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where to go: Carretera San Juan del Río - Cadereyta Km. 40.5 Los Perez, 76686 Ezequiel Montes, Qro.
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How do you like wine? 🍷🍾

A little history and important data:

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

In the seventies, the Freixenet Group opted for the state of Querétaro to be an area with an ideal microclimate for producing wines. There he acquired the land where the Finca Sala Vivé is located and his own vineyards. Currently, Finca Sala Vivé is one of the largest Mexican wine exporting companies and performs admirable cultural work through its guided tours and events.

The location was chosen as a place with excellent geo-climatic characteristics for the cultivation of the vine. The climate of these lands has a great influence on the vineyards. Being about 2,000 meters above sea level the temperatures between day and night are very contrasted (25º C in the day and 0º C at the night). These extreme and peculiar conditions favor the ripening of the grape and enhance its qualities.

The beautiful estate where this company is located is a construction made especially for Freixenet, based on the design of the old Mexican haciendas.

The beginning of the Freixenet Group comes from the union of two families, with a long wine tradition in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona, Spain). Since 1914 they laid the foundations for the production of Cava, a sparkling wine made according to the traditional method of French Champagne, they have continued to innovate and grow. In a short time, their vision and commercial dynamism led them to have a commercial presence in London, England, and New Jersey, United States. This vocation of openness led to an export trajectory of notable success. As part of the internationalization process, the Freixenet Group decided to establish production, distribution, and marketing center in the Americas. After a thorough investigation of the wine regions, they selected the area of Querétaro.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

This destination is for you if you are a fan of wines and you know how to enjoy them, in itself you must know the wine route when you pass through Mexico, there are several points as in the state of Baja California, a little removed from here. A little review of this place won’t hurt.

You can also escape experiencing the process of cheese, is in the same area, (this time did not touch) for the next time I will come back to live it!

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

The tour begins at the entrance of the farm, you will find representations of the place, in addition, they welcome you in your respective language.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

It is considered a familiar place but I do not see it that way, minors and children can not even taste the cider. 😏😅

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

If you want to spend a good experience with your friends I recommend it, what you will find will be the explanation and tour of the wine process, a well-structured explanation, however, it is not so deep, at least for the time we did not touch the explicit.

In this part, we find an area of items for sale, ice cream, products of various styles, clothing, for children, beauty, photography; etc.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

On one side of the place, you will find the area to buy and taste all kinds of wines, some are on the counter…Wear the one you like best.

Click on the button to load the content from booking.

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Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

You probably prefer to wear a rose, the vineyard doña dolores sweet, black silk…

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

review the list of still and sparkling wines

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

Elegant sparkling, fresh, with fine bubbles, for different moments and different sensitivities. Wines that enjoy international prestige and have behind them the oenological wisdom of the long tradition of Freixenet in the production of cava.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

In the next we enter the area of production and storage and the underground cellar to 25 meters of depth, where the wines rest to guard the changes of temperature:

(before we line up in this area)

Dates and Times Cost: $150

Duration: 45 min.

Space: Limited

Hours: Monday to Friday 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00 hrs..

Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 every 30 minutes.

Timetable visit in English: Monday to Sunday 12:00 and 16:00 hrs..

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

The first part of the descent:

It consists of:


-Guided tour through our cellars to 25 meters of depth, with the explanation of the method of elaboration of our sparkling and calm wines.

-Concluding with a tasting of sparkling wine.

*I give a glass.

*Punctuality indispensable.

(someone feels anxious to meet):

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

Unfortunately, I could not take good pictures of the cellar as it is forbidden the flash, the place does not contain much lighting however I could rescue the following

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

It is not much infamy that I can give you about this tour so you must come to discover it for yourself, the journey is brief, maybe you can give some suggestions about the place. In general a pleasant and different experience.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

I add only some photographs of the interior of the corridors where the large specialized barrels that store the wine are located.

Now yes, the end of the tunnel

When we leave we go to the wine area, they will give you your full glass and you will enjoy the free area…

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México


health and see you soon! 🤗

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet México

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