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If you are a party lover, then you have to visit Alacati!
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In my first article about Alacati, I told you about interesting places there, now I’ll tell you about nightlife in this amazing crazy city. There are numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, beaches around the city. At night the city is all in lights and you hear everywhere music ( I mean in summer). But not all places are really good, so you have to know before!

Now I’ll share with you all our experience and emotions from the craziest places in Alacati 🤩

1. First interesting place is “Cahide” located in the city centre.

It is a restaraunt but very special. Here are held shows with people with other orientations. So it is very funny and strange. You have to be prepared to watch such strange things. You book your places before and in price is included your dinner (you choose whatever you want) and show.
Show starts with dances and music. Those people are very strange but look funny. They sing among people who sit (guests) and interact with them. So the atmosphere is very funny and nice.
Dishes are also very tasty. We tried tasty local fish and ate some desserts.
The design inside is also beautiful. There are decorated giraffes and all restaraunt is in lights.

2. Next interesting party was at Modeo beach where was playing Mahmut Orhan at night.

I love DJ Mahmut Orhan and when I saw that he was coming to Alacati I was happy, so we booked places for that night. Modeo beach is a private beach where you can come also in the afternoon to swim and chill and also at night to the party.
We had our own table for two people. We were together with my husband. Firstly it was playing just music and people were drinking. Then Mahmut Orhan appeared and the real party began. We had really amazing time on the beach. People were dancing and chilling. The atmosphere was amazing! But the prices there are very high, so be ready to pay good in order to chill good!

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3. Next interesting bar in the city centre is “Limonlu”

It is a little bar with open-air tables and party after 9 o’clock. There is playing a local DJ and the atmosphere is very friendly and amazing. We found it while walking in the city and decided to come in. We liked it very much. It was a free table for us and we ordered drinks. All people are dancing around and you can dance with them. The music is local and foreign, so all songs you know. If you are with friends then you will like this place really! It is designed also beautiful with lemon trees and in yellow colour. So if you want to chill in a bar choose this one!

4. Next one is our hotel Biblos.

There are located also the best restaurants in the town. People who don’t stay there come to eat at the hotel because it’s very tasty there.
We had a perfect breakfast every day. But the only negative side that during the week it was the same, only fruits were different. But it was tasty so we liked it!

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In the pool bar, it was a very good range of choices of ice-cream so we always ate it during swimming or chilling at the beach.

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For the evening there was also a perfect restaraunt with local seafood. The atmosphere there was beautiful and the view opened to the beach.
Then at night, you could chill in the pool bar and it was playing live music. You could take drinks and dance there.

So this was about party life in Alacati❤️
Thanks for reading me!

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