Why Dharamshala

  • Tea garden
  • Scenic Landscape
  • Snow capped mountains
  • Cricket stadium
  • Friendly people
This will our last blog on Dharamshala. In the previous blogs we mentioned some of the happening spots to visit during your stay. Here we wanted share some of the other most visited attractions.
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Hey everyone we are hoomies back with the next part of our blog. Hope you all are doing good and in great health.

This will our last blog on Dharamshala. In the previous blogs, we mentioned some of the happening spots to visit during your stay. Here we wanted to share some of the other most visited attractions.


After a nice cosy night and a great visit to such wonderful places, it was time to visit the very famous and the most talked-about area – that is the tea plantation.

We got us a bit late in the morning, enjoyed a yummy delicious breakfast 🥞 with a nice hot cup of tea ☕️. By this time our car had arrived to pick us up and to take us to some amazing areas today.

We headed towards the tea plantation Area which was around a few kilometres from our hotel. You will get to see many tea gardens in Kangra District and most of them are just a few kilometres away from the main city.



This is spread across the acres of land and is a treat for the eyes and for the soul. The entire stretch of land is covered with green fields, one of a scenic Landscape. The environment being soo relaxing, refreshing and peaceful at the same time.

The Kangra District is the only place in the north of Himachal’s where you get to see so much extent of tea plantation. It is definitely a major spot and a must-visit for tourists. One of the best attractions in Palampur. These are though not as beautiful and well maintained as the ones we see in Darjeeling, but still, the beautiful green fields, the view adding to its beauty with well-pruned trees and bushes adds to its charm.

Sometimes you don’t get to see a lot of visitors here, so spending time alone is a bonus. You can easily have a nice walk around the bushes, can take a stroll. The view is just so mesmerizing. As you pass through the narrow lanes, it appeals to your soul.


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If you happen to be in Dharamshala do check out the area.

The Kangra valleys are famous worldwide for their tea production and produce one of the finest tea ☕️in the world.  If you happen to visit here during their plucking season, you can definitely get to see and watch the workers with beautiful baskets 🧺.

These areas of tea plantation are distributed widely all across the Kangra city, some of them being located at really higher altitudes, while some being distributed around the sides of the road as you pass through Mc Leod Ganj.

To reach here you will easily find a cab or a local bus that will take you to these areas. As you start drinking uphill, more and more of these tea fields will be seen. Once you reach, do take a walk around the area. It is one of the most satisfying feelings. Feels so close to the mountain and to mother nature. The area is just so scenic and a perfect area to take a break and sit. Even a perfect spot for photography.

In Some of the fields you will see various beautiful birds chirping and even a lake that flows through the area. We were left awestruck by its charm. You will get to taste the tea ☕️ and buy some if you want to pick it up.


After spending a nice time here, we decided to head over to the very famous Cricket Stadium 🏟 in Dharamshala.


This beautiful stadium is one of its kind and is open to tourists if no match had been scheduled. This is located at a distance of around 3.5 kilometres from the main city centre. The stadium is built in the Tibetan architectural style with a capacity of around 23,000 people and also has several modern-day amenities for hosting national and international level cricket matches.

It offers a picturesque view. It is serving as a cricket ground for various tournaments, international cricket, IPL, and various many Ranji Trophies 🏆 and for various domestic matches.

This amazing stadium is situated at an altitude of 1,457 m above sea level and is surrounded by snow-capped beautiful Himalayan mountains 🏔. It is one of the highest sports grounds in the world.



it opens at 9:00 AM in the morning and closes by 6:00 PM.
If you plan to visit, do come before 5:00 PM, or it starts closing and no more new entry is allowed after 5:00.
You need at least 1 hour to walk through the stadium 🏟.


No entry ⛔️ fees except for during the matches.



Since the weather conditions in Dharamsala can get extremely cold, ryegrass is used in the outfield of the stadium to prevent the grass from dying in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.
It makes maintenance of the stadium more convenient.
It opened for International cricket only in 2013, though being established in 2003.

It was overall a nice 😊 experience visiting here. After a nice visit to headed back to our hotel as it was our last night here. The next we headed back to the airport to take a flight ✈️ way back home 🏡and in no time we were back after a short trip with beautiful memories.


Thank you for reading us. We will be back soon.

With lots of love and strength


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