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  • Bebek seaside
  • Kadikoy street
  • Shopping at nishantashi
  • French street
  • Maslak centre
Let's continue with Istanbul!
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As Istanbul is one of my favorite cities, I will talk about it like I talked about London- too much. Actually, there are really many things to do in this amazing city. There are so many places to visit that you don’t have time to visit them all. That’s why every time coming to Istanbul, I open to myself more and more new places.
In this article, I will tell you about my most favorite places in Istanbul. Actually coming to Istanbul I always visit them first, because miss them a lot in my country. They are all different and special for me.
Let’s see them together!

1. First special and lovely place for me in Istanbul is the Bebek seaside.

I love walking there. The seaside is very long and you can walk and enjoy the weather, the view of the Bosphorus. There are a lot of people who do sport here, who just walk with friends, who come to restaurants. Bebek seaside is very beautiful and interesting. From it is seen a beautiful bridge. So walking at night, it will be all in lights. Moreover there you can buy some snacks and eat while walking. At Bebek seaside are located the coolest restaurants where you can drink coffee, have breakfast. Moreover walking there you can always meet famous Turkish actors because they all live near the seaside and always do sport there.

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2. Second very colorful and interesting place is Kadikoy street.

It consists of narrow little streets and they are all very colorful and full of people. There are a lot of little restaurants around, where you can eat, drink coffee and relax. Moreover, it is a street with graffiti. All walls are colored and very beautiful. The pictures on the walls are all different and interesting. I love just walking there and enjoy the beauty of the street. Moreover, there are a lot of little shops where you can buy local souvenirs and clothes. There is also a part where above you there are umbrellas in different colors. So the street is very interesting and always crowded!
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3. Many people coming to Istanbul firstly go to do shopping in Nishantashi street.

There are both negative and positive sides. Firstly, it is too much expensive there. The shops are all luxurious and the prices are very high. Moreover, you will not find any shop for low budget. On the positive side, you will find all the luxury brands that you wish and there will be a good choise of clothes. Moreover, the street itself is very stylish and cool. You will see there a lot of stylish women who do the shopping and get inspired by them. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants around, where you can eat, drink and relax! I love this street because of Turkish fashion mood. You always feel it there!

4. One more street that I love is French street.

Only locals know about this street and always chill there. It is a very interesting street with french restaurants and in french style. But there are also Turkish ones and shops also. The atmosphere is very beautiful there, you really pretend as you are in Paris. I love sitting there in a cafe and drink coffee. People come here to eat, to drink, or just to walk around and get inspired by style and architecture. I love walking there in summer because the weather is very good and you can enjoy walking!
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5. One more center that I love is Maslak center.

It is quite new. It is a residential area and also a shopping center. There are new shops there and some cool restaurants. As we stay there it is comfortable for us to eat there and so shopping in some shops. Moreover, there is a big supermarket there where you can buy products for yourself. There is also a university there and it is always full of students and people. It is very interesting to stay there because you feel the real local life. In the future, there will be more and more new shops there and it will become more popular among locals and tourists! Moreover, there is a popular nightclub on the territory, so at night you can have fun there!

Thanks for reading me!

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