Why Kyiv

  • Visiting Chernobyl! One of the most interesting tours I did!
  • Amazing food!
  • Secret Restaurant (The Last Barricade ;) )
  • Beautiful City (there is even a beach! :O)
  • Deepest underground station in the world!
Kyiv is a real hidden champion for us! For a city trip inside of Europe, it is currently my favourite. The city itself is modern and beautiful. There is a lot to see and you should not miss the day-trip to Chernobyl!
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Hello Kyiv! 🙂

I will start right away with a piece of advice, which may not be possible from every country.

Ukraine Tip 1: You can save some vacation days here 😛 If you go to work on Friday you can also take a late flight and arrive in Kyiv at night. The accommodations are very reasonable and this way you can start your holiday on Saturday with a fresh start 🙂

Ukraine Tip 2: In Kyiv – Uber is the way to go! At the airport, you can use the airport-wifi to order a transfer, which stops in front of the terminal and takes you fast and safe (and at low-cost :P) to your accommodation.

Our accommodation really had a perfect location! We stayed near the Maidan Nezalezhnostiand (Independence Square) and I would recommend this location to anyone! For example, when we had our Chernobyl tour, the bus stopped right in front of our house 😀 We even had a second bedroom 😉 So you can also have a wonderful time with some friends here.

City of the golden domes

We started the day early to explore as much as possible (and there is sooooo much! :D). The main road at Independence Square is usually closed on weekends. There are a lot of different events taking place (e.g. a spontaneous concert in the middle of the street 🙂 )

You can reach everything in Kyiv within walking distance. However, as I said before, Uber is always a good alternative 😉 But you have to take the metro!

Ukraine Tip 3: You should definitely go to Arsenalna Station. This is the deepest metro station in the world (105.5metres) 😱

During our walk through Kyiv, one highlight followed the next. I have really fallen in love with this beautiful city! First, we came across the St. Andrews church. It is situated on a small hill, where there is also a great viewpoint.

There are also many great cafes in the area where you can get a very good coffee 🙂 Through a small park, you can reach the most beautiful viewpoint in Kyiv 💖 I hope you have your hiking boots with you because this city really invites you for great walks 😛 If you get lost on the way, just navigate to the Friendship of Nations Arch 😉

We went on to the St. Michael Monastery and Saint Sophias cathedral. Two more beautiful buildings. Unfortunately in Kyiv, a small entrance fee is charged for many things. But this won’t hurt you too much, because Kyiv is a very affordable capital.

In between we always took a few breaks and ate and drank something 🙂 However, there was so much delicious food here that I decided to write a small section about it 😀 You can find it at the end of the post 🙂 Speaking about food…one thing I’ll tell you right now 😀

Ukraine Tip 4: On the other side of the Golden Gate there is a small super delicious soup shop! The soup is served in a bread cup 🙂 You have to try this one!!! 

The color gold is very present today, isn’t it? 😀 But that’s not it yet! Of course, we also visited Kyiv Pechersk Lavra 😉 The fastest way to get there is by Metro or Uber, as it’s located a bit outside. It is a very large complex on which you can get a little lost 😀 Here it was once again breathtakingly beautiful.

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Ukraine Tip 5: You should definitely buy the entrance to the tower. A fantastic view!

It was a great day! In the evening we found an incredibly delicious liqueur! 😀 We also had a few more than we originally planned and then we had to slow down because of our Chernobyl tour the next morning 🙂 The tour operator has even pointed out in his confirmation that you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol the night before although they know how delicious it is in Kyiv 😀

Ukraine Tip 6: The bar is called: Drunk Cherry. If you visit Kyiv, you must visit this bar! 😀 If you like it… don’t make the same mistake we did! We were counting on being able to buy a few bottles of it later at the airport… we were wrong 🙁

Ukraine Tip 7: By all means say that you want the glass filled up to the top!! This is the traditional way of drinking it… and we do love traditions 😉 You will have to slurp the first sip from the edge (as much as you can) and after that, you get a refill 😛

Chernobyl and Prypiat ☢

Finally its radioactive-time! 😀 Our guide today was Julia 🙂 She really told us some very interesting stories and also made sure that we had enough time everywhere and reached exciting places.

Ukraine Tip 8: We booked the tour with solo east travel, which I highly recommend!

Ukraine Tip 9: Also make sure that you book a Geiger counter. This will make it even more exciting and you will get some great photos 😛

On the way there we have already seen a few documentaries about the incident. This has already put us all in the right mood. There are different zones with different radiation exposure. Depending on the zone, one may only stay there for a certain time. During the whole visit, we had a testing device on our bodies, which was used at the end to check if we were contaminated. Of course, nobody was contaminated 😛 First we arrived at a small village, which is now completely surrounded by nature again.

Then we went to an abandoned orphanage, in front of which there was a place where the Geiger counter indicated high radiation exposure.

Here was a very special atmosphere. An experience I will never forget. With the information from the documentation and from Julia, I was wondering why we as humans caused such a situation.

Ukraine Tip 10: Watch the Chernobyl show first! According to the information I received on the tour, I can assure you that it is a very authentic representation of the incident. 

I was surprised about the immense impact this tragedy still has today. But let’s get on with the tour 😉 We were approaching the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant sarcophagus!

Standing so close to the reactor was a bit surreal at that moment.

With this emotionally affected feeling, we went to Pripyat, the city that was worst affected. Julia took us to different places and then showed us original pictures from the same place from the time before the incident. That was very frightening. This tour has definitely moved me a lot and made me reflect. 🤔

In the end, we went to the Woodpecker 😉 A huge radar that has been used as part of the Soviet missile defense early-warning radar network.

Here I made a funny discovery… Apparently they play Pokemon Go even in Chernobyl 😀 And I even found Pikachu! 😎

One of the best tours I ever did came to an end. Thanks a lot for this experience! In the evening we spent some time in the Drunk Cherry and other bars in Kyiv 😛

Amazing food and drinks 🍸🍹

The promised section on eating and drinking 😀 I really can’t decide what I enjoyed most! In any case, there are still 2 restaurants I would like to recommend you 🙂

Ukraine Tip 11: Veterano Pizza and The Last Barricade! 

Let’s start with Veterano Pizza. As the name suggests, there is super yummy pizza here! 🙂 But that’s not all… there are also really good and fancy cocktails here!

Now let’s talk about a real restaurant happening… The Last Barricade! If you haven’t heard about the restaurant yet, finding it is already a little challenge 😉 Small hint: It is located below the Independent Square and can be reached via an elevator 😛 When you have found it, however, you are far from having found the real entrance. For this, you first have to name the correct password at a bar. Exciting, isn’t it? 😀 We had a lot of fun asking other people there for the password. That’s why I don’t publish it here 🙂 But you can find it within a few seconds on Google 😛 The food and drinks were again absolutely great!

Of course there are also numerous other places where you can enjoy delicious food and drink! Culinary there is really nothing missing here 🙂

Kyiv summary

Never before has a city surprised and convinced me so much at the same time! For me, this was the perfect weekend trip! Incredibly nice people, beautiful architecture, super interesting day trip, amazing food and drinks and all this combined with very affordable prices.

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