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  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Castle of San Marco
  • Church of Carmel
  • Church of Santa Barbara
  • Church of San Giuseppe
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Best things to do in Calascibetta

Calascibetta is a little medieval village that is poorly known but is quite attractive and has important archaeological treasures. The name has Arab origins, but the Normans were the ones who gave the settlement its start in the eleventh century. The village may also be seen from Enna, which offers a spectacular view of it and the surrounding hills.


In terms of the village of Calascibetta's history, Roger the Norman built a castle here (of which only a tower survives) that was enclosed by walls and served as a base of operations for attacking and defeating the city of Enna. The panoramic square overlooking the tower and the nearby church (also desired by Roger the Norman) has been reopened (better late than never) and can be visited after 35 years.

What to see in Calascibetta

Calascibetta has a lot to say, and much of it is expressed in the architecture of the various remarkable churches that can be found both inside and beyond the historic center. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore erected in 1340 according to the canons of Sicilian cathedrals and in basilican forms, currently stands over the ruins of the Castle of San Marco. It is a success of Catalan art, as evidenced by the prevalence of zoomorphic elements in bas-reliefs and sculptures. It is feasible to gain access to archaeological digs that have remained open in order for tourists to view the remnants of both the castle and the early Christian rock church on which Santa Maria Maggiore was built by visiting it.


Church of Carmel

The Church of Carmel is also attractive, with its simple exterior and interior, which are offset by a great abundance of altars and pieces of art, including a Gagini Annunciation, a marble baptismal font, some good sculptures, and a pipe organ. If the Church of Santa Barbara suggests a Middle Ages dominated by Hospitaller heritage, the Church of Sant'Antonio ushers in the humanistic era by becoming a functioning site of worship in 1409 and even a branch of the Matrix Church in 800. The strong Sicilian Baroque capable of refining and ennobling the interior, rich in stuccoes representing famous biblical episodes and various statues, justifies its high position.


Church of San Giuseppe

The Church of San Giuseppe, which stands next to the much more solemn Church of San Domenico and is accompanied by the Dominican Convent, is adorned with gilded stucco reliefs. Next to the Li Destri Palace - which is part of the inherent line of the baronial palaces to which belong Palazzo Mazzara, Palazzo Bellomo, Palazzo Ranzulla and Palazzo Marchiafava - rises the Church of Maria Santissima della Catena, a former Jewish synagogue adapted to serve as a Christian temple: the xibetani love this building and its bell tower, on which you can see a concert of three bells, an imposing cross and the Greek letters Alpha and Omega indicating the concept of God.


Coming across tabernacles while walking around the town's old courtyards and passageways have become completely natural. Via Carcere, Contrada Malpasso, the Tabernacle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the one devoted to the Addolorata are particularly intriguing before arriving at Piazza Umberto I, where the Villa Comunale is located, displaying the Venus of Sicily sculpted by Balderi in Comiso stone.


Events, festivals and manifestations

Not only does the great number of churches attest to the people's Christian commitment. The Easter Way of the Cross, the patronal Feast of Saint Peter, the Feast of Our Lady of Good Rest, and, of course, the Living Nativity during the Christmas season all serve this goal. The parterre of demonstrations is rich in September, when the Cattle Fair, the Palio of the Berbers, and the Festival of the Sausage are given considerable significance, despite the fact that the sgrinfiati sweets and the Piacentinu Ennese DOP cheese are the territory's preeminent delicacies.

Where to eat in Calascibetta

Finally, pubs, bakery shops, and restaurants can be found in Umberto I square and the surrounding neighborhoods, where you may sample traditional products and dishes. Excellent appetizers, meat and fish meals may be found in the restaurant La Lanterna.

How to reach Calascibetta

The journey is long because you must first take the A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria, exit at Villa San Giovanni, and take the ferry to Messina, then take the A18 to Catania, the A19 to Palermo, and finally exit at Enna to follow the road signs; by train, you arrive at the Enna station, where buses depart for the hinterland; there are no airports in the province, so the closest ones are those of Catania and Palermo

Photography tips

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The historic centre and the churches

My Camera

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Where to stay in ?

My vacation home in Leonforte

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