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If you love Natural scenery, JeJu is a nice choice in Asia!! Let's get some refresh in Korea.
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2019 May, I was in JeJu, Korea.

Intro to you

I have been to Korea a few times, visiting Seoul and Busan. These are the two main cities in Korea. Both are similar to the city I live in, Hong Kong. Seoul, a common commercial city. Busan is feeling a bit more like the countryside than Seoul. However, you will change your impression of Korea after visiting JeJu.

Reminding you that JeJu is the city with no underground Metro!!!  Since there are no trains or subway on JeJu Island, buses and taxis are the two main public transportation. As a traveler, you will know. It is hard to take a bus instead of a train in an unfamiliar place.

!!!!A small tip for you while traveling in JeJu!!!!

Download an APP “Kakao Map”

This app is accurately used in Korean so you better search the place you want to visit in Korean before you start your trip. Copy and Paste the name on the app. This is convenient for those who don’t know Korean. I think the greatest function of this app is the exact location is shown. It is difficult to find a bus stop for a visitor. It can accurately show each of the bus stop locations on the map. It can also show the arrival time of the bus and the cost. It can also show the transferring time and how much it cost.

Just try it on your next Korea trip!!

On day 1, I and my friend went to the Cafe Banana [Yellow Cafe]. I remember the heavy rain went through. We seat in the cafe and looked out. How do we find the bus stop to leave? We felt helpless and tangled. We suddenly discovered Kakao Map. It saved us!!

If you know a bit about Korea, you may know the product of banana milk. This is a famous drink in Korea. This cafe is like a museum of banana milk. You can buy different types of banana milk food products and souvenirs here. The cafe is no long-standing at the same place. It moved to HamDok Beach in Jeju. Honestly, the new cafe seems to have a better view than the previous location. Take some cute pictures here.

Image Jeju 6


Another viewpoint you must go to JeJu is U-Do Island. U-Do is an island located 3.5km off the eastern coast. On this island, you can simply find what you want. Beaches, romantic lighthouses, and fields of flowers. Take a boat to this convenient nature landscape in JeJu. It is less commercial than the main island. You won’t find a single mall or hotel here.

In most cases, rental cars are not allowed on U-Do. However, you can rent bicycles, electric bikes, mini electric cars, scooters. Be aware that you will need a Korean driving license or a valid international driving license to rent a motorized vehicle.

Image Jeju 5

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Udo Lighthouse Park – – A short ferry route from Cheonjin Port, which can see spectacular views of U-Do from Udo-Bong. It is a romantic place and I really recommend you to go with your partner!! This is a white lighthouse you must go to U-Do.

Haenyeo – – they are a group of female divers in the Korean province of JeJu. They consist of harvesting a variety of mollusks, seaweed, and other sea life from the ocean. If you are lucky, you can see them working at the seaside. Your lunch at U-Do is providing them!!

CoCoMaMa(코코마마) – – If you like pineapple and seafood, this is the right place for you. They provide a large platter that included a variety of different kinds of seafood. According to our experience, you should arrive at this restaurant before 1 pm. My friend and I got there at around 2 pm, the signature seafood platters were sold out. Just remember to get there earlier!!! Never say never to seafood in JeJu. Restaurants are centralized at Seobin Baeksa Beach. Take a look around and find one of your favorites!!

Peanuts – – U-Do is well-known in Korea for the peanuts grow. You should try the Peanut ice cream and some peanut-infused cakes and desserts. The peanut and orange ice cream are extremely popular in summer!!

😎Walk Around To Discover The Beauty Of U-Do!!

Image Jeju 4

Get earlier to your U-Do trip. The following viewpoint is near Seongsan Port, Seongsan Ilchulbong. You can take the ferry from U-Do back to the town then directly go to this natural landscape. The area is open from 7:10 am to 7 pm in summer and 7:30 am to 6 pm in winter. You can simply enjoy the sunset there. It takes usually one hour to climb to the top and coming down by walking stairs. This is a tuff cone formed by volcanic eruptions and it is 182 meters high. The weather of the day we visited was wonderful!! Blue sky and the shining sun, lighting up all of us and the sea. Hike up for 182m to have the JeJu view and even U-Do. Although this tuff cone is also called ‘Sunrise Peak’, sunset is another feeling.

Image Jeju 3

Cafes are signature in Korea. The number of cafes in Korea is almost more than convenience stores.  Some appear in Korean dramas. Can you point it out?

[Cafe Monsant De Aewol] – the cafe is designed by SuperStar G-Dragon

[BOMNAL Cafe] – Korean drama filming place

Address : 2540 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si | 25, Aewol-ro 1-gil, Jeju-si

There are several cafes along this seaside and soon become a tourist attraction. Chill and take a breath by looking at this sea line. The sky and the ocean having the same color. Even local Korean will also come here to relax and have a cup of coffee during the holiday.


We chose to spend our time in BOMNAL Cafe. It provides both indoor and outdoor seats for everyone. We were attracted by the design of the bottle of cold drink and ordered 2 bottles of juice… It was fabulous to sit along the seaside and enjoy the time with the one next to you, of course, the juice also. As it already becomes a tourist spot, souvenirs are almost everywhere. Each shop and cafe is selling gifts.  You should pick some before leaving!!

Image Jeju 2

[NOLMAN Ramen] – Korean seafood ramen

You should have your lunch here which is beside these two cafes. This ‘restaurant’ with not much decoration. Stones are the wall, no ceiling, only the necessary chairs, and tables. Simple and natural. it is not easy to try this restaurant. They are closed on Tuesday and on rainy days. Also, it is better to avoid visiting around 1-2 pm, the rest time. Hope you can try it successfully.

[O’sulloc] – – A Green Tea Museum

O’Sulloc Tea House is a Seoul, Korea-based themed Tea house and cafe chain. The stores are known for specializing in Green tea flavored beverages and desserts. It is one of the green tea-themed dinings in the world. The O’sulloc Tea House is now a popular tourist attraction. Grab some green tea ice-cream and cakes here. They are delicious. My friend and I also bought some souvenirs here, the floral tea, the green tea mask, and green tea noodles are popular!! Getting out of the museum, you can have a walk in the green tea garden. 

Innisfree, a brand of cosmetics in Korea. Walkthrough a small garden, Innisfree JeJu House arrived. Inside the house, you will be feeling so natural here as most of the furniture is made of wood. My friend and I joined a DIY class here which can hand-made your own soap. That was a funny experience. Of course, there are some Innisfree products for you to shop also. Come here to enjoy nature. 

Image Jeju


[Loveland] is another popular tourist attraction in JeJu. This is a famous outdoor theme park about sex. Inside the park, you can see many sculptures that show some naked women and men with sex poses. There are some chairs inside the park for people to rest. However, you may feel a bit embarrassed to sit on a sex pose sculpture. Never expect this is a beautiful park. Just have fun and take some cutie couple pictures if you are coming with your partner!! There are some souvenir and sex toys for you to buy. A small rule in this park – – age those under 18 is not to allow to enter. Make sense with this lol

Some small tips for you. The tourist spots in JeJu are mostly closed around 5-6 pm. Don’t be too late to get to your viewpoint. Otherwise, you will miss many things.



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