Why Taipei

  • Delicious Food
  • Friendly People
  • Convenient transportation
  • Beautiful attraction
  • Nightlife
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Traveling in Taiwan is a wonderful thing. Taipei is the capital in Taiwan, there are many popular one-day trips would be recommended.


You can go to the National Palace Museum, home to the world’s greatest collections of Chinese art. And there are many temples in Taiwan. Usually, people traveling in Europe visit churches. Therefore, we would recommend you visit the Longshan temple in Taipei city. Taipei 101 is a good place for the night, enjoy the beautiful night view.


Taiwan is the gourmet kingdom you can try lots of food, e.g. “Din-Tai-Fund”, and Bubble tea. “Din-Tai-Fund” is a very popular restaurant with many stores in Taiwan. It’s also located in B1 of 101 you can go when you do the sightseeing in 101, and their amazing food is “xiaolongbao” you must eat.
In relation to drink, Bubble tea is a representative “QQ” food that Taiwanese love, and it’s the most popular drink in Taiwan. It’s a drink and a snack, that is to say, you must have to try.


Night Market

Don’t forget to do the sightseeing in Night Market, “Shilin Night Market” in Taipei is one of the largest and most popular night markets in Taiwan with regard to food, and also one of the most popular points of Taipei’s nightlife among visitors. Please enjoy if you are not tired at night.



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Taipei has many bars you can go to. From top-class speakeasies and lounges to friendly sports bars, there is a place for anyone to chill out and sink a few drinks, be they elaborate cocktails or pints of craft beer. Also, there are four bars in Taipei are rewarded for the best 50 bar in Asia in 2020. Please enjoy your nightlife with Taipei’s bar.










On another point, most Taiwanese are friendly. For instance, We are glad to help foreigners to get to their destination when they got lost. Have a trip to Taiwan! You can have a great moment on your travel.

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