Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil



Morro de Sao Paulo is located in the Brazilian state of Bahia, in the Isle of Tinharé, near Salvador da Bahia. 


It really is a seaside vacation: there you are in the heart of nature with desert beaches (but also more touristy beaches). If you like tranquility and relaxing places you definitely should go there! But if you’re also a party animal the heart of the city is very animated.


A year-round destination: sunny and hot most of the time!

25°C – 33°C (and higher…)


High season (festive, hot, rare rainfalls) : December to March

Low season (quieter time, lower hotels price) : rest of the year


Because Morro de Sao Paulo is an island you might like to know how to get there! Well, once you’re in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) you have two options, the faster one and the more economic one :

Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil> Are you in a hurry?

Take the plane! In 25 minutes you’ll land in Morro de São Paulo … In low season there are flights only 3 times a week or one schedule per day. In high season there can be up to 3 flights per day. The company has its ticket window at Salvador International Airport. A van from the company will bring you to its runway, located next to the hangar at Salvador International Airport. The value of the Air Transfer is R$ 435 / person/way.

> Low budget?

Another option is maritime transport! The travel time is around 2h30 / 3h00. The departure point is at Salvador Maritime Terminal near the Mercado Modelo, in the Lower City of Salvador da Bahia.

The price varies according to demand and season, it is between R$ 96.50 and R$ 107 / person/way.


Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil

Here is a map of Morro that I find very interesting (a little translated) 


The main beaches have kind of creatives names, going from “First Beach” to “Fifth Beach”, the first beach is more touristy, the further you get from the center the more the beaches will be deserted and magnificent. Of course, there are other beautiful beaches.

One thing you should know is that the sea is warm, this is so delicious!

Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil

When I was there the beaches I used to go are the 3rd beach and in the natural pools (between the 3rd and 4th beaches).

There is not much current, the water is warm and translucent: perfect for snorkeling!

There there are some bars/restaurants by the beach: everything to have the best vacation.

If you want to go to a natural SPA you should try to go to the “Praia da argila” (Clay beach). For this, you first have to go to the port and a boat will bring you there while getting there you’ll pass through sumptuous (quite) wild landscapes:

Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil Discovering the isle of Morro de Sao Paulo – Brazil


You can visit the islands of Tinharé and Boipeba (in one day), the beach of Garapua or the beaches of Ponta do Curral, Coroa and Gamboa (one day as well). These excursions are definitely worth it.

You must think that Morro de Sao Paulo is all about beaches, well you’re not that wrong, but you also can ask for a historical City Tour.

To let you know, Morro de Sao Paulo has a lot of history, indeed, due to its privileged geographic location, it was the site of numerous French and Dutch squadron attacks. It was kind of a “zona Franca” of pirates and corsair during the colonial period. The geographic importance of the island during the colonial period justifies its wealth of historical monuments, today classified as Brazilian Historical Heritage. There is also the Nossa Senhora da Luz Church in Morro de São Paulo, it was built in several stages over many years:  since1628 to the late 18th century. It was the target of many thefts and piracy, having been looted several times.


You’ll find parties of all styles and colors: Nightclubs, beach parties, bars, and live shows ensure the enjoyment of everybody.


You have a lot of restaurants in the center of the city, but also everywhere you’ll go (during excursions for example) there will always be a place for you to eat and/or drink. The food is obviously typical from Brazil and in Morro de Sao Paulo it will be more based on fresh fish. If there is one plate you must try there is the Moqueca de Peixe (I let you discover what’s in it ! ). And because you’re in Brazil you have to try the original Caipirinha, and during the day you should really drink fresh coconut water (from the fruit ! )


During your stay, you’ll probably fall in love with this island as the landscapes are so diverse.



Yes, Brazil is a so-called “dangerous” country. You should know that the locals there are very nice, warm (they really know how to welcome and take care of you), endowed with a lot of humor, and who love to party. They are a very laid back people. However, poverty means that there are some people who are neglected.

The only think you can do is be careful, but that does not mean to be paranoid! Here are some tips of things you should / should not do :

  • At the beach don’t leave your stuff without any supervision while bathing
  • Don’t leave your phone ‘in sight’ in crowded places, leave it in your bag.
  • Don’t leave a seller with your credit card without you being able to see what he’s doing with it (he will hack it)
  • In big cities, late at night, do not store all your money in one place, plan a small sum that you will give if you are harassed.
  • If you get harassed don’t try to defend yourself, give what people are asking for (money, phone…)

It may seem a lot and scary, but know that I never had any worries in Brazil, even in the most “dangerous” cities. There are even cities where all this does not need to be applied, it is really just in case.


At the beach don’t buy water from the small sellers, it could be that the bottles are filled with “non-potable” water and I’m sure you don’t want to be sick during your vacation! For this, I recommend asking for sparkling water.


Please protect your skin from the sun, always!


The official language is Portuguese, it is (sadly) not everywhere in Brazil that people speak English, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to make you understand.

I hope this article was helpful and give you the desire to explore Morro de Sao Paulo. It really was one of my best trips.

If you have any questions contact me! 😉🌺

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