Fact Checking Policy

Opinion Always Stated

We ensure that, if one of our writers is talking about their opinion on a place, they make sure that this view is based solely on their opinion and is by no means in any way a fact. After all, this is what our website is about – our journalists writing about places around the world and how that place leaves an impression on them, how it feels, the vibe it’s got. Having said that, we will never aim to speak negatively about a place.

No Misleading Headlines 

We will never publish an article with a headline that is not accurate. We make sure our headlines are highly representative of the content of the article, and never include wording with the sole aim of clickbait. Furthermore, we always make sure we separate fact from opinion in the content of our articles, with our writers clearly explaining what is fact and what is their own personal opinion. The same can be said for things such as rumors and gossip about a certain place; these will always be labeled as such. 

As a team, our rules and working process state that extensive research must be carried out before we can even think about starting to write. Research helps us ensure that the information we provide our readers is entirely accurate and up to date. Furthermore, we don’t just accept that a source is a source – we will always do a little digging to ensure that the information didn’t, in fact, originally come from somebody else. Our sources will always be clearly listed in our articles. 

Clickbait is not something that interests us. We prefer to gain in popularity from the quality of our articles and writing. Thus, our headlines are subjected to the same processes as we mention above. 

While Traxplorio may be a small team, experience is important to us and as such, we hire people who are not only qualified in their field, but also have huge amounts of practical experience in the travel industry, and are able to demonstrate different points of view when looking at potential travel destinations. 

We also make sure that all of our articles don’t just have the bare basics in terms of information, but also include any other details that may be beneficial for our readers. This may include things such as choices of accommodation, travel options, where you can dine etc. However, we are by no means sponsored by any of these establishments, and strive to include options for all tastes and budgets. 

Should you have any issues with our fact checking policy or our way of working, we welcome your comments. In this case, please email [email protected]