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Getting to Guayaquil from any part of Ecuador or the world is very simple, all the roads lead to the Pearl of the Pacific, considered the last city in the Caribbean because of its climate.

The first point of arrival in Guayaquil is the Terminal Terrestre, all Ecuador is connected to this terminal, which is the starting point of my route. The Terminal Terrestre of Guayaquil is the agreement of a bus terminal with a shopping center, here the waiting does not really despair, the time is spent running around the premises, eating in its food court, buying in a supermarket and why not doing some transaction in one of its bank branches.

The ticket offices are very well numbered and classified according to the sector that we want to travel to, everything is easy and there is no getting lost.

If you arrive from another province or from abroad, you can also fly to José Joaquín de Olmedo Airport whose airport has received several awards and has been considered the best airport in the world by size and be the best airport in Latin America, the truth that I have been in several airports and get to José Joaquín de Olmedo is to take a pleasant experienceGuayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

To cross Guayaquil, it can be done in two ways: the first is taking a taxi depending on the site is the value whose price is given by the taximeter or taking the metrovía that has a value of 30 ctvs. In my case, I take a taxi that takes me to my destination.

There are many places to visit in Guayaquil but I will start with the Malecon 2000 or Malecon Simon Bolivar. This tour begins at the level of La Bahia, a commercial site where we can buy all kinds of products at very good prices and you have to ¨Bargain¨ if you don’t get a cheaper price is that you have not learned to buy in Guayaquil.

The malecón 2000 is next to the Guayas River, with a distance of 2.5 km we will reach Las Peñas the oldest neighborhood of Guayaquil that with its cobbled streets and old houses lead us to another era.

Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

Guayaquil is characterized by being a commercial city, we began our tour in the Crystal Palace that was formerly known as Mercado del Sur, whose structure made of wrought iron has been declared a Heritage of the city of Guayaquil.

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We continue our walk along the malecón 2000 and after few minutes we find a series of commercial premises united with each other, with local with a view to the river where we can taste a snack to continue with our walk, to admire the river from one of these viewpoints with a good Cup of coffee is something to enjoy.

Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

We will also find a food court where we can taste typical dishes that Guayaquil allows us to enjoy.

I am one of the people who likes to taste everything where I stay, and eating a good fried fish at the foot of the river is an experience without equal, the breeze and with the heat of Guayaquil a good beer to lower the body temperature; there is to indicate the good cleaning that maintains the premises where they cook the food and all the área of the food court.  It is midmorning and the truth that we still have much to know, I see the hill and its crucible of colors, those houses which tell me that I must get there. Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

I started walking with my backpack on my shoulder and  I felt that tranquility in a city so cosmopolitan and walking is something you can not avoid writing, I stop on a bench and see the icon of the city Juan Pueblo a cartoon made of Bronze where he waits with his open arms for all tourists to take a photo and demonstrate why Guayaquil embraces tourists from Ecuador and the world.

This Malecon is amazing and next to Juan Pueblo there is a structure that at the end of the tower has an Arabic dome does not cease to amaze, his watch that a few years ago was fixed and now sets the time with the ringing of his bell every hour. Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

I am at 10 de Agosto street, this street is characterized by several sites that deserve to be visited as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil, the Seminario park or better known as the Park of Iguanas because we are going to find these animals living in their trees and at midday, they come down to feed themselves, these reptiles are friendly, they are accustomed to tourists but we shouldn’t disturb them, they are so nice that pose for the photos is something not to believe. These iguanas measure up to one meter in length and they are known as the Guayaquil’s iguana. Something admirable is that these animals are always kept within the limits of the park have become their habitat something that is not seen in any city where the cement predominates more than nature.Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

I left the Seminario park I had deviated from my path but I could not stop talking about these sites in the 10 de Agosto Street, to reach the Administration Square whose square will find the Very Illustrious Municipality of Guayaquil, the governorate palace of the Province of Guayas and the Nahim Isaias Museum. In the governorate palace, we will find the University of the Arts site where the different careers related to art and culture have been opened.Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl


Now if I return to take my route and I enter to the malecón again to continue my journey, this time I find a beautiful sculpture of a wild boar surrounded by trees and benches where you can sit and rest, this sculpture was a donation of the Chinese colony to the city of Guayaquil and it was given in 1931, this is a copy of the original French that we are going to find in several cities of the world.

I arrived at the Hemicycle where we can see the sculptures of the liberators Simon Bolivar and San Martin, it is a tribute to such celebrities who helped in the freedom of Latin America.

Something curious that I found in this place was that if two people put one on each side of the hemicycle can be heard as clearly as if they were together without needing to shout. I do not have a doubt and I did the test, it really works, it is very clear what the other person is talking on the other side of the hemicycle.

In this part of the Malecon, we find 9 de Octubre Avenue, the most important avenue of the city, it’s the heart of Guayaquil. This city of working people where commerce is day by day, in this avenue we will find banks, commercial houses, restaurants, cinemas, and people who live in commerce.Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

A few steps from the Hemicycle of the Rotonda we will find a train wagon which is a place where you can buy tickets to be able to travel by train in Ecuador.

A few walk we arrive at one of the most beautiful green spaces of the malecón 2000, the gardens of the malecón, a green area that is composed of plants and a pond that has ducks and fish. These gardens have pedestrian paths that are surrounded by trees and allows us to have a time of relaxation and rest when walking through these beautiful gardens.

Getting to Guayaquil and not visiting La Perla, the largest giant wheel of South America with 57 meters in height is something we can not stop doing, to climb the pearl a value of $ 6 is canceled with a photo. From the top of the Pearl, we can see a beautiful view of the city of Guayaquil and all its landscapes.    Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

I continue advancing and I arrive at the neighborhood las Peñas, the iconic site of Guayaquil that is surrounded by houses with colonial style with its cobblestone streets is the origin of this beautiful city called Guayaquil.Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl

I find myself in the hill Santana with its 444 steps after a long climb up these stairs is a challenge at its top we find a chapel and a lighthouse that we can climb and realize that the Pearl of the Pacific exists and is called Guayaquil.Guayaquil an Undiscovered Pearl


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