Why Milan

  • Duomo di Milano
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Teatro alla Scala
  • Delicious food
  • Navigli
I went to Milan for one month for study. It was summer season and this city has become one of my favourite ones!
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When my university sent me to Milan for one month I was amazed. Milan in my mind always was a city of fashion. I visited Milan before, but only for three days. So one month was my new experience. Our university found for us a big flat in the city center near the Navigli river. We were 5 girls and there were many rooms in our flat. During this month I’ve learned many interesting things and visited many interesting places. So now I’ll share all my experience with you🥰😍

1. Talking about the most famous places in Milan city- the first place takes – Duomo of Milan.

It is the main cathedral of the city. It is located in the center of the main street of Milan- Piazza del Duomo. To enter the cathedral you must buy a ticket. The ticket consists of two parts: a visit to the church and to the observation territory. And the prices are different. Inside the church is amazing. It has a gothic style and everywhere there are different ornaments and numerous monuments. There are also beautiful glass windows with different paintings.
Speaking about the observation territory it’s all in amazing and huge columns and stairs. From there you can see all the city and the main square of Milan city- Piazza del Duomo.
Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city

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2. Second famous place in Milan city is Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele.

It is the grand gallery. When you enter it you think you are in a theatre or opera hall- but it is just a big shopping area. Inside you can find different luxury shops and some luxury restaurants. What else gallery is famous for? In the center of the gallery on the floor, there is a figure of an ox. For many years a lot of people come here and whirl around. While whirling people make a wish. And this is a local tradition. What else? Inside there are the best restaurants inside where you can eat pizza or pasta and the most delicious gelato – ice cream.
Life in Milan city Life in Milan city

3. One of the most famous world theatres is located in this amazing city.

The Theatre is called – Teatro Alla Scala. Inside the opera hall, there is a big and interesting museum. To enter it you can buy a ticket. Inside there is a big collection of paintings, costumes, busts of different periods of theatre history. While doing an excursion you can see parts of la Scala that are in the form of boxes. So if you have time visit this beautiful place and return to those times of opera.
Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city Life in Milan city

4. As it is Italy in Milan you can eat the most delicious food!

Especially all luxury and the best restaurants are in Piazza del Duomo. Ice cream in Milan is also very tasty and the best is in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Then if you want to try another cuisine there is Chinatown- and there you can taste Chinese food in all the little restaurants. Also near Navigli river, there are different little bars where in the evening there is a Happy hour. You pay one price and there is a buffet, so you can take any food you want and one drink is included also. So a lot of people spend their time in bars or pubs in the evening.
Life in Milan city Life in Milan city  Life in Milan city

5. And the last interesting place that I want to suggest you visit is – Navigli Darsena area.

It is an area with a lot of houses and pubs. Also, you can walk along the canal, take any drink you want and sit there with your friends. Our flat was in that area so every evening we spent time in different pubs and had fun. But be careful! In the summer season near the canal, there are some mosquitoes tigers. They can bite you, so take with you some sprays!
Life in Milan city Life in Milan city
So I hope before going to this beautiful city you’ll read all my recommendations ❤️

Thanks for reading me!

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