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Let's speak about Asian part of Istanbul!
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As I mentioned before Istanbul consists of two sides: Asian and European. I already told you about the European part, not it is my turn to speak about the Asian part. The Asian part is my favorite. It is actually for those who love relaxing trips because it is not crowded and there are more locals there.
Asian part is fond of its nature, pretty housed and nice views. I stayed in that part when I came to my friend. She stays there and invited me.
Actually, there are not as many things to do in the Asian part as in the European, but there are some. So in this article, I will tell you about my favorite places there!

1. Number one place in the Asian part is Emaar square mall

It is quite new and very big. There are plenty of things to do there. Firstly it is a shopping mall, and I already told you about it. Besides shopping, you can visit a very pretty aquarium there. You buy tickets and get access to the aquarium. There you will see all species of fish and have fun there. Moreover, there is a little modern museum that you can visit also by buying tickets. Moreover, there are plenty of cafes where you can sit and eat. Furthermore, every weekend there are held some concerts of famous singers that come there. So you can really have fun there. I love spending time there. It is a very interesting and colorful place!

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2. If you want to spend a lazy and relaxing day then go to Moda!

Moda is a place where are gathered the tastiest restaurants, beautiful buildings, and seaside views. The most beautiful part is the Moda pier. You can enjoy the view of the Bosphorus and even swim from there in the summertime. Then there are the tastiest restaurants. My favorite ones are Naan Bakeshop– the best place for tasty breakfasts and also Moda Van. When I stayed with my friend we always went there to have breakfast. There you can get Turkish breakfasts and also some croissants, buns, and coffee. Furthermore, Moda is famous for its sweet stores. There are the best ice-creams and desserts here! So be ready to eat much in Moda! This place is very popular among locals, so weekends are always crowded in Moda!

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3. Spending time in the Asian part you have to visit the local market!

There will be a nice choise of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Shopkeepers attract people by suggesting to taste some of them. So there you feel the real local life! It’s beautiful! We loved always going there! Moreover, there are plenty of good restaurants where you can taste the tastiest Turkish cuisine! Besides Turkish restaurants there also some Korean ones, because Korean food is very popular now among youngsters! There are also cafes for vegetarians and also a cafe for cat lovers. You can eat there with cats walking around! And the best part is the tastiest Turkish coffee, that you can taste ever! The tastiest one I ever tasted is there in Asian Part.

4. In the Asian part there is one main street for doing shopping

Bagdat Avenue. You can find here both local and international brands. So you can do the shopping for any budget you want. Moreover, when you are tired from shopping you can sit in some bars and cafes that are located around. Mostly I love buying clothes in this part from local shops, there is always a good choise there!

5. And last reason why I love the Asian part is the architecture of pretty houses

Many locals buy houses in the Asian part because it is a very calm part. There are a lot of pretty and lovely houses around. Many famous Turkish singers and actors have also houses in this part. Nature here is different, the air is also different. You just feel relaxed and calm. That’s why I love this part. You just want to walk around and enjoy the architecture of them. Some of them have beautiful terraces, some of them are colored pretty. And having your own house is better than living in a building in the apartment. So that’s why this place is more popular among locals rather than tourists.

Hope you liked my article! Thanks for reading me! 😊

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