Why Lerici

  • Walk along the promenade
  • Lerici Castle
  • Old Town
  • Clean and crystalline sea
  • San Terenzio
One of the most beautiful seaside villages in Liguria, loved by writers and artists, with golden beaches, medieval castles and villas surrounded by greenery is Lerici. Here we go! :)
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Lerici is the pearl of the Riviera di Levante, it overlooks the Gulf of Poets, in the center of a small inlet dominated by a promontory on which the Castle stands, now home to the geopaleontological museum. Near the promenade, there are numerous golden and sandy beaches that have deserved the Blue Flag for years ⛵. In the direction of La Spezia, beyond the Venere Azzurra, there is the hamlet of San Terenzo with a 15th-century castle, Villa Marigola immersed in the green of the park, a Golf Club overlooking the sea, Villa Magni which hosted PB Shelley, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron. The splendid hamlet of Fiascherino is also part of the municipal territory, with its beautiful beaches and luxuriant nature.


Among the most important monuments of Lerici, the San Giorgio castle 🏰 is certainly the most important. The castle dominates from the top of a rocky promontory and is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Liguria. Built in the first half of the 13th century, the external walls remain intact and the small 13th-century Ligurian-Gothic style chapel, dedicated to Santa Anastasia, which rises inside, is also in good condition. The castle, now completely restored, is the seat of the geopaleontological museum and is also the seat of exhibitions, conferences, and cultural events.

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In addition to the castle, Lerici preserves other testimonies of its historical, artistic, and religious past; also in the historic center you can visit: the oratory of San Rocco, built on the remains of an older church from 1287, the tower of San Rocco, from the Roman era, born as a watchtower and transformed into a bell tower and the parish church of San Francesco, rebuilt on a church that probably already existed in the thirteenth century.

The Lungomare Vassallo, flanked by a green park equipped with games for children, is the road that connects the old part with the new one, where most of the hotels, restaurants, and bathing establishments are located.

In the municipality of Lerici, there are other characteristics and important hamlets; its territory, as well as the part, developed on the gulf, reaches up to the Magra Valley, including part of the Montemarcello Park and the surrounding hills 🌄. The most important fraction is San Terenzo, located in the western part of the municipality two km from Lerici, which has kept its typical Ligurian appearance intact and whose toponym indicates the cult towards San Terenzio, bishop of Luni.

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One of the peculiarities of this coast is that at both ends there are two castles 🏯, connected by a promenade that allows you to admire the typical Ligurian houses on one side and the alternation of beaches and cliffs on the other. This road won the Italian Wonder Award 🏆, a recognition established by the National Youth Forum on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy. If you decide to take this walk in the evening, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating spectacle of the illuminated gulf that is reflected in the sea.

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Tip: towards the end of August in the particular village of Serra the Snail Festival is celebrated 🐌. This festival is fascinating since it takes place in the historic center of the town which is characterized by the typical structure of the Ligurian town. The tables of the festival are arranged right in the heart of the village, made up of narrow alleys and hills that mark the houses; then you will have the opportunity to dine with traditional Ligurian dishes based on land snails immersed in an even more unique context. If you are a lover of Ligurian gastronomy and architecture, you certainly can’t miss this event!

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