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Sydney is not that bored as you thought. Read this and I am sure you will in-love to Sydney. Australia will be your next stop!!
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Trip we visiting friends…

Sydney is the most crowded city in Australia. However, you will find the cutie part after you visit it!! Here is some adrenaline for you from the beginning.

Skydiving is one of my bucket list in my life!! I suggested my friend play this extreme sports with me and he felt excited. This is obviously an activity that needs nice weather. Therefore, we checked the Sydney weather online immediately when we still in Melbourne. We stayed in Sydney for 5 days and I planned I can tan my body on Sydney Beaches. Turned out 3 days were cloudy and raining. Luckily, we chose the right sunny day to do the skydiving thing!!

A few stations for you to do the skydive. You can click the official link below to get more information.


We chose the Sydney station – Wollongong. This is a region of New South Wales. You can admire the coastline of Wollongong. Flying on the sky, directly over North Wollongong beach. Jump from Australia’s highest altitude of up to 15,000 feet. You will be with your own instructor and get on a plane. Your instructor will film you during the whole process. walked toward the plane and imagine you will soon be freefall at over 200 km/hr. What an insane 10 minutes!! However, you won’t be regret. I will never forget the spectacular views of Wollongong and the Southern Sydney beaches when I up to the sky.

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The price will be around US$500 and is a bit expensive for a 10 minutes flying experience. Believe me, it is so much worth it!! You can get your memorable video and photos, together with your own certificate of achievement after playing this.

Wollongong really a nice place to freefall. I and my friend were so excited. We sat on a big grassland and waited for our turn. The Skydive crews then called our group number and help us to put on our gears. After a few minutes, a van came and took us to the parking apron. In the meantime, my friend started being scared. I just so exhilarated. I didn’t realise that my friend was so nervous and his sweaty hands. Got on the plane for a few minutes, my instructor opened the door right next to me and asked me “Are you ready?” and then “1, 2, 3!!”. These two sentences are no spaces. After “1, 2”, the instructor sharply pushed me out of the plane. My heart was thrown out at the same time. I can felt the pressure at these high feet. During the freefall period, I was like faded out. I hope you can know this excitement. You should at least try once in your life. Looking forward to hearing what you feel about it!!

-A small tips for you-
When you are on the 15000ft sky, the temperature will sharply drop. 
Remember to wear more clothes for your skydiving. 
The photo below is me and it is a wrong demonstration for you. 
It was really cold out there and I was freezing. 

Another tourist spot you should not be missed is The Blue Mountain, National Park. Since we didn’t rent a car for this trip, we had joined a local tour. The National Park is a bit far away from the city centre. We all fell asleep in the van…

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The van first stops at the ‎⁨Bert Saunders Reserve⁩, ⁨Doonside⁩, ⁨Australia⁩. You can meet wide species of wildlife here and even get close with them. You can touch the SuperStars of Australia, Kangaroos and Koala. The small kangaroos and the large one are living separately. You are allowed to touch and play with those small kangaroos. They are running everywhere and you can also feed them by buying their own grain. The large kangaroos are locked inside the fence. Adult Kangaroos have large and powerful hind legs. Do not try getting too close to them. Kicked by their legs can take you straight to the hospital.

On the Contrary, Koala is a rare species in Australia and protected by their country. You won’t see Koala running around the park, they will just lie on the tree and sleep for 20 hours a day. There is an area especially for them. Tourists should queue here and wait for the photo-taking. Besides the two SuperStars, you can also visit Penguins, crocodiles, birds, lizards and so on. What a wonderful land here.

Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre

Got back the van, we continued to head to the Blue Mountain. The weather of the day we visited was terrible, heavy rain, wet and cold. The van stopped at the carpark. The guide told us to stay in for a while and wait for the rain to stop. It was raining cats and dogs like washing the car.

After a few moments, the rain almost stopped. We continue our trip.

We followed our guide to the first Scenic station, Scenic Railway. It is the steepest passengers railway in the world and descends into the Jamison Valley. Passengers can choose the level of adventure by adjusting your seating position up to 20 degrees. I looked over it was like a steep, very steep, very very steep roller-coaster. I got on the railway and adjust the seat as steep as it can. It totally out of my expectation. It moved slowly and slowly, give you enough time to enjoy the view.

Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre

We then walk on the Scenic Walkway. You can experience walking through the extraordinary temperate rainforest. The Scenic Walkway takes around 500m long which located in the Jamison Valley. It is easy to walk and only takes 10-20 minutes from the Railway to the Cableway stations. It wet like a tropical forest after raining and it was beautiful. I can even imagine how peace the birdlife live here. Luckily, the rain has stopped at that moment or it would be very clumsy.

Walked through the Scenic Walkway, we soon arrived at the Scenic Cableway. The 545-metre Scenic Cableway move from the Jamison Valley to the top of the escarpment. During the ride, you can admire the iconic rock formations including Three Sisters, Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary. Passing through the glide past ancient sandstone cliffs.

Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre

The final ride will be the Scenic Skyway. Glide between cliff tops with panoramic views of World Heritage landscapes on it. This fully transparent cabin provides the extreme best views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, Mt Solitary and Jamison Valley. Unfortunately, we could not see anything during the Skyway ride. The high humidity of the day broke everything. There is five transparent glass for us to enjoy the view but we only see the heavy fog.

Hope you guys can see an extremely nice view of Blue Mountain during your trip!!

-Small Tips Again-
The temperature will dropped on top of the mountain
Get more clothes yourself!!


For Foodies

‎⁨The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay
– The Boathouse serves the finest Australian seafood and Sydney’s best array of oysters. It located in a historic, converted boathouse on Sydney Harbour’s Blackwattle Bay. This restaurant and bar offer magical and panoramic views. The sunset period is amazing. The restaurant across the water to the Anzac Bridge and the Sydney Fish Market. We ordered a White Wine and Oyster for our starting. Octopus, Prawns and lamb for the main. I will give the 5 stars for both food serving and the outstanding views.Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre
The Sydney Fish Market
– This is a fish market in Sydney, New South Wales. The market is located at the Blackwattle Bay. It is the third-largest fish market in the world. There are indoor seating and an outdoor promenade for visitors. You can try fresh seafood here. There are daily wholesale auctions for Sydney’s seafood retailers. This is the tourist attraction that each tour group must go. However, I won’t remember you to buy and eat in there. If you are an Oyster lover, The Boathouse will be the better choice for you. If you are going to take away seafood back to your Airbnb to cook, this will be your nice choice.

Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre


The Baxter Inn
– This is an underground whisky cellar, down the stairs in the corner. Inside the bar, you will see an eye-catching backlit wall of whisky, it displaces like a library bookshelf. The bartenders need to climb along the counters to get the drinks. The atmosphere is dusky and fun. Music is top shelf and the drinks are amazing. Do not leave Sydney without trying this bar. Let me recommend you to try the Apple WhiskyFeverish Australia — Sydney Centre


Kusuka Cafe Sydney
– This is an Indonesia fusion cafe which serves all-day breakfast and afternoon tea. They provide food finely and colourful. The cutie design of the cafe and the food are both catching our eye-balls. It serves pancakes, big salad bowl, meat with a big rice bowl, coffee and some special drinks which mix by themselves. This is a small ‘IGtable’ cafe that I will recommend to you. Try it out!!

Feverish Australia — Sydney Centre
-Enjoy Your Next Trip-

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