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For those who think that paradise does not exist, I present to you Príncipe Island. Classified as a Biosphere Reserve in 2012 by UNESCO, Principe Island has resisted mass tourism and still allows us to find deserted beaches, with warm water and breathtaking landscapes. If you have the opportunity to visit, believe me it will stay in your memory forever. Paradise does exist!
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As promised in the post I did about São Tomé and Principe, today I will talk about the island of Príncipe. As a biologist, I always want to enjoy nature, and here believe me it is one of the most untouched places you will find in the whole world.

It only took 30 minutes by plane to see this small island in the Gulf of Guinea. From the window of the small plane, we observed the lush green of its mountains and cliffs and the beautiful emerald-colored sea. We rented a jeep outside the airport, and soon began to tour this island, full of small and colorful houses, we observed the smiling and happy people and the incredible nature that makes us believe that paradise exists.

This island has a few places worth exploring that you won’t regret.

City of Santo António

We stayed in one of the smallest and quietest towns in the world, Santo António. Take the opportunity to walk its streets with some houses of colonial architecture and visit the small market. After a few hours on the island, the population already knew that there were four Portuguese exploring it. For lunch, just go to the local restaurants in the morning and tell them what fish you want to eat for lunch. Enjoying the wonderful fresh fish of this island is the best you can do. Don’t be alarmed if you ask for directions and someone gets in your car to help you get to your destination. A helpful and friendly person is what you can find.

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Roça Sundy

The Roça Sundy is something you can’t miss. Here you can find the hospital, the church, the fort, the stables and workshops that were converted into houses, as well as a hotel.

Banana Beach Viewpoint 

It has a fascinating view of the most famous beach on the Island, the Banana beach. For me, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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Banana Beach

This beach has incredible water, a breathtaking landscape, and here you can enjoy something rare in the world, a paradise just for you.

Boi Beach

To get to this beach you must like an adventure. As Principe has an equatorial climate, the soil is quite humid and it is not an easy jeep ride to get there. Don’t give up, it’s really worth it.

The Bom Bom beach

The resort has two very quiet beaches, where you can enjoy snorkeling and see the incredible biodiversity in these warm and transparent waters. For those who like sports, you can enjoy a paddle. Have lunch at the resort’s restaurant and enjoy the day relaxing and observing nature in its pure state.

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If you have the opportunity to visit São Tomé, take the 30-minute flight and get to know the true meaning of paradise, the island of Príncipe. I can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy paradise beaches just for you, relax and observe the incredible biodiversity that this country has. Enjoy eating the fresh fish, as well as talking to these friendly and hospitable people. This place with little technology teaches you to value the little things in life. With simplicity, you can be very happy

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