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Welcome back 😊 When I wrote the first part, I still thought that this trip is only from morning to noon. Honestly, it’s the first time I’m on vacation alone and also the first time I explore a place on foot. After I got to Merdeka Plains I went back to the hotel to rest a bit. After I took a shower I went to Kuala Lumpur Sentral to eat. We ate at KFC Malaysia – I heard before that there is a big difference between KFC Malaysia and KFC Indonesia. It’s because of the chicken, the rice and there are some extras in Malaysia that I really liked. I especially recommend you to try the rice ( it looks a bit like hainam rice). Later in the evening I also tried some street food. In Jalan Alor is a place where you can get heavy meals and snacks.

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The next day we went to Batu Caves. Before we could go up we were tested. My recommendation for you is that you better come in the morning because there are not too many people. From your Kuala Lumpur Sentral take the MRT to Batu Caves Station. It is the last station. Batu Caves itself is a limestone hill that has caves and a temple inside the cave. Batu Caves itself has three main caves and several small caves. If you want to get into the big cave (also called the Cave of the Temples) at the top, you have to climb 272 steep steps. At that time I was very young, so I was very tired. On the left side, near the Hanuman statue with a height of 15 meters is the Ramayana Cave. The Ramayana cave describes all the stories of the Ramayana. When you come here, you will also see a statue of Murugan with a height of 42.7 meters. Make no mistake, this statue is also painted with gold that comes from Thailand. After that, I was very hungry and went to eat at KFC again. After that, we wanted to go to the Petronas Twin Towers. I actually wanted to go to KL Tower from there, but we took the wrong bus line and got lost. A weird but fun experience because we didn’t have time and it took a long time. We went to the Petronas Twin Towers to take pictures. Because we didn’t have time to go up and because it was raining, we went to Suria KLCC and had a hot meal. After that, it was late and we took the LRT home. The height of the Petronas Twin Towers reaches 452 meters.

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What you should know is that there are also monkeys in Batu Caves like in Bali. If you hold something plastic, don’t be surprised if they take it because they will think it’s food. A lot of people are praying there and donating some fruits or other food.

For a trip to Batu Caves, you have to pay approximately RM 2.60 if you use the KTM Komuter train. I will tell my story about the next day in part 3.

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