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  • Picturesque cascades
  • Nature walk
  • Big five
  • Serenity and essence of nature
  • Wildlife safari
Hey everyone hope you are doing good and are in good health. We are hoomies back with the second part About Kwantu Private Game Reserve.
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Hey everyone we hope you are doing good and are in good health. We are hoomies back with the second part About Kwantu Private Game Reserve.

In the last blog, we tried to mention a bit about the place and some amazing facts about South Africa. Here we will be talking all about Kwantu.

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Exploring kwantu

Exploring kwantu

Coming back to our Stay here…

Following a great night stay in here, we got up in the morning with a really yum 🤤 lavish breakfast with some local cuisine being served for the guests.

Exploring kwantu

After a nice breakfast 🍳, we had our Animal safari booked beforehand with the resort. In case you are planning to visit South Africa this place is worth visiting. You need to prebook the safaris along with your room in here.

The safaris run 🏃 at two different timings – morning and evening. We had booked ourselves for both as we didn’t want to miss any chance of tracing and watching animals. This is one of the best and sought places to watch animals and experience wildlife.

We got all ready for the animal safari. We had worn full sleeve clothes as it was a bit cold out here. Along with that, we had our googles. After getting ready we along with some other members waited for our jeep to arrive.

Usually, they have canters and jeeps to take you around the game reserve. They are really amazing and so sporty and adventurous. They are painted in animal print to give a typical forest feel. Whichever jeep goes inside has a driver dressed in their uniforms and along with that one person who carries the gun in case there is an emergency.

Exploring kwantu

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The other person tells you and guides you throughout the tour. They even carry their own binoculars. These people are kind of experts who have whole idea and knowledge about the animals out here.

Even the driver is so experienced. We were stunned by his driving skills. It is like a roller coaster ride the whole time along as you never know where you might get to see the animals and especially the big five. Various jeeps go inside the private reserve together.

So it’s like a kind of group running in different directions 🗺. The drivers keep in touch with each other and if any one of them traces the tiger 🐅 they tell each other.

You get to experience it in an open jeep. Around 8-10 people can go in together per jeep.

Things to carry:

  • Sports shoes
  • Snacks
  • Water bottles
  • Cameras 🎥
  • Binoculars
  • Mosquito 🦟 repellents
  • Comfy clothes
  • Hat 👒
  • sunglasses 🕶

A bit about Kwantu Private Game Reserve:

Exploring kwantu

Kwantu Private Game Reserve is home to the big five game animals, including the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros.

Kwantu Reserve is located in one of the most biologically varied regions in South Africa, with many of the biomes still unspoiled.

With more than 250 bird species having been recorded in the area, Kwantu Private Game Reserve is also a bird watcher’s paradise with a great diversity of birds within forest, riverine, gorge and savannah habitats.

Exploring kwantu

The wildlife reserve is set in a mix of grasslands, fynbos, valley bushveld and sub-tropical vegetation which is home to African game such as the Big Five, zebras, giraffes, hippos, wildebeest, eland, impala, kudu, springbuck, cheetahs, warthog, lynx, caracal, jackals and meerkat roam the Sidbury plains.

So finally we got into our jeeps and geared up for one of the best experiences in the whole world 🌍. They took us around the entire forest. There were so many animals out here. The experience can never be placed in words.

Exploring kwantu


The best part is there is a so set path for the jeep drivers. They just take you through up and down the mountain 🏔, passing through various hurdles. We got to various animals. The guide tells you so much about everything and about the wildlife. The entire ride can go for an indefinite amount of time. We got really lucky 🍀 and got to see so many tigers 🐅. We saw them from so close without any barriers in between. It was just so breathtaking.

The ride was just so marvelous and Xtreme. Apart from tigers 🐅, there were so many dears, giraffes 🦒, lions 🦁, cheetah 🐆, elephants 🐘 , and many more.

The ride goes on for unlimited hours and so you need to prepare yourself for the whole adventure. They even carry blankets in case it gets cold in the evenings.

After such a beautiful and worth visiting journey we were back in our resort and enjoyed some amazing evening snacks.

Followed by this we rested out at the resort and went around the place for a walk. This private game reserve is a house to vary many wild animals and various others who are kept captive. It’s like large acres of land being built in here for animals. So they don’t have that captive feeling and can roam around the place.

Exploring kwantu

Followed by this we enjoyed our dinner 🍲 and to our surprise were greeted by a beautiful Typical traditional folk dance 💃. It was a beautiful dance show performed by the resort staff for us. Worth watching and it will literally compel you to get on your feet and just dance to these soothing rhymes.

Apart from this Kwantu is quite famous for its red wine 🍷 which is worth tasting. They have awesome greenery and veggies 🌶.

Exploring kwantu

Thank you for reading us! We will be back with the next part soon.

Thanking you,

Hoomiesclub 🥰🥰

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