Hey everyone, we are Hoomies back again with one of the must-visits in Boston. Last time we spoke about some of the best tourist destinations. In this, we’ll be talking about the very beautiful, amazing marketplace.

The next day we were off to the Faneuil Hall marketplace. This is one of the best places in Boston. Located near the waterfront and today’s Government Center, in Boston. This is a very famous marketplace. The place opened in 1743. This has been a part of Boston’s historical park and a well-known stop on the Freedom Trail. The word Faneuil is a French name.


Also named as or referred to as “the cradle of Liberty”. This amazing market area was also rated as number 4 in “America’s 25 Most Visited Tourist Sites” by Forbes Traveler.

This is one of the very famous historic buildings in the festival marketplace and includes three beautiful buildings known as North Market, Quincy Market, and the South Market. Now collectively became “Quincy Market.

The fourth building, Faneuil Hall due to its fiery pro-freedom speeches is a bit older, which was donated to the city by Peter Faneuil.

The south market operates as both indoor as well as the outdoor marketplace. With lots of places to eat and spend your evenings.

The place is owned by the City of Boston. Located in the heart of downtown Boston it encompasses various branded distinctive shops, restaurants, food stands, and various national chain stores.

This is a popular, one-stop destination for everything you wanna enjoy. One of the prime locations for people trying to take a break from Boston’s landmarks.



Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM

Sunday’s: Noon to 6:00 PM

Must visit in Boston if you are looking for street foods, local cuisine, and a nice colorful happening time in here. Great atmosphere with such lots of options to eat and even various shops for buying stuff. A really nice, vibrant place. You will enjoy various street performances.

It is home to 100’s stores, pubs, and artisan pushcarts. People gather here for fun, enjoyment, relaxing, to drink, and to enjoy themselves.

In case you plan to visit this place from the New England Aquarium, it is just a walking distance and takes around 5-10 minutes by walk. A really nice, pleasant walk.



There a quite a lot of options available for you to shop in here. Most of the stores are in the North Market and the South Market Buildings.  They have a variety of upscale shopping malls to look around.

Most of the shops are on the ground floor with the rest of the building being left as a historic site.  What makes this place appealing is its location just in the middle of the city and the mixture of unique Boston and New England-oriented shops. Along with that are lots of pushcarts for you to enjoy street shopping. They usually have to sell local items which include flags, logs, local artisan crafts, campus gear, various products for the youngsters, trendsetters, and lots of other fancy stuff.

We really enjoyed our time in this amazing place. Such a vibrant, cheerful environment.


This marketplace experiences one of the very famous festivals around the month of December. By tradition, the “big tree” is the tallest tree decorated in the Northeast. The official tree lighting ceremony, when sparkling holiday lights on all the trees takes place during a “Holiday Spectacular” ceremony which is followed by a beautiful live musical performance. The entire festival is broadcasted on television.

The tree goes up and the lights turn on after Thanksgiving. The show then runs daily every half-hour from 4:30 pm – 10:00 PM. This lasts throughout late November through early January.

Around 350,000 low-energy LED lights blink and dance to the music from Boston’s Holiday Pops.



With lots of options available here to eat, drink and enjoy. One of the best is the Quincy Market Food Colonnade. If you are looking for authentic street, local food this is a must-visit. It offers around 45+ food vendors and food joints to choose from. With all sorts of options open for all kinds of tourists. It does remain a bit crowded and finding a place to sit might get difficult sometimes.

They offer a mix of delicious international options along with yum fresh local and New England seafood, pastries, and very famous Boston pizza.

Some of the best restaurants being:

  • Anthem Kitchen & Bar
  • Pizzeria Regina
  • Ned Devine’s Irish Pub
  • Sam Adams Faneuil Hall Tap Room
  •  Wagamama

Things to do nearby:

  • The Museum of Fine ARTS
  • Old North Church
  • The New England Aquarium
  • The institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Fenway Park
  • The Boston State House

Thank you again for reading our blog. Hope you enjoyed reading this. We’ll be back.

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