Enroute Kwantu

Enroute Kwantu

Hey everyone we are hoomies, back again as we promised with a completely new location and some new amazing adventures. Hope you all are doing great. This blog is gonna be all about South Africa 🇿🇦 !

It was around May-end when we were looking for some fun and an amazing new destination to travel to and visit. We discovered this place while reading in the newspaper 🗞 and soon we knew if we wanna travel, it has to be this beautiful destination. So we enquired and booked you on this fun amazing journey.

So the plan was to travel all the way to Kwantu, South Africa from New Delhi. Due to no direct connectivity, we had to take a flight via:

  • New Delhi to Mumbai
  • Mumbai to Johannesburg.
  • Then From Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth,
  • And finally a road trip from Port Elizabeth to Kwantu Game Reserve.

Enroute Kwantu

Checklist before you travel: 💼

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Id cards
  • Travel Documents
  • Currency 💴
  • International cards
  • If you are planning to travel to Kenya, u need to get vaccinated for Yellow Fever in advance
  • Woolens
  • Flight Tickets 🎫
  • Travel Insurance papers

We are based in New Delhi and during those days, you don’t get a direct flight ✈️ to Johannesburg. So we had to take a flight from New Delhi International Airport to Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

You can choose your flight tickets and even the timings depending on your budget and plans. Apart from Mumbai, various flights run via Bangalore International Airport. The connectivity is very good to South Africa.

Enroute Kwantu

The plan was to fly to Kwantu and then continue our journey towards cape town and sun city.

We got into our cars 🚗 and reached the airport and took a flight to Mumbai. The flight ✈️ took us around 2 and half hours to reach Mumbai Airport.

On arrival, we passed through the connectivity gates and reached the International departure Side. After completing all the visa immigration and various other formalities we boarded our flight.

It was already late in the night. We had an overnight flight from here to Johannesburg. The flight was a long one and took us good 10 hours 30 minutes to reach here. The flight was really amazing and a pretty decent one. Even the food was a good 😌 and a pretty decent one. We mostly slept through the flight ✈️.

Enroute Kwantu

We reached here in the morning. On arrival at Johannesburg Airport, we took our bags and proceeded towards immigration. After being done with all the formalities, we proceeded towards the Connecting gates as we had to again fly and take a flight to Port Elizabeth.

The waiting time was around 2-3 hours in between the two flights. To book a flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth.

The flight duration was 2 hours. By the time we reached Port Elizabeth, it was afternoon. Due to so much of flight timings we got some food 🍱 packed from the Airport. Better to pack some eatables.

About Port Elizabeth

Officially now named as Gqeberha is one of the major seaport city 🌃 in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This is one of the most populous cities here. It was established in 1820 and is the second oldest city in South Africa. Also known as the “the windy city” or “the Friendly City”.

Located on the western portion of Algoa Bay along the southeastern coast of South Africa, the city lies 770 km east of Cape Town. It is east of the Garden Route and faces the Indian  🌊 ocean. The city’s name change was officially gazetteer on 23 February 2021.

It covers 251 square kilometers of the Nelson Mandela Bay metropolitan area, South Africa’s sixth-largest metropolitan municipality. The entire city is known for many blue-flag beaches. Therefore being very famous for both International and Local holiday destinations.

From here we had already booked a cab to take us to Kwantu private reserve. It is 60 minutes drive to Kwantu from the Airport around 90 km from here.

Though we were a bit tired of all the traveling and stuff, we just couldn’t be more excited to have a new experience altogether.

Enroute Kwantu

The entire ride was just so beautiful that it can’t be explained in words. Loved the atmosphere here. South Africa is just so amazing and wonderful.
Loved the ride towards the private animal reserve. If you are lucky you can get to see various animals
🦒  around the sides of the road or them crossing the roads.

We finally reached our resort. The resort is just such a wonderful place. It was soo beautiful that I can really not explain it in words. We were greeted by the hotel staff with a delicious welcome drink 🍹. It was some local drink. We got into our rooms and spend the entire evening in the comfort of the resort.

Enroute Kwantu

Thanks for reading us. We will be back soon.

With lots of love

Hoomiesclub 🥰

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