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  • Amazing people
  • Scenic beauty
  • Wildlife
  • Ostrich
  • Lions
We are hoomies back again with the next part on Kwantu Private Game Reserve.
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Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)Hey everyone, hope you are doing good and are in good health. We are hoomies back again with the next part on Kwantu Private Game Reserve.

The previous two days we had here have been so amazing 🤩. It is just such a beautiful landscape-like location that you can actually spend almost all your evenings looking and walking around the entire property and enjoy the picturesque view.

The air, the atmosphere, and the vibes you get here are just so heart-touching.

Following an awesome and traditional evening show in our resort, we headed over to our rooms. If you have read our previous blog, you would have read about this beautiful folk dance performed by the courteous staff members of this wonderful resort.

The show was a really peppy one with a nice ambiance and the environment. We were just lost in the ambiance with a really peppy nice musical show. We even danced to their tunes. It was a really beautiful evening in the comfort of our resort.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

After a nice peaceful night’s stay, the next morning was a bit free. We were left to explore the entire property in the mornings and were on our own. As we walked through the place, we were kinda greeted and taken a surprise by cute little rabbits 🐇, some ostrich’s, a group of hens🐔 , and many more animals.

It was so much fun 🤩 watching them eat, sleep, play, feed, and see them running around.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

After a nice breakfast, we had to head over to the other side of the resort where you get to look around and watch Big Five as they are allowed to keep the animals and wildlife safe in here with barricades all around.

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They run various walking tours and takes you around this place and guide you through it. One guide goes with every group and they help you with your concerns or doubts if you have any.

It is quite large acres of land all around the place.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

As we walked through the place, we got to see various wildlife like so many lions 🦁, tigers, cheetah 🐆, jaguar 🐆 , and so many more animals. There were so many of them.

All of them are behind the barricades and as they told us a bit of very low voltage current passes through it to avoid any mishappenings in case any. You are not allowed to feed animals here. You can spend as much time as you want here.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

We literally loved this place. It was such a lovely experience. Definitely, a must-visit if you are looking for a peaceful yet happening place.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

We never got to see and enjoy wildlife in such dense forests 🌳 till yet. Here you get to watch them without any barricades, or any rules. It’s just like getting into the jeeps and just be ready to explore nature. You get to see so many of these god gifted animals so closely.

Though Kenya 🇰🇪 is considered a better place to visit for experiencing wildlife, I personally just loved it here. Kwantu is for sure a must-visit in our checklist.


Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

Things to Buy:

  • Handicrafts
  • Big Five Animal souvenirs
  • Magnets
  • Key chains
  • Keyholders
  • Woolen stuff
  • Hats 🧢
  • Binoculars

After an amazing visit to the animal sanctuary, we got back to our rooms and had a lovely evening. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and an amazing view from our room balcony with cute little animals walking around and running all around the place. It was such a wonderful evening.

Finally, after some rest, we headed for another meal 🥘 and that is dinner. The dinner was served in a nice traditional African style. The food was really cooked so well. It was just mouth-watering. Everything they had prepared was just so delicious. The dinner was served along with the very famous red wine 🍷.

Exploring Kwantu Private Game Reserve (Part 2)

Again a must-try if you are in Kwantu. This was our last night in here as we had to sadly leave this beautiful, peaceful place behind and head over to our next destination in South Africa.

As we were about to head over to our rooms, our group decided to enjoy this beautiful night here with some nice Indian songs and dances. We had so much fun. It was so much fun dancing to our heart’s content to our Indian tunes. Totally loved it 😍

Finally, our tour of Kwantu came to an end. It was such an appealing, beautiful time out in here.

Things to Carry:

  • Woolen clothes
  • Cameras 📸
  • Comfy clothes
  • Binoculars
  • Hats
  • Currency
  • Water bottles

Thanks for reading us. We will see you again soon.

With lots of smiles

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