Why Singapore

  • Marina bay Sands hotel
  • Big zoo
  • Universal Studios
  • Great shopping
  • Delicious food
I was in Singapore last year in July. It was hot. We stayed there 5 days and it is enogh to see all interesting things in the city.
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When we were planning where to go after the Maldives on our honeymoon, we chose Singapore. You’ll ask: why? Because when I saw this city in the pictures I was amazed. It’s not like any other city. Many people say that Singapore is a city of the future- and they are right! Everything is unreal- even big beautiful buildings. Let’s see what you can do there for 5 days:)

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1. When we chose Singapore we started to search for the hotel of course. Everywhere is written that the number one hotel in Singapore is Marina bay Sands. So of course we booked it. But I haven’t even imagined in my life such a hotel. It’s like another city. So big, so beautiful, so amazing. When you enter it you don’t believe your eyes, because it is enormous. And there is everything inside. Yes, everything!! So let’s see what you can see there. Firstly I want to say that there are 2561 rooms in the hotel. Can u even imagine? And rooms have two views: one view is on the Gardens by the Bay – it’s an enormous big garden with flower house, with park, with observatory, and with cloud forest. And another view is on the bay, where you can see a lot of boats.Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days  Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days


Speaking about Gardens by the Bay, you must buy a ticket to enter it, and you may reach it from the hotel. On the territory of the garden, there is a big park with enormous three buildings in tree form. On top of them, there is access to the observatory. Then there is a flower house. There you can find different kinds of flowers. It is also very big, interesting and beautiful. Each kind of flower is amazing. Next is the cloud forest which also is very interesting. It is all in clouds and trees. You buy a ticket both for the flower house and for it. In the Garden, there is also a big food court with different kinds of food. So you can spend there half a day because it is very interesting and beautiful. Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days
Let’s return to the hotel itself. In the hotel, there are a lot of restaurants with different cuisines. On the top, there is a beautiful Italian restaurant Lavo, where you can eat very tasty. It’s also like a pub, there is music there at night. So you can have fun. In each restaraunt is very tasty!!! Other restaurants are in the territory of the hotel or in the shopping mall which is also situated in the hotel. There is access from the hotel to the mall. The mall is very big. There are a lot of brands there and you can do a very good shopping. As I was in July there were summer sales and shopping festival so I bought everything on sale. The shopping festival is also in winter. Inside the mall, there is a cinema, different restaurants, and also a nightclub. So obviously, you can spend all your day inside the hotel and you will have fun.
The most interesting part of the hotel is the swimming pool at the top! 😍 When you come there you can’t believe your eyes…  you see from there all city. As it was hot we enjoyed our time and view. There you can also order food and drinks.
Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days
2. Let’s see what else you can do in Singapore. There is a big zoo, which you can visit and spend there a whole day. On the territory of the zoo, there are all kinds of animals. You can walk by yourself or take mini trams. You can see lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, giraffes. You can also feed animals and take pictures. On the territory of the zoo, there is a big restaraunt. If you come there in the morning you can have breakfast with monkeys. It is very interesting and funny. But we booked bad places and were far away from them. When you enter you get a big map so you can walk by the help of this map. There are also different shops with toys and accessories, where you can find interesting things to buy for you and your children 🥰Singapore in 5 days
3. Next is the most interesting! Universal Studios of Singapore. One day wasn’t enough for me there, because I wanted to come back and have fun again! It is very big, beautiful and interesting! On the territory of it, there is a part for children and apart for adults. You can have fun there and take any attraction you want! There are attractions by different themes: Madagaskar, Egypt, Extreme theme for adults, sea life, Disney theme. There is also a map and you can search for everything by using it. While walking there is music everywhere, people dance and have fun. There are a lot of restaurants and shops where you can enjoy your time and buy a lot of toys and accessories. We enjoyed the Egypt part and the part for adults with roller coasters. Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days
4. And of course the city itself. It is a little city with some interesting streets. There are a lot of restaurants, shops in the city. One branch of Louis Vitton is on the bay. In Singapore, you can also find the most delicious bubble tea. The most interesting street is Haji Lane. It’s a street with a lot of graffiti, restaurants, and shops. It’s a very fashionable street and there are some local brands.
As you know there is a big bay in Singapore. You can take a boat and ride through the Singapore River. While riding you can see a lot of beautiful places. One of them is the Ferris wheel. As you know all Ferris wheels are clockwise, but in Singapore, it is counterclockwise. Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days Singapore in 5 days
So start planning to visit this beautiful city now!❤️ thanks for reading me!

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