Why Nuevo Ideal

  • big rocks
  • Canyon
  • adrenaline
  • landscape
  • hike
GPS coordinates: Longitude (dec): 105.726389 Latitude (dec): 26.223056
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The charm of this place is that you will not find much information, nor long reviews, and it is because it is not very visited, you will have the fortune to be part of the reduced statistics.

🙏if you are a foreigner I recommend you look for a guide or trusted expert.

how to get there?

Federal highway number 45 towards the north towards the congregation José Guadalupe Aguilera, taking the state road number 23 until arriving to the municipality of Nuevo Ideal, passing the town of La Soledad to 2 kilometers you will find the entrance to the ejido el Molino.

You will find:

-Huge rocks ⛰

-the cave of the Mules


-springs, an river

-adventure places and photography📷

You need:

-sneakers with rough sole (boots is better)

-cap or hat, moisturizing drinks



-insect repelent

👜small backpack (preferably hands free)

👖light change of clothes

and…I recommend you to go in company.


🚫conserve natural areas

-Much caution with the fire

-Do not alter the environment of the species

-Don’t forget the recycling

-Not to throw garbage


🌎the adventure begins…

look for every detail of this wonderful unforgettable experience. Discover the universe of canyons that exist in dry places provided by nature

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My first impression was being inside a dinosaur movie, the blue cannon has a touch of mysticism, mystery and supernatural charm, it has an indescribable fulminating energy.

The blue canyon is part of the World Heritage On real inland road, This place will take you to a Jurassic world, waiting for some huge dinosaur to come out.

Jurassic Blue Canyon

the place is so amazing that you don’t need a professional camera to get dreamy pictures

You agree with me? 🙂

Jurassic Blue Canyon


The Caves of the Mill Mules preserve cave paintings dating from the 16th and 17th centuries; the Tepehuans made hats, weapons, donkeys, horses and fines, the latter were striking for the pointy shape and stop of their ears.

📌Ask Esfuerzos Unidos Durango to give you detailed information on how to get to the Mulas cave.

Jurassic Blue Canyon


The river crosses much of the mountain range, this wonderful water comes from the River Piaxtla.

In times of drought there is only one stream that covers only part of the canyon.

Jurassic Blue Canyon

Enjoy the stream, enjoy its waters that turn blue and green colors

branches and trees submerged in water

Jurassic Blue Canyon

be careful, the water level can reach up to 2 meters.

Jurassic Blue Canyon

Limestone rock

types of formations that were created by the passage of time creating this beautiful canyon, the whimsical rocks will hallucinate you creating an unreal environment.

Rock formations are quite interesting for climbing and rappelling, as long as you have experience and technique to do it, but there are also very good trails for cycling or walking in the forest.

Jurassic Blue Canyon

hike and intense sun

a path full of landscapes…

the tour is great but exhausting, I recommend you wear light clothes and carry lots of water

you will find flora and fauna of a desert climate, the road has a duration of 2 to 4 hrs if you want to travel widely.

The blue canyon is wet and impressive you will consider it as one of the most incredible canyons in America.


I don’t forget to mention the unique skies

In the summer it is the ideal season, small lagoons form and if you are a daredevil and know how to swim you can jump to feel the freshness of the water and relieve the heat produced by the walk.


The legend “man of the blue puddle”.

There is a legend of a creature living in the blue puddle, many of the people who live near the village claim to have seen it and describe its appearance as rough and furry as a wild werewolf.

At some time in the ’50s this legend generated controversy generating fear among children and people in general, some men said that this creature was responsible for the disappearance of cows and calves from their cattle for seasons, But the most skeptical people claimed it was just the coyotes and the big animals of the mountain range.

There are currently only rumors of this mysterious creature.


you have ever seen a cat in the water…as wild as its ancestors

of course I don’t recommend taking your pets to this beautiful place, unless it’s special and double nature like Prisky😇😾💚

Jurassic Blue Canyon

at the beginning of the road was scared, in this confident photograph of himself

Jurassic Blue Canyon

Feel free and take out your wild side

explore with your family, your friends or who can arrive without problem, enthusiasm, energy and respect to this wonderful place, a place recommended by me, is an incredible place for those who love the strange and the inhospitable.

Jurassic Blue Canyon

Don’t be a spectator of life, participate!


Jurassic Blue Canyon


The adventure ends with a beautiful sunset in the transversal mountain range😍🌐🌄

another attraction you will be able to enjoy is the wonderful sunsets behind the mountains, good trip and I wish you to meet the blue canyon in this life.




📍don’t forget to share your experience if you get valuable information.💡📃



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