Why Vienna

  • my birthday present
  • to visit Xmas market
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • I like Habsburg Family
  • Vienna was one of the place I have longed for
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Vienna Travel November 2016

Hello everyone😍⭐I hope you guys doing well.

Today I wanna share my experience with my Vienna Tour in November 2016.

This was kinda my 21st Birthday Present for me. It was the first time for me to visit Europe. When it comes to Europe, normally people start to visit France, Italy, Spain, UK…like this. Of course, Austria is a fantastic place, but I don’t think Austria is the first choice. So why Vienna, Austria?

As I wrote in Five Reasons, I really wanted to see and feel the history of the Habsburg family. I was a history student when I was at University, so I was so interested in it.

we stayed there for a week, then we visited

✅Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

✅Sisi Museum

✅St. Stephen’s Cathedral

✅Schönbrunn Palace

✅Belvedere Palace


✅ Madame Tussauds


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✅Hofburg (many shops around)

✅Austrian National Library

I don’t remember all of the places but they are the main places. main touristic places are located in the center of the city, and every place is near, so better to have a walk to feel the atmosphere.

1st and the 2nd day, I spent time in the center of the city.

Vienna Travel November 2016 Vienna Travel November 2016

This is inside Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. The Interior is very gorgeous and they have many famous masterpieces, so I felt literally I could stay half of the day. Everything was photogenic, so you should go there ur phone charged well.

Vienna Travel November 2016

Even just a café inside the museum is fabulous…we can see this café looks radially from the upper side.

Vienna Travel November 2016

Vienna Travel November 2016

When it comes to Museums, we can’t forget the Belvedere Palace. this is the palace and museums.

Vienna Travel November 2016

It has The Kiss.

It was the first time for me to visit a real Xmas market. for these 5 years, even in Japan, Christmas markets have started to be popular, but the atmosphere is totally different.

Vienna Travel November 2016

Now I live in Europe, so Xmas markets turned to be “normal” for me, but I still remember how I felt then, and among the Christmas markets I visited, Vienna is one of my favorite ones. and during the Christmas season, there are many places where we can enjoy illuminations and projections mapping.

Vienna Travel November 2016

Vienna Travel November 2016

My suggestion is Rathaus in the night. 📍 It is located here

You can have a look from here💗💗

On the day of my birthday, we went to Schönbrunn Palace. the palace is a little bit far from the center of the city and there is almost nothing around the palace. but I highly recommend you to stay there for a day from noon until night because the atmosphere is different.

Vienna Travel November 2016

Vienna Travel November 2016

Vienna Travel November 2016

We listened to a concert at this palace at the night. Nothing is better than here. if you wanna organize something special for your someone precious, I suggest this concert. It’s not only here but also many places in Vienna that were so romantic. Magnificent view with carriages. next time I go there, I will take a carriage😍

How do you guys spend your time this Christmas? Let me know and I would appreciate it if you follow my IG😍 @tokyoite20

See you next time and have a nice Sunday❤❤

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