Why Durango

  • ancient ruins
  • hacienda ferrería de las flores
  • mining area
  • history
  • the foundry
must know: -Parque Fundidora de Ferreria Address: Domicile known s/n, La Ferrería, 34302 Durango, Dgo -Hacienda ferrería de las flores -Museo Zona Arqueológica La Ferrería
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You should go through 3 great sites:

The Parque Fundidora de Ferreria and the Hacienda de la ferrería estate are very close so you can visit them without problem the same day and in a well organized time.

Ex Hacienda La Ferrería de Flores

Hacienda de la Ferrería has the term used by the Spaniards, It is considered one of the most emblematic and important buildings of the state of Durango.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

It was used as a living room for the engineers who work in the foundry, passed to Don Juan Nepomuceno Francisco Flores and Mayor, large landowner of the State of Durango, in order that said building would play this role.

In 1886, Don Juan died the estate passed into the hands of his nephew Juan Manuel Flores Flores, who named it “Ferrería de las Flores”.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

To visit it and if you want a tour you must schedule your guided tour without any cost. the Schedule is: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

The former hacienda of flowers, I consider it an emblematic place, full of legends, stories of mystery… Many of the guards and workers claim to hear noises in the nights and evenings, noises coming from the rooms, and many of the tourists and visitors claim to feel a very strong energy (I agree with them), many of the photographs taken by tourists contain appearances of (impressive) people.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

The oldest watchman of the estate, assured that in old times long beings appeared, with big black eyes, levitated until they vanished.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

Discover each space, appreciate each object, furniture, feel the wood floors squeak and feel someone watching you between doors.

some of the buildings are not the original, the reason is because previous years a nasty fire occurred:

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Parque Fundidora de Ferrería

This destination is located 10 min from the city

Age of the Spaniards, the architectural value is important, the ruins are really majestic…

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

The ruins despite the time, the foundations remain solid.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

At the time it existed for the purpose of exploiting the rich iron deposit of Cerro del Mercado

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

The exploitation of the deposit began in 1828

You can get into the center of where the iron melted and look at that huge tunnel of solid stones.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

In the middle of the 19th century, the iron smelter was established that used the water of the Tunal River and the charcoal obtained on the slopes of the nearby hills.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

The smelter was no longer profitable when other smelters that worked with mineral coal appeared.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’


Every corner is special, I think something I lacked to understand and was this beautiful harp near one of the largest constructions.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

You can enjoy a walk, at the beginning you will find a place to take the air, sit in the pasture, take a talk on some bench next to nice lamps.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

In the last part of the place there is a small lake where several waters of nearby rivers flow.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

Museo de sitio de la Ferrería

Archaeological zone

To get to the museum you must travel along the road that leads to the Flor, arriving at the village 4 de Octubre (formerly La Ferrería), take the deviation to the east past the bridge of the river Tunal, continue along the paved road that leads to Lerdo de Tejada, which is parallel to an irrigation canal, about a kilometre away is the archaeological zone and the site museum, at the foot of a small hill.

Unfortunately I do not contain photographs of this space, as they were lost, however I keep these two personal:

In this huge stone is an interesting Petroglyph or rock carving of a little man in open position of his limbs.

From the beginning you will be surprised with this type of incomparable pieces full of magic.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

In this I was in the highest area of the ruins, in this part rituals were performed, there is definitely an inhospitable energy that surrounds it and connects with the area, location and history.

Archaeological site ‘La Ferrería’

Finally, you have to explore together these sites that overflow history over the valley of Guadiana, the intimate relationship of these three sites is and was mining, the iron smelting that was important for the economy. An archaeological site from a much earlier period but linked to the respective events.

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