Why Pittsburgh

  • Amazing trails to hike and or stroll.
  • Peaceful environment for reading.
  • Beautiful English-Style flower garden.
  • Mansion with great architecture.
  • Party venue.
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For 5 years I live in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has so many attractions to offer, but one place which is only half n hour away from the city has always blown my mind whenever I visit. The place is called The Hartwood Acres❤️. The Hartwood Acres is known as the crown jewel of public parks of Allegheny County, PA. This property is said to be inherited by Mary Flinn Lawrence from her father. Once on the trip to England with her husband, they were greatly influenced by the architecture of one manor house located in Oxfordshire, England. So, they decided to build the same design here in Allegheny county. For that, they handed over the project to the architect named Alfred Hopkins. The result is the famous Hartwood Mansion with mind-blowing exterior and interior showcases both American and British elements and antiques😊.

The Hartwood Acres The Hartwood Acres The Hartwood Acres

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Hartwood acres has free access to the public and offers so many fun and great things to do. You can hike some of their amazing trails, witness lush greeneries, breath in the fresh air, sit on one of the many benches and read books, click some pictures of yourself and the exterior of the mansion, and last but not least there is this beautiful English style garden full of flowers which is just exceptional😍. You will find here so many different varieties and species of flowers and butterflies too👍. If you want to explore the mansion from inside, there are also some guided tours which you can take. The tours are only 6$ and I think it’s worth it. Inside you will get to see the intrinsic design and details of the mansion and also as I mentioned earlier some American and British antiques. They also offer stable tours which are included in your mansion tour and that is amazing. When it comes to parking your car, the Hartwood acres has its own parking area which is completely free and I think it is very convenient.

The Hartwood Acres The Hartwood Acres

I been there so many times but never found a chance to visit the Mansion from inside, but next time I am surely going to explore it. We mostly go there to take a long walk or sit back and relax on their lush lawn and do the reading💕. This is the best place if you want to spend some quality time with your partner. The highlight of the place is the beautiful and amazing flower garden. I recommend you to stroll around the garden if you want to calm yourself. Also, there are so many photo-worthy spots to click some amazing pictures👍. Apart from strolling, hiking, reading, and exploring, you can even do picnicking with your sweetheart. The Mansion also organizes events such as Christmas tea, Valentine’s Day Tea, and concerts as well😊. You can check information about events and their schedules on their website. This place is also famous as a wedding and party venue. This British and American fusion is the best place if you want to spend your day in a fun way. Also, the city of Pittsburgh is only a few miles away from the park if you want to explore.

The Hartwood Acres The Hartwood Acres

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2 Replies to “The Hartwood Acres”

  1. Manish Manish sagt:

    That’s the reason I often visit your blog. You post hidden gems.

    The Hartwood acres is certainly one of them. The mansion looks like something out of the English countryside.

    I will try to visit it when I am in Pittsburgh. For now, my company is still restricting travel.

    1. Snehamihir Snehamihir sagt:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and hoping you’ll soon get a chance to visit Hartwood Acres.☺️It’s truly a gem.

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