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Given the serious crisis that theaters in Italy are going through due to Covid-19, we have decided to talk and introduce you to the best Florentine theaters ;)
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When you are in Florence do not miss the opportunity to see one of the suggestive Florentine theatrical performances. Here you can find the complete list of all the theaters in the city of Florence 🤗.

The oldest forms are tragedy and comedy, but over time new forms of expression have emerged which are considered theatrical genres.

Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 🎭

The Municipal Theater originates from the Florentine Politeama, designed in 1862 by T. Bonaiuti. Today the theater consists of large stalls, an order of boxes, and two large semicircular amphitheater-like galleries for a total capacity of 2003 seats. Next to the main hall is the Piccolo Teatro, a modern “reduced” that can accommodate about 600 spectators. Partially destroyed twice, in 1944 by a bombing and in 1966 by a flood, the Municipal building has been restored, symbolizing the desire for rebirth and a civil commitment of the city. The most prestigious names in music of this century have alternated on the stage of the Comunale. The activity of the Theater extends throughout the year with the Season of Opera, Concerts, and Ballets, and the summer shows in the magnificent Boboli Gardens.

Discovering the Florentine theaters

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Teatro della Pergola 🎭

The Teatro della Pergola is located in the historic center of Florence, a stone’s throw from Piazza Duomo and Piazza SS.Annunziata. In addition to the large stage, and the stalls, another distinctive feature of the Pergola is the inimitable acoustics, perfect for hosting music and enhancing the voice skills of the greatest actors. This theater has been open since 1718 to the paying public. Already then it represented the works of great composers, such as Antonio Vivaldi. It is a lively cultural center, which uses its history and the prestige of its spaces as its main potential. It has a multifaceted activity, which finds its culmination in the great season of prose, but hosts hundreds of different and all important events. Every evening in the theater there is a ritual, that of the show.

Discovering the Florentine theaters

Teatro Puccini 🎭

The Puccini Theater is located in the stretch that goes from Piazza Puccini to Via delle Cascine. It was inaugurated in 1940, it was to serve as a place of recreation for the workers of a nearby company, only later was it transformed into a cinema theater. Today it is defined as the permanent theater of satire and the contamination of genres. It has 634 seats divided between stalls and galleries. It hosts international and nationally renowned comedians every year.

Discovering the Florentine theaters


Teatro di Rifredi 🎭

The Rifredi Theater belongs to the Rifredi Mutual Aid Society, founded in 1883. The Theater was built in 1911. In 1922 it was set on fire and then transformed into the Casa del Fascio. After the war it returned to its theatrical function, hosting young experimental Florentine companies. In the 70s it became famous, with the name of Humor Side, as a space dedicated to satire and mime, and in 1986 it was completely renovated and passed under the artistic direction of the Pupi and Fresedde company.

Teatro Verdi 🎭

Built on the site of the fourteenth-century prison of the Stinche, the Teatro Pagliano, which took the name of Teatro Verdi in 1901, is the only Florence and Tuscany, the venue for great occasions, musical events, and popular shows. In 1865 the theater was in danger of disappearing in a fire, then passed from one owner to another. Then with the fabulous 60s, the theater hosts international stars of pop, jazz, pop, and rock music and celebrities from light theater and magazines. In January 1998 the Theater passed to the Tuscan Regional Orchestra Foundation, thus becoming the rehearsal and concert venue of the ORT and at the same time maintaining the singular heterogeneity of the theatrical proposals, the image of open cultural space, lively in the proposals and attentive to the needs of its diverse audience. For the 150th anniversary of the Verdi Theater (October 2004), the ORT Foundation has carried out a series of interventions aimed at improving the acoustics, aesthetics, and reception of the public: the flooring of the stalls and the gallery are completely redone. in wood and the new armchairs, strictly red.

Discovering the Florentine theaters

Teatro Saschall 🎭

The Saschall is the new theater of Florence. Inaugurated in 2002 in place of the Tenda Theater, it quickly became a very important point of reference for the city and for the entire region. It hosts all kinds of shows and events, musical, theatrical, trade fair, and television conferences. To confirm its multifunctionality, up to now more than 700 thousand spectators have passed through it. From 12 January 2004, by the will of the Municipal Administration of Florence, the street where the Theater is located is called via Fabrizio De André.

Teatro Everest 🎭

After a twenty-year closure, the Everest Theater is today an important reality for Florence. It stands as a meeting place and cultural formation, where different artistic forms interact. The prose, the backbone of the programming, is flanked by concerts and musical events, cineforums, created in collaboration with local bodies and associations, and art exhibitions set up in the foyer, conceived as an ideal art gallery.

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