiing, you are holding a string attached to the boat and you need to hold it and rest you will find a different view of the sea at that point.

Both sound adventerous and must be on your bucket list if you are a travel lover.

6. Trying out different beaches and monuments

Goa is all abkut beaches there are a few famous one’s which are always crowded if you actually want to enjoy in goa try to find beaches which are less explored less crowded, so you can enjoy to the fullest, and do not forget to visit famous monuments in Goa as well.



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