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Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


I believe no matter how many time you have been to Switzerland, you always need a map.

So before getting your head back in this article, you may want to refer to Jungfrau Map 😂

if not you will probably have no idea where and how this entire trip works.




In this post, I will only focus on Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Stechelberg and Gimmelwald.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


Choosing the flight

Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hikeIf you search for paragliding in Switzerland, you will find most of the good reviews based on Paragliding in Interlaken. A lot of travellers did it in Interlaken. But after talking to one of my friend who had done it in Interlaken, I decided to take my flight in Lauterbunnen. Because apparently the view in Lauterbunnen is insane. I believe that paragliding in Lauterbunnen will be a better choice than Interlaken.


Before I travelled to Switzerland, I did my booking “The Wall” (CHF 180) on Airtime Paragliding . Flight duration was about 15 to 20 minutes and the whole trip experience took approximately one and a half hour.

The flight took off from Murren and eventually landed at Stechelberg. Therefore, if you have friends who do not wish to join the flight, they can wait and watch you fly at the landing area.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

Meeting my pilot 🙂

Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

I travelled from Wengen to Lauterbunnen by train.

From Lauterbunnen I took a bus to Stechelberg cable car station.

Here, I met my pilot 🙂


We then took the cable car straight up to our destination, Murren. While we were in the cable car, my pilot kept on checking on the weather calculator. Yeap. Unfortunately, the rain was coming to our direction 😰. My pilot told me If we couldn’t manage to fly that day, we would have to schedule another time again.


After we arrived in Murren, we did a short distance hike. Although it was pretty tiring, the scenery on our way was freaking awesome! This town itself is a gem!


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Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

Finally when we arrived at the take off point, we saw many others were getting ready. My pilot was setting up and in less than 15 mins, we were good to fly!

“Take a deep breath, put your best foot forward, a few steps together down the hill and soar high up in the sky!” – Airtime Paragliding. 



Roller coaster in the sky

Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

YOOHOO! At this point, I knew I made the best choice in choosing Lauterbunnen to take my flight! The view was incredible and everything on the ground looked like toys to me. We even spot a cliff jumper, he was about to jump off the cliff! That was crazy!

if you always want to try some extreme activities, but you are afraid to take your first step. I will definitely recommend this as I think this is suitable for everyone (even beginner friendly). This is not scary at all but simply exciting! You will be inspired by the beautiful view under your feet until you totally forget about how high actually you are above the city.


I ended up landing together with the cows where my boyfriend was waiting 😌
We were very lucky that we made it for the flight because the rain hit right after we had landed. 


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

Best time to visit

If you plan to travel during July to August (summer, peak season) when it is the warmest time of the year, you will have to expect a lot of tourists and over 50% higher in price!

I suggest the best time to visit will be April to June (spring, slightly wet) or September to early October (fall, great time). 

During December to March (low season) will have intense snowstorms, but it will be the greatest time for skiing.

The worst time to visit will be late October to November as the season stands in between fall and winter. It gets dark around 5pm. The worst part is that a lot of hiking trails are closed for safety issues due to the unpredictable bad weather. Cable cars, busses, trains and funiculars are mostly closed for maintenance. Now you understand that you are pretty fucked if you choose to visit during this time 😂


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


Hiking in the rain

Hiking trail : Murren → Gimmelwald ( 45 mins )
Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

sorry about my ugly note


Although it was raining heavily, it did not stop us from exploring this beautiful region.

The hike from Murren to Gimmelwald is a scenic trail but it can be confusing as it leads you into a short forest hike. There were not many hikers on our way probably because of the bad weather.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


After we passed through the forest, a beautiful town surrounded by the Alps were appeared in front of our eyes.

As what people said, the best way to see Gimmelwald is to walk down from Murren.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


A self act upon trust and honesty


As we decided to take a walk in Gimmelwald, we found The Honesty Shop.

It is a village shop relies upon cutomers’ trust and honesty.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

( The honesty box )



Basically this shop has no shop assistants, no cameras.

It is just you and your evil self 😈

In the shop, you will find local crafts, souvenirs, foods and drinks.

Price range is vary.

If you find things that you like, you just have to place your money in an envelop and drop it in the honesty box.



Gimmelwald escape

Hiking trail : Gimmelwald → Stechelberg ( 1 hour ) / Lauterbunnen ( 2 hour )


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


Since we made our way to Gimmelwald, instead of taking the cable car back to Stechelberg, we decided to hike.


Due to the steeper downhill sections and my knee problem, I was quite panic during this hike. Also, it was getting dark but we were still trapped and we couldn’t find our way out 😂 .


Despite of this, I was surprised by our nature elements along the hike. We discovered a river in the middle of our hike and took a rest while enjoying this scenic view. Again, it came to me as a total surprise.



Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


When we finally found the way out to Stechelberg, it was a signboard pointing at another direction to Lauterbunnen. I would really love to hike all the way back to Lauterbunnen, but it required another 2 hours time which I did not think we could make it before sun down. Therefore, we took a bus travelled back to Lauterbunnen.


If you have time for that, I guess it will be even better to be able to hike all the way back to Lauterbunnen.

You can tell me how beautiful it is 😊


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike

Finally seeing houses after an hour hike. You can clearly tell from the picture it was pretty dark.


The pass for everything

If you ever wonder how to travel in Switzerland with cheaper cost but still be able to enjoy panorama views on trains, check out the Swiss Travel Pass . It is very convenient for you to have a Swiss Travel Pass if you plan to stay quite some times.


This pass allows you to access most of the network of Swiss Travel System, including all type of transportations (boat, train, bus), mountain excursions, free admission to museums and some discount on certain excursions. However, some transportation are vary upon reservation and surcharges, especially premium panorama trains.


In addition, the travel system in Switzerland can be very confusing and you may make mistake in taking the wrong train and end up in a wrong destination. With a Swiss Travel pass, you avoid paying much.


Discover Switzerland – from the sky into the forest hike


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