Why Zambales

  • It is an adventure
  • Undisturbed bonding time
  • Epic views
  • There is a waterfall!
  • Islands and sandbars!
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Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, PhilippinesIf you are looking for an adventure with your friends, love camping in semi-remote places where you guys can just relax and get drunk, then I recommend that you spend a night or two in Nagsasa cove in the province of Zambales, Philippines.

It is located on the west side of the biggest island (Luzon) in the country and is facing the South China sea or what we call the West Philippine sea. The place is only accessible by boat and since it is a semi-remote place, there will be no mobile signal reception/data connection in the area. So there will really be no distraction, just pure bonding!

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

There are also nearby islands and sandbars you can visit.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

The cove is more than an hour away by a boat from the nearest beach proper where you guys will have to rent the boat and hire a local to provide your foods, drinks and tents (if you do not have one). The prices differs from people to people but they are cheap especially when more people are joining the trip.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

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There are no closed cabins in the area though there will be partially covered “kubo” or huts around. We have to set up our own tents that we rented from the same person who will provide for our food and drinks. We got a great deal. It is cheap and it is so worth it for the price.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

We were tipped by a local that there is a waterfall nearby and that it will only be an easy hike from our camp site! We were promised beautiful views along the way and to be honest, the views are actually stunning. I actually want to stay and for while and just stare at the magnificent view but our local guide is already way ahead so I can’t really stay for a long time in one area.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, PhilippinesThe waterfall is an hour hike away from the camp site on the beach. We had to cross streams like in the picture above to get there. The water is so clear that you can see the amazing rocks below. The path is little bit slippery but manageable.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, PhilippinesDiscovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, PhilippinesDiscovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

The waterfall is about 15 to 20 feet high. And the pool below is about 20ft deep. The water is so clear and there are lots of fishes. The locals say the waterfall dries up during the dry season but I think the pool remains because there are fishes. The hike to the falls is an adventure itself and if you could get there early, you guys can even bring your drinks and get drunk there. But I don’t suggest it. The hike is already exhausting so suggest that you guys just enjoy jumping from anywhere to the pool. You can even go up the waterfall. There is a path on the side to go up safely. There you can see another level of the waterfall. There is a shallow pool where you guys can lay down and relax.


Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines


You can watch the sunset! The beach is facing the west so there will be an amazing view of the sunset.

Discovering Nagsasa cove, Zambales, Philippines

If you are up for another hike, this one is a short but steeper hike compared to the way to the waterfall but I am sure that you will not regret going up. The view is just amazing!

We also enjoyed cliff diving on a nearby rock which is only accessible by boat so we stopped by there for a while jumping over and over and having so much fun being pushed by the waves to to rocks. It is little dangerous especially when the waves are high and the tide is coming in. We did this before we got back to the main town so we only had to rent the boat once.

There is no electricity available. Prepare for mosquitoes. Bring sun block and insect repellant. Do not forget your flash lights and power banks. But nore importantly, bdo not forget to bring your beers! Also, bring your jackets because there can be thunderstorms at night. We got soaking wet actually. Our shabby tents were not able to withstand the strong winds and rain. We were already drenched with rainwater, we just went night swimming and drinking at the beach after the rain so we just went ahead and took a dip in the water through the night while drinking beers we were looking for an adventure anyway so yeah we got it!

Bring your closest friends and be a good guy and warn them beforehand that there will be no cell signal so they can inform their loved ones, girlfriends/boyfriends or spouses that there will be no communication at all. If you want to enjoy the beach with less tourist, I suggest for you to go there during weekdays. But if you wants to meet new people then go to Nagsasa during the weekends. It is always fun to go on adventures with new friends you are gonna meet there.

People there are nice and friendly please leave a tip if you can 😁. It is more fun in the philippines!


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