El Dorado Hot Springs: Oasis in Arizona

Arizona happens to be one of the richest states in terms of hot springs. Some are tucked away in the woods and difficult to reach, while others are conveniently located alongside main highways and serve as a refreshing break from a long journey.

And from my personal experience, El Dorado Hot Springs is one of the most authentic places to wash off any desert dust and escape from the city hustle.

This rustic and funky haven is located right on the edge of the desert, offering a unique and authentic experience. 

Let me take you on a journey to this desert gem and show you why it’s a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a little peace, relaxation, and adventure!

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Address41225 Indian School Rd, Tonopah, AZ 85353, US
LocationAbout a 50-minute drive from downtown Phoenix.
Email[email protected]
Phone Number+1 623-386-5412
Open9 AM – 9 PM, everyday
ClothingOptional and nude-only zones
Road AccessCar

How to get to El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs, located at 41225 Indian School Rd, Tonopah, Arizona 85353, is only about a 50-minute drive from downtown Phoenix, and offers a unique and relaxing escape for visitors.

Tonopah, a small town west of Phoenix, derives its name from the local Native American language meaning ‘hot water under the bush.’ 

Conveniently located in the heart of Tonopah, these privately owned hot springs are easily accessible with a big ‘Hot Springs’ sign visible from the road.

El Dorado Hot Springs is best reached by an off-road vehicle, and the rugged road is well worth it for the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The hot springs themselves are naturally warm, with a pH of 8.2, and are free of sulfur.

Each pool offers a wide range of temperatures, with the warmest pool reaching over 110 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest hovering around 85. Basic camping is also available for those looking to extend their stay.

What should you expect at El Dorado Hot Springs?

If you’re looking for a posh, five-star resort, El Dorado Hot Springs might not be your best bet. Flying insects, cactuses, and even strutting peacocks all contribute to the area’s well-known rustic coolness. But truly, that’s what its sparkle is all about.

El Dorado Springs has its own authentic atmosphere that makes it stand out from the rest. Giant palm trees, bamboo caves, and vintage furniture is the signature line of this place, so you should probably make sure you can adapt to it.

Here you will find more natural, stone-based pools that facilitate a deeper connection with nature. Through this marvelous yet uncommon environment, the place features several awesome soaking options.

Is El Dorado Hot Springs Clothing-Optional?

Nudity at American hot springs is something we’ve already become familiar with.  

That’s the case for El Dorado Hot Springs too, however, if others might let you choose whether you wear a swimsuit or not, at El Dorado Springs, public soak is NUDE-ONLY. 

A highlight is the availability of private pools where you can soak according to your clothing preferences. However, keep in mind that private pools typically book up weeks in advance, so it’s best to reserve ahead if you want to use one.

Also, while El Dorado Hot Springs is an outdoor complex with lots of private and public areas, all of them are separated by bamboo groves for privacy.

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Public Pools at El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs’ public area is a great spot to unwind, soak in soothing pools and meet like-minded travelers – if you don’t mind being naked.

Beware of Nudity – By Lisa R. / Yelp

Desert Pete

Desert Pete is the common area featuring two large pools (each accommodating up to six people) and several tubs. Here you’ll also find Desert Saloon, a designated reading and relaxing spot, and Pete’s Bunkhouse, which can be used for overnight lodging. 

Keep in mind that Desert Pete is open to the public and does not allow any alcoholic beverages, cell phones, or photography.

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Private Pools at El Dorado Hot Springs

If you’d rather not spend your precious soaking time in a public pool with nude strangers, a private pool might be the way to go. El Dorado Hot Springs offers five separate private pool areas.

Sunset View Pool

Beautiful and spacious, the square-shaped Sunset View private pool can accommodate up to six people. 

The Sunset view pool is unique as it features crystal stones right in the middle of the pool. It is thought that these crystals may heal and transform your energy, spirit, and physical health. 

As the name implies, Sunset View pool is directly exposed to the sun, so bring sunscreen, especially during the hot months.

Corral Hot Tub

Corral hot tub is another private soaking area that features a larger circle-shaped pool and hotter water than Sunset View. It’s also equipped with an open shower place and a shared lounge area. 

What distinguishes Corral hot tub from the others is its accessibility. The pool features well-constructed stairs that make it easy to get in and out safely. So if you’re considering taking any elderly friends or relatives to El Dorado Hot Springs, Corral hot tub could be your best and safest bet.

Desert View Pool

Desert View is the most popular and beloved private area among visitors to the whole of El Dorado Hot Springs. The area features majestic desert views, a large lounge area with tables, chairs, and fireplaces, and several small tubs which you can fill in with cold water in case you’re too hot and wish to cool off a little.

However, be aware that the Desert View pool temperature is lower than the others. 

Duck Pond Pool

Duck Pond Pool is another private pool area located right next to the duck pond, so you can have a soak and enjoy watching the adorable little ducks swimming around.

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Last Resort Pool

The Last Resort Pool is another great spot to relax and take in the scenery. There is a cabin attached to the area, making it a suitable choice for overnight guests.

Outdoor Activities and Services

Since El Dorado Hot Springs is often referred to as an oasis in the desert, there aren’t many outdoor activities to do. The place is ideal to have a break from your long trip, relax for a few hours or nights, and then continue your journey.

However, the place itself features a charming little pond with fish, ducks, and turtles and is home to a variety of different animals, so your entire trip may turn out to be quite an authentic experience.


Girls day at the hot springs. Don’t miss this spot just outside of Phoenix! #getaprivatetub #nudeonlycommunitypool get out there and try something new! #phoenix

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In terms of other spa services at El Dorado Hot Springs, you can also book a massage. However, make sure you reserve in advance.

Accommodation Options at El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs features a few accommodation options in case you wish to spend the night before you get back on the road. These options include private lodging, Motel California, and camping zones.

Motel California

Motel California is simply a little bungalow you can rent out at El Dorado Hot Springs. It consists of a compact room with a full-size bed, a desk, a sink, a toilet, heating and air conditioning, a shower, and a microwave. The motel also offers a metal tub outside and a private hot pool. A private yard with a seating area, a fireplace, and nearby chirping birds are further amenities of the residence.

Photo by SewardAK / Tripadvisor

Overall, although it doesn’t have anything particularly unique to offer, it has almost everything you could want or need for a nice stay.  

Motel California is the most comfortable accommodation option at El Dorado Hot Springs, so if you wish to stay over, make sure you book at least a couple of months ahead.


Two rooms are available for rent at Desert Pete’s Bunkhouse, which is situated in the Desert Pete area. It includes unlimited soaking in the communal area or 1-2 hour private soaks.

Mariposa, a smaller room with heating and air conditioning, is also located in the Desert Pete area. Next door is a bathroom as well as a coffee and tea service.

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Camping Zones

There are numerous options for tent camping, as well as RV-friendly and electric hookup sites. Each campsite includes daily access to the private pool for two hours of soaking.

  • Palo Verde
  • Stone Circle
  • Mesquite East
  • Mesquite West
  • Desert Garden
  • The Nile’s
  • Best Pet Grooming

Prices and Rates at El Dorado Hot Springs

El Dorado Hot Springs are one of the most reasonably priced locations to soak in soothing water. There is no membership requirement, and hourly and all-day passes are available. Here’s a quick price breakdown:

Type of ServicesPriceReservation Needed
Public area, per person per hour$15No
Public area, per person, all-day pass$35No
Private pools, per person per hour$20Yes
Parking (valid for 7 days)$25No
Motel California$125Yes
Desert Pete’s Bunkhouse$70Yes

Prices might change over time, so make sure you check the rates directly with management.

What’s the Weather Like at El Dorado Hot Springs?

Tonopah’s climate varies considerably throughout the seasons. The summers can be quite warm, while the winters can get quite chilly. However, the pools at El Dorado Hot Springs come in every temperature, allowing you to relax in any weather.

In the winter, the average high temperature in El Dorado Hot Springs fluctuates between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the summer, the average high temperature is above 81 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re just getting ready for your trip, here’s the average weekly forecast for the winter season:

And here’s what to expect in hotter months:

Average High Temperature97.3°F
Average Low Temperature78.6°F

What to Pack for El Dorado hot Springs

Every trip requires decent preparation, so here are a few what-to-pack tips to consider when visiting El Dorado Hot Springs.

ProductDescriptionProduct Link
Even though El Dorado Hot Springs is mostly hidden by bamboo and bushes, the majority of the pools still receive direct sunlight. Thus, using sunscreen could be a huge aid in preventing sunburn. However, keep in mind that any type of oil, soap, cream, shampoo, etc. is strictly forbidden in the pools, so use it only after you leave the pool or on the parts of your body that won’t be in the water.Go to Product
Water shoes
The majority of El Dorado Hot Springs’ pool floors are sharp and irregular, preventing slipping. However, it could damage your feet, so it would be wise to bring water shoes.Go to Product
Insect repellent spray
If you have gone through El Dorado Hot Spring reviews, you would have noticed visitors complaining about fleas and insects. For some, it formed part of an authentic experience, some were rescued by the wind, while some found it really bothered them. Just in case, grab an insect repellent spray to avoid any discomfort.Go to Product
Pool Towels
Although the establishment provides towels, it’s usually preferable to bring your own. Having a few to hand might be beneficial because you may like to place a towel on the rustic lounge chairs before sitting on them.Go to Product


What are the working hours at El Dorado Hot Springs?

9 am – 9 pm every day.

Can you make an online reservation at El Dorado Hot Springs?

El Dorado Hot Springs management does not maintain its website. Thus, online reservations are not possible. However, you can always call them (+1 623-386-5412) and reserve your visit.

Are pets allowed at El Dorado Hot Springs?

Yes, El Dorado Hot Springs is a pet-friendly place.

How far is El Dorado from the Hot Springs?

El Dorado city in Arizona is located around an hour away from the hot springs.

How much does it cost to go to El Dorado Hot Springs?

El Dorado Hot Springs is quite affordable, with prices starting from $15 per hour for public soaking.

Can you camp at El Dorado Hot Springs?

Yes, there are several camping sites where you can camp and spend the night

How far is El Dorado Hot Springs from Phoenix Arizona?

El Dorado hot Springs is a 50-minute drive from Phoenix, Arizona.

Where can you eat at El Dorado Hot Springs?

There is no cafe or bar at El Dorado Hot Springs, so you might prefer bringing your own food or visiting the restaurant in Tonopah.

Final Takeaway

Overall, El Dorado Hot Springs is a natural oasis that provides a unique and refreshing experience for visitors.

With its diverse range of hot springs and scenic views, it’s no wonder that this resort has become a popular destination for those seeking a relaxing break from the long dusty road trip.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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