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  • Piazza Navona
  • The Palatine hill
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  • Ponte Sant Angelo
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Rome is so big and beautiful that it is impossible to write everything in one article!❤️
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I hope you’ve already read my first part of my trip to Rome. As I mentioned there I was in Rome in the summer for some days. It is actually enormous and you want to see everything. Besides seeing everything you want to learn about the history of the city and different buildings. So it will be better if you find a guide for yourself. So did we. We search on the internet and find a beautiful and talented woman who helped us to see and learn about many places in Rome. Thanks to her! So let’s see what else we saw and learned in this amazing historical city!🥰😍

1. One of the beautiful squares of Rome- is Piazza Navona.

It is located in the historical center of the city. There you will find and admire three amazing fountains. This square is popular so it is always crowded and full of tourists. People come here just to walk around and admire the architecture. There are some open-air restaurants where you can taste the most delicious gelato ( ice-cream) and eat tasty pizza. But attention! As it is the historical center of Rome prices in restaurants here are super high! So you will overpay for your dinner here. Our guide told us, so we didn’t eat there, we took the only gelato and walked around.

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2. Next very interesting and also historical place is Palatine hill.

I would say it is one of the main attractions of the city. This place is included in the price when you buy tickets to Colosseum. Palatine hill is one of the 7 hills of the city. By the legend here was founded the city by Romulus and Remus. So this place is very important here. When you enter Palatine Hill you will see a lot of ruins as in Colosseum. These are ruins of the residences of the famous people of Rome such as Augustus. But one that differs this place from Colosseum that around it is green and look more colorful. When you enter it you have access to the top of it and from there you see all these ruins.

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3. Then let’s come to Pantheon🤩

The Pantheon is one of the most beautiful and historical buildings of Rome. It has become the main church of the city and by the legend, it is really so. There is one interesting thing about Pantheon  – you can visit it free without any charge! This is really beautiful and only a few people know that. When you see actually the building you see massive columns that are really beautiful. The building is made from white stone and is amazing. Inside you can see the tombs of famous people such as Raphael- the famous artist, the tomb of the first king of Italy. So being in Rome please visit this amazing place, you will learn a lot about the history of Rome. If you don’t have a guide you can buy their audio guide instructions so it will be easy for you to listen and walk around.

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4. Next very interesting and beautiful place in Rome is Ponte Sant Angelo.

It is the famous bridge in Rome that opens a view to the most beautiful river the Tiber. The bridge itself is decorated with 10 statues that represent angels. From the bridge, you will have an amazing view of the city of Rome and the river Tiber. Moreover, on the other hand, the bridge is located in the most beautiful Castle Sant Angelo. So the view is really amazing. People just walk around here, admire the view. You can take some snacks or drinks and have a beautiful time there. If you wish you can also visit a castle and see some tombs there. But we didn’t do it, we just walked around and it was enough for us.

5. What else you can do in Rome?

Of course, eat tasty food and do good shopping! The ice-cream ( gelato) in Rome is very special and tasty. Here in every restaurant, you will find the most delicious gelato. I liked the most the restaraunt: Giolitti. We tasted the ice-cream there, so I’m sure that there you will find for 100% delicious one.
What about shopping? There are a lot of shops here for every budget. If you want to find a luxurious brand then go to the Via Condotti. It is the most popular street in Rome. People just come there to admire the windows of famous brands.
Or if you don’t want luxury brands then go to the Via del Corso. There you will find our lovely Zara and H&M.

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So hope you liked my trip to Rome!❤️
Thanks for reading me!😍

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