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Kitekite falls, Piha, New Zealand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey guys!! Today I am writing about one of the best places to escape to from the business hub of Auckland city. Within an hour’s drive from Auckland central, out on the west coast lies a little slice of coastal paradise. What one can find on their trip to the coast would be vast mountainous […]

Alex Waterfalls a hidden paradise on the Spondylus Route.

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Spondylus Route in the Peninsula of Santa Elena is not only characterized by its beautiful beaches, but also by the diversity of cultural activities, ecological, and adventure sports that will allow us to enter the heart of nature and live magical experiences that we cannot forget. So I decided to visit Alex’s waterfalls. To […]


Reading Time: 23 minutes Firenze Florence with its museums, palaces, and churches hosts some of the most important artistic treasures in the world ⚜️. The beating heart of Florence is Piazza del Duomo 💘, with the monumental complex of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, surmounted by the majestic dome by Brunelleschi, the Baptistery of San Giovanni, a […]

Lapland in White

Reading Time: 6 minutes -Lapland, one of my favourite city in Europe- Daytime of Lapland in October only last for 5-6hours (This is also the common working hours for the locals). The time we arrived in Lapland was 5 pm and already welcoming the sunset. Lapland is a small town in Finland, which means it is convenient to go […]