Why Barcelona

  • tasty food
  • cliff jumping
  • great view
  • small activity
  • original atractions
During this trip you will have some rest and chill, tasty food to try, view point and some walk and jumping from the cliff. All things in 3 days.
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I made this tour for those who had been to Barcelona before and had already seen the main attractions. Also for those who will be there for the first time, but want to see things other than typical tourist attractions. We are able to make this trip in 3 days.
Let me start by exploring places in the city. Since I’m a lot of fun about places to eat something and not spend hours in a restaurant, I recommend:

1) Graja M. Viader – A great place to start the day.

You can enjoy a tasty (mostly sweet) breakfast here. Why is this place so amazing? First of all, it is one of the oldest milk bars in Barcelona. It has been operating since 1870. Just stop here to taste typical Spanish sweets such as churros or crema de Catalonia. You can also try the homemade cheesecake. The other amazing thing about this place is the design. It’s a paradise for your eyes and belly 🙂 Address of the restaurant: Carrer d’en Xucia 4-6 Barcelona, ​​Catalonia 08001.

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A place for dinner/lunch

2) Honest greens -a great place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The best thing about this place is that you can make a full meal yourself. There are many options on the menu that you can put together to enjoy your dream meal. It looks a bit like a canteen but has a better design than the typical one. As mentioned before this is not a typical restaurant. Here you will have self-service, so your meal will be ready faster, without waiting for the waiter to come. I really love this place and the food inside. Don’t hesitate and choose a lot of things for an amazing, unique composition.

Adres of the restaurant: Rambla Catalunya 3

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Between breakfast and lunch, I suggest taking some fresh air with beautiful architecture. As I mentioned earlier, I will not show you typical Barcelona attractions such as: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Park Guell, La Rambla. Of course, it’s nice to visit them, but you can read about it in every guidebook. There is a really amazing Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona and especially the orangery that looks amazing. This is one of the largest parks in Barcelona. You can also visit the zoo in this area, although in my opinion all the attractions and architecture inside the park are adequate. To take your breath away. A nice walk will take you around 2 hours.


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In my oPINion, the best way to get to know the city is by walking as much as possible. I always discover new places on my way from one place to another. Pay attention to street art in Barcelona. Small and old streets where people drink coffee.


For the next 2 days, You will need to rent a car or travel by train what is less convenient.

2nd day.

I decided to rent a car and drive from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar. I was hoping for nice beaches with no people around. From Barcelona to Lloret de Mar is approximately 80 km (approximately 1 hour by car). So it should be the day you get up early 🙂 In Lloret de Mar you have many beaches where you can relax so you can be sure you will find lots of nice places to relax close to the sea. Actually, I choose a place with fewer people called Playa de Boadella, I really recommend it. But that was not really the purpose of my trip. From this beach just 2.1 km or 7 minutes by car You can reach the amazing viewpoint of Castell De Sant Joan. This place will leave you speechless.

The best time to go is of course sunset. It is a really romantic place.

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3rd day

To do this, you will need a car. Unfortunately, if you want to do a long walking tour you have to get up early. Riera de Merles is a river that is 1,840 km long.  From Barcelona, it is around 116 km ( 1.30 min by car )Take sunscreen, a bathing suit, water shoes, hiking shoes, and a towel with you. You will have the option of jumping off rocks in cold water (always watch how deep the water is where you want to jump but you will likely see people jumping there). There are plenty of places to stay around the river. You can start your journey wherever you find a parking space. The best place to stop and jump into the water is Camping Riera Merles (selselles camp s / n, 08619). Although this cliff was the best, I really recommend walking at least 5km between the river to see other places. Of course, this trip is best in summer when the temperature is high enough for a cold bath in the river.

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