Why Domburg

  • Breathe in the sea air
  • Explore hiking trails
  • Dutch specialities - Frikandeln and chips! :D
  • Good to travel by car
  • Nice apartment at the beach
This was our first trip for a long time! The anticipation was huge :) And as for us, the whole trip was without any problems and we hardly felt any effects of covid-19 :) So let's keep our fingers crossed that we will all be able to travel again soon and can leave this hard time behind us. But when traveling you should inform yourself well in advance and not take the risk to cause another infection wave :)
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Setting off on a new adventure 🙂

Finally, travel again! Since traveling is still very limited due to Corona, we decided to take a small road trip 🙂 We live near the Dutch border and have therefore chosen the Netherlands as our destination. We also took the opportunity to visit good friends in Vaals 🙂 During the preparation we of course took special care to ensure that everything went smoothly and that we did not run any additional risk of infection with covid-19. The Netherlands is a very nice place to finally get some holiday feeling again because e.g. there is no obligation to wear a mask. Everyday life there already seemed very normal again. Of course, the minimum distance and other hygienic measures were taken care of. So let’s get into our post-corona travel experience 😉

First Stop – Aachen

We crossed the border near Aachen. Therefore we took a look at this wonderful city of course! The whole city has many beautiful buildings! There are numerous small cafes ☕ and bars 🍺, which invite people to stay.

We were here in early June 2020. As you can see, there are already a lot of people on the streets and the city is slowly filling with life again 🙂 Street musicians entertaining the people 🎷. I have the feeling that people appreciate each other more because of Corona and that the contact with each other has become more friendly 💗. As a small snack, I bought some fresh strawberries 🍓 from the market in the city. Incredibly delicious!

Of course, we also passed by the Aachen Cathedral.

A little anecdote about this (I only know parts of it, but try to describe it as good as possible 😅) :

The devil visited Aachen at that time and gave the citizens of Aachen money for the construction of the cathedral. In return, he claimed the first soul to enter the cathedral through the doors. The people of Aachen came up with a clever plan… Since the devil didn’t say it had to be a human soul, they let a goat go through the doors first. The devil was furious and ran out of the cathedral. When he ran out, he tore his thumb in the door (you can still feel it today 😛 ). This made him even more angry and he kicked the door again – at this point you can still see a big bump. The story went on and described how the devil wanted to take his revenge… but I forgot that part – sorry 😀

We continued with our walk through the city.

Passing the famous dolls fountain, we came to a place that reminded me of an old Roman thermal bath 😛 In the middle of the dome fresh hot sulfur water came out, so you can wash your hands,

Aachen Tip 1: Better do not drink! 😛

The smell immediately reminded me of my stay in Iceland. I’m glad that this time I didn’t have to shower with this water 😀 We had tasty ice cream 🍧 and then we went on through the nice little village of Vaals to our friends in the Netherlands.

Vaals & Valkenburg – Pure nature and sunshine

Once arrived in Vaals we were greeted by Superman-Jesus! 😀 Now Corona cannot harm us anymore – we have divine help and the supernatural power of Superman!

The first evening we were sitting on the terrace – chatting and enjoying the view 🙂 The landscapes in the Netherlands are really very wide and beautiful to look at. I could get used to this view 🙂

The day before my allergy started 🙁

Netherlands Tip 1: for all allergy sufferers: My allergy is much stronger here than at home, so be sure to take something for it 🙂

The positive thing about it: We were up early and could start the day 🙂 Today’s agenda – hiking in Valkenburg!

On the way there we have of course already seen the first cyclists on the roads. 🚴

Netherlands Tip 2: Be considerate of the cyclists and be careful when overtaking 🙂

The start and endpoint of our hike was Castle Genhoes. 🏰

Our route started in the forest. I was very grateful for that. For two reasons. One, my allergy was much better in the forest. 2. I had a bad sunburn from the night before 😀 🤕

Netherlands Tip 3: The sun here seems to be very aggressive! Sun protection!

In the forest, we also found an impressive wooden hut made of branches! As a child, this would definitely have been my new headquarters 😎

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Out of the forest, we walked a short distance along the road and across a wide field (Again a reminder of the sun protection! 😛 ).

A highlight of the hiking tour has been a wonderful little lake, where you could also stay for a while. Unfortunately, my sunburn was too strong and our picnic reserves were already used up 😀 🙄

We were already on our way back to Castle Genhoes. In between, we saw another very nice mansion.🏯

Altogether we were hiking for about 2,5-3h and had a very nice time 🙂 The route is definitely also suitable for beginners, because (like almost everywhere in the Netherlands 😀 ) there is hardly any up and downhill going 😉 🌆

The next morning we finally headed for the beach again! 🏖

Domburg – Relaxation on the beach

I did a short timelapse video of driving in the Netherlands 🙂

Just before reaching our destination, we spotted the first (typical for the Netherlands) windmill 😀

We have rented a nice little holiday home here for 3 nights 🙂

Netherlands Tip 4: First of all get some food in a typical Dutch supermarket (e.g. Albert Heijn). Especially recommended are Joppie Sauce and Vla 😛

Quickly getting the things out of the car and off to the beach 🙂

On our way, we met the Corona Coaches 😛 But they didn’t really have much to do, because the people really did stick to the Corona measures very well. 👮

Finally sand under our feet again!

It has not really been difficult to keep the Corona distance rules 😀 When I arrived at the beach, I realized that I haven’t been to a beach with high and low tide for a very long time 😛 The beach in Domburg is really very beautiful and you can wonderfully walk along the sea. I also couldn’t resist and went for a swim (The picture shows me, adjusting my body temperature to the sea temperature 😛 ) ⛄

After the sporting activity, I then treated myself to a nice isotonic refreshing drink 🍻

Netherlands Tip 5: We have already heard from several people that the supermarket in Domburg often offers Heineken at a good rate (10€). This is a very tasty, milder beer. Vanessa enjoyed it 😛

After about 3 hours we went back to our holiday home and got ready for dinner. Since we already had a lot of fries the last days (and in the Netherlands, you can get fries to everything – really everything) we decided to go for a Mexican today 🙂

Netherlands Tip 6: We went to El Fuego. It was a bit more expensive but very tasty! 

For us (we are from Germany) it was very nice that we hardly noticed anything about Corona here. We did not have to wear masks and the waitresses were without masks, too. It is so nice when you can smile at each other 🙂 It is a great feeling that traveling post-Corona now seems to be slowly possible again.

But back to the Mexican – Here is a picture of my delicious food and a Sangria 😀 🌮🍸

Thanks to this huge portion I slept like a baby 😛 And now it was once again time for a beach day! Arriving at the beach I first noticed the many colorful cabins I had overlooked the day before 😀 Thanks to Corona, most of them are also closed, which made it easier for me to take a nice photo 😛

There are several beach bars. We simply decided on one where we could lie in the sand 😛 We had a good time there… with cocktails and… of course frikandels and chips 🍟

Netherlands Tip 7: Watch out for the sun and cover your head at midday 🌞

After 5 hours at the beach bar… we got into the holiday mood and went for a little walk 🙂 The area is absolutely gorgeous! Actually we had planned to rent a bike 🚴 and cycle to one of the neighboring villages… But that would have been irresponsible at this point 😀

Now it was time to sin 😛 We ate two must-eats in Domburg!

  1. Soft ice cream with sprinkles! 🍦
  2. Kibbeling! Soooo yummy! 🐟

Netherlands Tip 8: You can get both in extremely good quality and very affordable at De Roode Leeuw!

And if that wasn’t enough for today… No, we went out for spare ribs in the evening. 😀

Netherlands Tip 9:The Grill American 50’s DINER is an excellent choice! The ribs were the best ones I had for a long time and the service was incredibly nice! We had a really good conversation and had a great time. Also, the prices are very reasonable. I would eat here again anytime 🙂

If you see the BLT advertisement – do not order the drink! 😀 The owner didn’t know exactly why they advertise this drink 😛 He made us a BLT and told us that we don’t have to pay for it 😀 After that he mixed us two other drinks, which were very tasty – unfortunately I don’t remember their names 😛

The next day started a little later than usual… We explored the surroundings and decided to go to Middelburg 🏙

Middelburg – A small typical Dutch town

We simply drove with our navigation to the city center and parked in front of a big church. ⛪

Netherlands Tip 10: Maybe we could have informed ourselves before and looked for another parking place 😛 Ours was very expensive…

But in return, we were in the city center in under a minute and walked towards a large market. The market looked great! You also have to buy something at a Dutch market. The food is of very high quality. 🧀🍒🐟

Without counting it… it felt like in Middelburg were more than 10 churches in a very small space, which all look very impressive. Also, the “Stadhuis” looks amazing!

And of course, there are canals here too! I love cities where there is water 🙂 🚤

But my absolute highlight picture I took by chance in a small side street: ✨

I was lucky we didn’t have so much time, because otherwise, Vanessa could have spent a few hours here for shopping 😛 There are a lot of smaller and bigger boutiques where she surely would have found something 😛 But since we still had a long drive back, it was time to say goodbye to Middelburg. 👋

Netherlands Summary

All in all, this holiday felt really good! And I must say, this trip was no problem at all during Corona. We have never felt insecure at any time. The people in Domburg were also very well prepared for tourists and everything went smoothly. I have learned to appreciate the Netherlands even more through this holiday and the times we are in. It will certainly not have been my last visit to this beautiful country! 🙂

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  1. rafayalvi rafayalvi sagt:

    It must have felt so good, to be able to take your minds off the ongoing situation. Good to know there’s a little happiness out there :))

    1. Tristan Tristan sagt:

      Oh yeah that’s true! Hopefully we can all see each other somewhere out there soon

  2. I love this post I can totally feel how happy you were to be able to travel again!!
    And I can’t wait for my turn !! 😀
    I like the superman jesus, thats so hipster lol.
    Also I notice the bath tub was exposed right next to the bed O.O that’s nasty HAHA!!! XD

    1. Tristan Tristan sagt:

      hahahaha yeah! You got us 😀
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work out soon! 🙂 Have you decided where you want to go yet?

      1. HAHA. I have plenty on my list but we will see when the time comes. Where to go next? I will know when the opportunity shows!

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