Feather River Hot Springs

Overtime, I realized that there are more than 1,000 thermal springs in the US. Some are underrated, some are the opposite, but the bottom line is that this realization happened a bit late. Why?! because we don’t talk about it enough, even though it has tremendous potential to be one of the biggest attractions in the US.

This is why we’ll be discussing one of the more underrated yet utterly beautiful natural hot springs.

Feather River Hot Springs may be unheard of even by big hot spring lovers, but if you’re an OG or a Twain, CA resident, you probably have heard of it or at least, known it as Woody’s Hot Springs.

Beautiful capture by Jacqueline Leigh

General Information

Address: 29186 Highway 70, Twain CA

Location: 130 miles northeast of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada National Forest.

Directions: From Sacramento on the Ca99  take highway Ca70. It’s about 2 1/2 hours from Sacramento.

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 925-783-2913

Website: featherriverhotsprings.com

Open: Year-round

Clothing: Requires during daylights, optional after dusk

Road Access: Any vehicle

A Little Bit About The History of Feather River Hot Springs 

Feather River Hot Springs is located in the Plumas Mountains of California, right along the river itself, hence the present name. These hot springs and their surrounding territory served as a health and wellness resort since the 1930s, known as Woody’s Hot Springs. However, after having gone through some rough stages of mistreatment and abandonment, Rocki Eriksen took it upon herself to give this hidden gem the care it deserves. 

Now, Feather River Hot Springs is on her private property, offering a lot more than just hot n’ cold soaks in the geothermal baths and Feather River.

Why You Should Visit feather river hot springs

These Springs have two different mineral sources. Therefore, you get the chance to have a soak in a two-side tub – one, the smaller of the two, primarily exudes Lithium and the other Sulfur.  The Lithium tub has a milky white appearance because of oxidation and they both produce a sulfurous odor.

The heat of the water temperature ranges from between 99-104 degrees Fahrenheit, which has numerous perks:

  • It’s good for relaxation 
  • Great for healing purposes, especially for sore muscles 
  • Can be used at any time of any season
  • It’s just really cool! 

Imagine soaking in hot mineral baths, taking care of those sore muscles of yours in the beautiful white scenery of the February snow. There is a massive appeal in making use of hot springs in the winter. 

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Day use of the Feather River Hot Springs

  • You have to make a reservation at least 24 hours before (at least 48 hours before if you want to have a soak on weekends)
  • No drop-ins allowed. For reservations, text (do not call!) Rocki at 925-783-2913 or email her at [email protected]
  • A two-hour soak is $15, but if you are a member of the Friends of Feather River Hot Springs club, the price is $10 (scroll down to see more details about Friends of Feather River Hot Springs club)
  • Clothing is mandatory during the day and optional at night.
  • It’s mandatory to sign a COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Waiver and Assumption of Risk until further notice. You can either scan the signed document or take a picture. Email either one or the other to the proprietor at the aforementioned e-mail.

RV and Camping Grounds 

Feather River Hot Springs has 7 camp sites and 5 RV sites (with full hookup capability) though, unlike the baths, you can make use of them only from April 1 through November 25. Both sites are in close proximity to the lovely Feather River, offering the chance to take in the beautiful scenery of the place while going for little hikes in the area. Whether it’s to the river itself or other smaller overflow pools is up to you.

  • The price for RV site visitors is $45 per person. Guests under 13 are free of charge. This package includes access to the tubs.
  • Prices for tent and car camping are $35 per adult, $10 per teen, $5 per child age 6-12. Free for children under 5. This package also includes access to the tubs.
  • It’s also mandatory to Sign a COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Waiver and Assumption of Risk as mentioned above. 
Julie enjoying car camping with the girls
Beautiful Sunset in Feathers. Captured by Jacqueline Leigh

Cabins and Accommodation 

You have an opportunity to choose from 3 lovely log cabins – Julius’ Mine Shack, Logger’s Cabin and Lola’s Bordello. Here are the price rates and some rules to take into account:

  • Cabin prices range between $165 – $175 
  • Each cabin has a room, a bathroom, a queen-sized bed and a dresser.
  • Each cabin has all the necessary kitchen equipment: a small fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker and a complete set of dishes.
  • Two guests at most are allowed in each cabin.
  • No children or pets allowed.
  • They can use the hot springs an hour at a time for daily soaks. 
  • Hot springs usage fee is included in the package. The only request from the owners is to sign up on the board that lets everyone know when the springs will be occupied or not.
  • Check in time – after 3:00PM. Check out time – 11:00AM.
  • There’s no restaurant on the property, but an outdoor kitchen is available to use.
  • Camping/RV guests are limited to their allocated grounds. Same goes for the cabin users.·      Once again, it’s mandatory to sign the COVID-19 Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Waiver and Assumption of Risk form.

Some Fun Events You Can Also Enjoy

Feather River Hot Springs has been the most welcoming host to The Get Together music festival and held concerts for artists such as The Riverside, Rita Hosking & Sean Feder, The Pine Hearts and the folk trio Dear Darling with their signature harmonies.

If you see a concert announcement in Feather River Hot Springs or anywhere in the surrounding area, be quick and don’t miss your chance to relax and also have fun after having soaks in the hot springs.

Visitors seem to be having lots of fun at The Get Together!

These types of activities and fun evenings are the primary driving forces of the Friends of Feather River Club. In order to be able to host events such as this, a lot of work and effort is needed. Rocki has a vision to transform it back to its historic glory. 

More tubs, showers, changing rooms and even a sauna are at play here. All this is connected to finances. By purchasing a membership of the Friends of the Feather River, you’ll be supporting a good cause that’s based on preserving magical natural resources and also investing in your pleasure and comfort, something that is always a good idea.  

Want to Join The Friends of Feather River Hot Springs Club?! 

  • First and foremost, download the waiver stating that you have no Covid-19 symptoms and present no threat. Scroll up to see the link of the waiver with all the instructions.
  • Read and sign the Hot Springs Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer Waiver and Assumption of Risk. Same instructions are applied here
  • Once you’ve mailed the waiver, you can pay the $25 membership fee via PayPal by clicking the link.

Club Membership Rules

  • You can enjoy the baths from 7:00AM to 9:00PM 
  • Once again, you must TEXT Rocki at 925-783-2913 or email her at [email protected] to either confirm your reservation or make one. 48 hour advance notice needed if you’re hoping for a spot on weekends.
  • 2-hour soak fee is $10 per adult and children aged 13 and above, $5 for children under 13 and free for children under 6.

Discover a Secret Garden in Feather River Hot Springs

That’s not all though. This particular bit may interest all the herbology, botany and agriculture enthusiasts out there. Rocki’s Feather River property is also a loving home to California Sister Nursery. Yes nursery, you read that right.

A nursery is a place where many types of plants and trees grow until they’re strong enough to be replanted, unlike a greenhouse where the plants can grow all year long and only inside, which definitely isn’t the case with the former. 

Rocki believes in the importance of spreading floral beauty all around, saying that replanting should be done with love, care and purpose.

As a certified Nurserywoman with 40-year-experience, she devotes her complete attention to keeping the nursery and all its stunning dwellers in the greatest shape possible. Not only does California Sister present beautiful flora, but also a good selection of herbs, organic veggies and fruit. If you’re a plant lover or even a newbie in the plant lovers club, here’s another reason why you should visit Feather River Hot Springs

Important Information To Consider

  • Only one dog per campsite is allowed in the area and that’s only if they’re kept on a leash at all times. 
  • Dogs are not allowed down at the Hot Springs
  • Glass containers, smoking, open flames, easily flammable objects, diaper aged children are not allowed at the baths. 
  • Outdoor kitchen is only available for cabin guests.
  • Only reliable cell reception is Verizon

Keep in mind that these hot springs are located on private territory, managed by the members of a countryside community who started giving these baths their deserved care only a few years ago. They’re trying to keep the importance and relevance of hot springs alive and are doing it on their own. That’s why we ask you to keep an open mind and be respectful about the rules. 

This is a wonderful place for romantic getaways or just simple retreats and family trips. The environment, the seclusion and the beautiful, rustic scenery and log cabins give you a sense of peace and comfort like nothing else. Whether you’re here to appreciate agricultural values, to look for a place to camp, an RV nomad who admires nature or just a loving parent wanting to take the kids on a little hike, enjoying the mineral springs along the way, Feather River Springs is waiting for you. 

It is evident that these hot springs hold a special place for everyone who grew up in or close to the Twain, California area. I have stumbled upon people on more than one occasion, I daresay, stating that this place is associated with some of their best childhood memories. Even though I didn’t grow up near there, I can totally imagine a different version of myself who got the chance to do just that, associating many of her favorite childhood memories with Feather River Hot Springs. 

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