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5/3/2019,  Is a Friend Visiting Trip.

They are my primary schoolmates. It is unbelievable, we are still keeping our friendship and have a chance to travel together.

Why Australia?

Honestly, we are just planning to visit two of our schoolmates who moved to Melbourne for studying. I really enjoy my trip not only because visited my friends, but also this fantastic nature and downshifting lifestyle. This place let me put down all my annoyance.

THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD, One of the famous tourists spot you must go to. There are two ways to go there. You can rent a car or simply join a local tour to enjoy this spectacular nature!! Kindly reminder for you, the road trip from Melbourne city center to The Great Ocean Road will take you 3 hours to drive there!!! If you are full of confidence in your driving skill, it is better to drive yourself. In this 3 hours road trip, you can decide to stop just right beside the road when you discovered a nice photo shooting point. This is really suitable for those adventurers!! Joining a local tour is a different feeling. It will bring you to the destination, point to point. You cannot catch the other views of this ROAD.

To see the incredible natural wonders is the aim of this trip. Some of the most iconic sights along the route are the natural rock formations. The most popular attractions are Bells Beach, the Memorial Arch, the 100km Great Ocean Walk, Port Campbell National Park, the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Arch.

The best part of the road trip is in the Port Campbell National Park. The 12 Apostles are the most famous of these. These limestones provide one of the best photo opportunities in Australia. The crashing waves, the dramatic cliffs, and white sand make it a must-see on your trip. Walking downstairs, the Loch Ard Gorge is nearby. You can see the featured clear blue waters and the two yellow-hued cliff sides. This is a small bay, just like a private secret place.

Feverish Australia — Melbourne City

Several of Australia’s cutest animals living along the Great Ocean Road. Get a stop to the Kennet River. You will catch up with the cute Koalas and colorful parrots. This area is home to hundreds of species. You may have a chance to see them relaxing on someone’s balcony or casually crossing the road. Koalas are known to sleep around 18 hours every day, and only waking up to eat and bathe.

If you are planning to stay on the Great Ocean Road, camping and youth hostel will be your choice. Just find your favorite hostel to complete this road trip!!

Feverish Australia — Melbourne City

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Food we recommend

Our friend brought us to a popular coffee shop in Melbourne, Higher Ground Cafe. This cafe was transformed from an abandoned power plant. It adds a lot of metal elements to make the overall space feel more fashionable. It attracts countless tourists from all over the world. Many locals come to enjoy brunch. No matter what time you come, you can still see the long queue outside. However, there are two floors and outdoor seating areas, the waiting time won’t be too long. I will not call it a restaurant or cafe. It is just a place that provides comfortable spaces for everyone to enjoy their time here. Ricotta hotcake is their signature must-try list!!

650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

T: +61-3-9429-4332

Feverish Australia — Melbourne City

Then, we followed our friend again to this secret forest, Dandenong Mountains. Better drive up there. Now, I recommend you to try this out — Pie In The Sky. It is a golden pie store which won 11 gold medals in the meat pie competition. The pie shop is not crowded and no reservation is needed. Just walk in there and get yourself a tea set!! The Aussie meat pie is the signature pie there. Aussie means ‘Australian’. Of course, there are some pies especially for vegetarians such as vegetable pasties and pumpkin pies!! Besides pies, you can order some side dishes such as Nachos and salad. Grab your lunch or tea there!! You will be surprised.

43 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda VIC

After enjoying your meat pie, you simply can walk around this Dandenong Mountain. The Grants Picnic Ground is one of the top attractions of the Dandenong Ranges and is a famous nature and walking tracks. If you love to explore nature, this is one of the right track for you to meet that wildlife.

Another famous tourist spot here is the Puffing Billy Railway. This is one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world and operates every day. It is a major tourist attraction for visitors to come up to Dandenong Mountain and experience this century-old tradition. These historic steam trains run for a 24km mountain track.Feverish Australia — Melbourne City

Next Stop, I will recommend you a famous beach in Melbourne, Brighton Beach. There are several Beautiful Rainbow Lodge along the beach and it is a must-visit place for all of you.

What is the usage of these Rainbow House?

Actually, these Rainbow House should be called “Bathing Boxes”. Previously, people are more conservative and they cannot accept to change clothes outside. These Cabins are the spaces for them to change their clothes on the beach. Nowadays, the price of these boxes is getting even higher just like buying a house with a large courtyard. These Bathing Boxes are now used as warehouses, which contain some surfboards and other beach supplies. We can just keep taking photos from dusk till dawn. However, the day we reached there was really cold. No hesitate, I was put on the wrong cloth. I was freezing because of the strong wind. The cloudy sky made me feel cooler. But we really enjoy the Melbourne coastline and the time we have been together.

Feverish Australia — Melbourne CityFeverish Australia — Melbourne City

Melbourne is a cultural hub. I want to recommend you Melbourne Graffiti Street, Hosier Lane, Union Lane & ACDC Lane. Walking through those Melbourne city’s alleys, they are full of artistic atmosphere. Hosier Lane is located opposite Federation Square. New graffiti visitors come here every day to create. Therefore, every time you go there will be a new experience. Freestyle and casual graffiti creation, new paintings will appear at any time.

Graffiti street in Melbourne City is near around. Union Lane is the second famous graffiti street, which is only 15 minutes away from Hosier Lane. Remember to come here with your photographer. People who love taking pictures will definitely love this place. Besides taking photos, just take some time to admire the works painters made. At the moment, you may feel what the painters’ feel.

These alleys are right at the Melbourne City Centre. Don’t miss this beautiful attraction.

Feverish Australia — Melbourne City

A small sharing here…

So lucky, one of my primary schoolmates is studying in an Aviation School for flight training. We had a chance to get on his light aircraft. He showed us the coastline of Melbourne by looking down from the sky. I was really admired by him. I can’t imagine I would take an aircraft controlled by my old friend in my whole life!! He is just so cool!! I felt excited and amazed.

Feverish Australia — Melbourne CityFeverish Australia — Melbourne City

If you are interested in flying to the sky, light aircraft is not the only choice. Australia is popular in playing skydive. If you have a strong heart, just try it out!!! I really recommend it to you to play once in Australia. I will introduce it in the next post.

Keep going……

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