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  • Fish and Chips
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  • Camden Town Market
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In this article I will tell you where you can eat tasty in London!
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Food is one of the main reasons why we travel to other countries. I cannot say that London has special dishes. Coming to London be ready to gather a lot of calories, because the best food is very hard and not dietic. Coming here it will be better that you know before where you can eat delicious food for a low price. And I’m here to help you. I gathered here all the interesting things and the tastiest places! So let’s see!

1. As you know the most popular dish in London – is fish and chips.

Actually, before coming there I wanted to try it because I knew that it is well-known in England. But coming there we didn’t know where to try the best one. We tried a lot in different bars and pubs. I didn’t like any of them. But one day we went to Little Venice and there was a little pub there. My friend suggested taking fish and chips and finally yes! It was the tastiest dish I’ve ever eaten in London! Thanks to that little pub! So coming to London, go to Little Venice and try fish and chips there, because even in the city center for a high price you will not eat as tasty as was there!

2. Next my favorite place is Shakespeare pub!

You will ask why? Because it is the coziest bar I’ve been to in London! It is big but you feel pleased to be there. The staff is friendly and the people here are locals, not tourists. Moreover, you can order there the most delicious strawberry cider and the best beer also! Fish and chips here are not tasty but they have the best burgers! We came to this pub often and spent our time there. I don’t know why but there I felt more of the real English and British atmosphere! If I go to London again I will spend my time in this pub again and again!

3. Next is tasty bubble tea.

Guess where you can taste it? Of course, the best is in Chinatown. Actually, there are lots of bubble tea shops in London, but the best one is there. They have more flavors there and the staff is more friendly in this area. If we wanted bubble tea, we always came to this area and took it from their stores. And you know what is interesting? In London bubble tea is only bought by Asian tourists, local people don’t drink it. They drink only beer in pubs. But we were also with Asians😜

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4. Next one coming up is the food court of Camden Town Market

About it, I told you in the previous article. But there is one thing about which I want to tell you. If you want to try and see the biggest hot dog then you must come here. It is very tasty and too big. We divided it between each other. But locals eat it alone by themselves, so we were very surprised. You can order also half of the hot dog, but we wanted to have fun and ordered it full! It was the tastiest hot dog in my life! But be ready to gather calories, that was the only problem during that trip!

5. And the last place is Patty and Bun.

Coming to London and not trying the best burger, then you are guilty. It is also very hard to find the tastiest ones. But I found. It is a little burger pub where you can try the best burgers in your life. They are light and the meat is so tasty that you just feel blessed eating it. Few tourists know about this place but it is very popular among Arabic tourists. It is a little place and it is hard to find places, you have to wait sometimes. The prices here are also good and less than in othere places where burgers not as tasty as here!

So that’s it! Hope you are not hungry now😅

Thanks for reading me!

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