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Next, I would like to tell you about the beauty of Indonesia. This time it goes to a very special corner of the city of Jakarta. It goes to the Macan Museum (modern and contemporary art in Nusantara). Macan Museum is a new art museum in Jakarta. I think people in Jakarta are not usually interested in this kind of museum. I am very interested in painting, sculpture or something like that and I would like to learn it myself, but it is very hard. At the Tiger Museum at that time, I wanted to see the work of YAYOI KUSAMA. The theme was LIFE IS THE HEART OF A RAINBOW. The art at the Tiger Museum changes every year and different artists are there.

What the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara should be proud of is that it was included in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Places in the World 2018. As an Indonesian, am I proud? Sure. When I was at the Macan Museum, I saw the work of Xu Bing. When I arrived, I asked the officer if the theme of the artwork in Macan Museum changes every year – the answer was yes 🙂 So now let’s discuss Xu Bing’s work with the theme “Thought and Method”. When I arrived, I didn’t have a description of his work, so let’s see what I picked up and remembered there.

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Before we go into more detail, you should know how to get to Macan Museum. It is very easy to get there by public transportation. For those of you who arrive at Harmoni bus stop: continue to Kebon Jeruk. From Kebon Jeruk take public transportation KWK B03, you can tell the driver that you want to get off at AKR building (Museum Macan (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara). If you want it extra easy, use Grab to get here. This is the easiest solution in my opinion.

Let’s discuss now! The artwork I see really makes me wonder, even though I’m a layman who knows nothing about art. A work called “Honor and Splendor”, do you know what it is? If your answer is just “a carpet,” then that’s wrong. It is cigarettes arranged like a tiger skin. From a distance, you will not think that they are neatly arranged cigarettes. It’s a collection from the Yuz Foundation. That’s just one of the many great things you can discover here.

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Let’s go further: we look into a kind of sky on which is written something that we could not read and understand. It seems to me that the universe is speaking to me. This work is called “Book From The Sky”. It reflects life, which is also not always understood. What is the meaning of life? This work is very profound. This work of art touches me very much in a way that I did not know before.

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One step further in this museum and you discover something completely different. Do you want to learn how to write beautifully? You can enter the “Square Word Calligraphy” area. You can test writing there, but don’t panic: the writing is water-soluble and disappears again, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t write beautifully. Not far from there, you will see the next work “American Silkworm Series”. I really enjoyed this space and fell for it because I felt like everything was silent around me and only the words spoke to me. It was like I didn’t really exist at all.

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Want to know what’s hiding behind here? Guys, do you see how beautiful this picture is? It’s really very beautiful. Can you imagine what is behind the picture? Do not be surprised! There are plastic parts, unused leaf stems, dry leaves, threads, and the like. It could also be your work. You can produce a perfect picture out of anything if you just have enough imagination.

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There is also a “Book From The Ground Studio” room that speaks from images. When I just write, I’m often misunderstood, especially when I use icons in addition. Is the world really that confusing? Maybe that’s what the artist meant. Sorry if I misunderstood the artwork, but it also makes the art a bit that everyone has their own answer and translates the works for themselves.

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The artwork “Dragonfly Eyes” scares me and I am embarrassed. Do you wonder why I’m scared? Because all eyes are on you! I felt totally uncomfortable and got goosebumps. But that’s life, it always has surprises in store. Now you know how I felt and how I am, even if I don’t know you.

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My fear is alleviated by the existence of Yayoi Kusama’s works, which are exhibited in the “Infinity Mirrored Room – Brilliance of the Souls”. One is accompanied by the beauty of his work and I feel as if I can see much deeper into myself.
Was that all of the art? This kind of art is finished now, but there is another floor of art on the first floor. What I like most is the art that I can keep in my mind and heart. This art on the first floor uses red, blue, and black lines used to express itself. Now guys do you understand this art? Leave me a comment and we can share about this kind of art.

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If you would like to come by and check out the museum, feel free to contact me and I’ll give you some tips (including the current situation with Covid-19).

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