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Coordinates: Latitude: 19.4333 Longitude: 101.517 The distance between these two points is 6.9 km, estimated time 9 minutes.
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⛰For a long time, I toured the mountains of the north of the country, more extreme climates, little humidity, little vegetation, difficult to climb but less complicated to go down.

7:40 a.m

We had a cloudy day, something positive for the slow tiredness, and if it rained the ground was going to give us a doubly difficult experience.

Let’s start once and for all!

We stopped in this place called Cuanajo, a characteristic of the trade and treatment of the wood.

24 persons in total🏃👫👬👭

8:20 a.m

It seemed an easy challenge from the start, I had already climbed desert mountains flooded with intense sun…
I dared to climb a mountain of 3025 meters altitude without the necessary equipment, but with all the attitude!

We entered the path…

while eating I could have given up this adventure, but I was totally convinced: impetuous and wild🙄

The guide is an old man with an overflow of energy and enviable stamina:

Breakfast is over now you should get psyched and get started!



The Walkingstick was my only support throughout the tour, never forget it!

At first, I felt shortness of breath, blurred view, but everything became fantastic: At the beginning, you can find crops, fruit trees, livestock, and of course the climax of tranquility…

and that’s the mountain: It seems defenseless, but it depends a lot on the angle of where you’re appreciating it.

Your own rhythm and steady breathing

The real ascent begins here: the terrain is unstable, branches and trunks everywhere, thorns, vines, a really difficult climb, it is necessary to make to 2 or 3 stops for your heart to regulate and avoid feeling it in the neck.

Maggie, she’s a mature woman with an overwhelming physical condition, a thousand respects!

9:40 a.m

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After a walk along with the skirts…it took us almost 1 hour to climb the first part: really challenging, 1 person was left out and unfortunately had to return.

This is just the first part: the first stop and view of this wonderful place surrounded by nature.



first shots, the tiredness in the legs begins to seem… gratifying to reach this point without competing, although I want to stress my good position: 6

Strong women, fun, and pleased to arrive…

In the first part, we stopped and waited for the rest of the group, hydrated ourselves, took the photos we could and talked about the next stop.

Some wanted to do something more risky:

The group is complete… now we head to the 3rd and final “top”.

we continue!

In this part, the roads are very narrow, too many ravines, loose rocks, we definitely enter the mountain and this was what we found:

large and peculiar rocks…

Engraved stones

someone was fascinated with these rocks 😊


Giant mushrooms, they looked out of a story, really beautiful:


The rose of the mountain



You should never miss the appearance of reptiles on a mountain… so that this adventure was spectacular this intimidating and precious black rattlesnake, appeared as a good hostess to welcome us… The guide had to remove her from the path, we said goodbye and followed the route.

Enigmatic old trees



After a long drive, unfortunately I could not record the climb, we had to climb rocks, we were very careful with the ravines, loose and slippery rocks, this part was the most challenging for me, The force in my arms was not enough to quickly climb the rocks in addition to not having special gloves.

⛰We’ve reached the highest point!

At the last stop, we ate, shared congratulations, food, cravings, laughter, and talked while enjoying this wonderful view…


We all arrived safe, until this delicious watermelon😊:

Photos for the more adventurous:

Well… the descent began, ready to go down, the descent was hard my tennis shoes had a smooth sole and I slipped hundreds of times, but all those falls with a lot of laughter.

some stops on the descent:

exhausted and happy:

The end of this adventure

pleasant and very beautiful The best reward: to have fulfilled your most spiritual demands, the typical food of the region, and the enthusiasm to return to the mountain, whatever it may be!


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