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Ella is a hiking hotspot in the mountain country of Sri Lanka. Some of the views from hikes in Ella are phenomenal with the region well known for its tea plantations and spectacular mountain ranges. If you want to enjoy some of the best views without needing to hike for hours, Little Adam’s Peak is the perfect trek, especially for an unforgettable sunset.

The Little Adam`s Peak got it is named after its big brother, the holy mountain Adam`s Peak, because of the similar shape. The place got some other names too. So don’t get miss led. Some call it Punchi Siri Pada, Small Adams Peak, and Little Adams Peak. It is 1141 m in height and from the entrance, it takes up to 30-45 min for the hike. Views from the summit are incredible. 360 degrees panoramic views with clouds rolling in, is a treat to watch for any traveler.

From the main strip in Ella, you can walk about 1.5kms to the start of the trail. The trailhead is right next to Ella Flower Garden Resort. We parked our car out the front of the resort/restaurant and hit the trail. The map below shows you the location of Little Adam’s Peak (also known as Mini Adam’s Peak) but you can also see where the trail hits the main road (the Flower Garden). An alternative entrance is also located at 98 acres resort and marked by a white Buddha. We went for sunset and only needed about an hour to reach the summit and we were super slow with all of our photos. Coming back down after sunset, we were the last to exit and it was quite dark. Worth it though!

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Although the climb to Little Adam’s Peak from Ella town is relatively easy, the views from the top of Little Adam’s Peak are sensational. Begin the climb with a gentle stroll through a sloping tea field, passing endless neat rows of terraced tea plants, before ascending a short stretch of winding steps up to the top of the peak.

The trip took us about 2-3 hours in total (including picture taking). The beginning of the path goes through beautiful lush green tea plantations full of tea picking ladies. The trail begins with a moderate incline as it winds through tea plantations. We passed several ladies with wide smiles who were finishing up work for the day. There are some great photo opportunities early on in the hike if you keep your eyes open! From the top, there is a spectacular panorama featuring Ella Rock, rolling tea fields, and the Ella Gap, a deep gorge that leads all the way down to the southern valleys. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the south coast with the ocean glimmering on the horizon.

We had a great walk up to Little Adam`s Peak. It is not a challenging hike and it`s quite short, but gives you a good impression of the landscape around Ella and the view is fantastic! So absolutely worth the climb! If you don`t have that much time in Ella, I highly recommend taking the hike up to Little Adam`s Peak.


I recommend you go early mornings or late evenings for the best views but make sure you be safe at the summit when trying out poses for the camera while sitting on rocks. And I recommend this as a must-do in Ella with full ratings; you would absolutely love the experience. For just a short hike, Little Adam’s Peak gives you unbelievable views and is the ideal way to spend sunset in Ella.

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