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Acuitzio del Canje

The little adventure, but very funny, began in the direction of Acuitzio del Canje, where my friend Leslie was waiting for me.

Acuitzio “Lugar de Culebras”🐍, which belongs to one of the 113 municipalities of the beautiful state of Michoacán, is located at a distance of 35 km from the city of Morelia.

Its climate is temperate, so it is pleasant even in summer🍀😊

Places to visit:

• Chapel of Sr. de la Expiración Páramo.

• Parish of San Nicolás Tolentino.⛪

• Chapel of the Sacred Heart.

• Chapel of San Isidro.

• Chapel of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

• Bust of Vicente Riva Palacio

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

History records that in pre-Hispanic times its region was inhabited by tribes of Nahuatl language, they founded the ceremonial center Coatepec, the evangelization by the Augustinian friars, because of the conquest the region was granted by Hernán Cortes to Juan Alvarado.

December 5, 1865

there was an exchange of prisoners of war. During the French intervention, one Belgian and one French prisoner were exchanged for a Mexican prisoner.

December 16, 1901

by resolution of the State Congress, the municipal capital acquired the name of Acuitzio del Canje from this same event.

Time of the horses🐴🐎

Even though I’m a little afraid to be near a horse, they’re my favorite creatures, because of their strength and energy, I’d love to ride horses in the future.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

After walking a little through the center of the village, we went to a place with horses, unfortunately, I could not ride one as they were too long-lived for that activity.

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Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

 I’m happy to take some meaningful photographs and give them the food of the day. Interact with the majestic horses the afternoon you arrive and the morning you depart.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

Certainly such a beautiful place full of essence, these horse places are not a tourist place, but if you decide to come to Acuitzio I can take you to the place if I give permission

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

He is Zapata, a colt full of life and with a long way to run, is the most restless and intelligent horse I have ever known.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

She, is a very affectionate female, is completely deaf, and has some skin problems, say horses that have white spots; are deaf, simply beautiful and brave.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

She is Mona, a pregnant and grumpy female, but very ready to claim her food, you should be careful about the issue of her hormonal changes.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

Umécuaro Dam🎋

After going to the center of town to eat something rich, we go to the lake of Umécuaro, located in the possession of Santiago Undameo, from Acuitzio by car are approximately 20 min, if you ask on the way you can get there.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

Witches 👽

At first, you will find a lot of witches wanting to do something to you (joke)😅 , you will find many figures and huge shapes made by witches who inhabit the area, totally this aspect is one of the things that makes the place even more epic and mysterious.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”



Don’t ask me to explain each of the objects, because I have no idea😂


Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

With the help of a little imagination, you will come up with countless legends or stories of this place, what makes me even more interesting is because these groups chose this site to carry out their practices.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

Some charming corners to stop and relax on the shore of the dam:

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes” Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

kayak or boat ride🚣

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

If you like aquatic sports, here you will find the kayak, they are usually rented, but this time because of the current situation there was no service, however, those boats are great.

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes” Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

We spent about 30 minutes in this magical place, Leslie and I discussing such existential things that we’d rather leave before dark.😱👻🌒

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

I am so grateful to have known this place, a bit isolated and lonely, where I turned to find a new and fantastic landscape, we touched a cloudy day so it was even more special and mystical.⛺

I definitely recommend this place, it’s the kind of scenario where you think leprechauns and strange things will come out of this crystalline dam.💚

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

It is true that with much more time you can explore more of the place, but it is necessary to prevent the walk.

The day ended with the observation of the starry sky🌌 near and a cat 😻, take care of the environment, and enjoy the wonderful nature.

See you soon!💕

Umécuaro Dam and “Place of Snakes”

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