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The night begins and Guayaquil wakes up. I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a different way so I decided to go and discover the Pearl of the Pacific at night.

There are different places to discover the nightlife of Guayaquil. At this moment I wanted to be downtown, although the Zona Rosa is well known. I decided to change the place and I started this route along the Simon Bolivar promenade.

It’s Christmas time (sorry I delayed finishing this post) and get to find a boardwalk full of lights and people strolling enjoying Christmas, this atmosphere makes us remember that child that we have inside.

I started walking from the Hemiciclo de la Rotonda to the Las Peñas neighborhood, on the way you can enjoy a good coffee or eat some food along the promenade.

I arrived at Las Peñas, the oldest neighborhood in Guayaquil, and my dilemma begins with climbing the 444 stairs or walking through the neighborhood and arrive at Puerto Santa Ana, which is a continuation of the 2000 promenade.Post Creator

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Puerto Santa Ana

To get to Puerto Santa Ana is to arrive at the new Guayaquil, that place where friends meet to taste a good plate of food or cold beers, definitely, in Guayaquil, you need to drink a cold beer.

The first thing that catches your attention in entering Puerto Santa Ana is the majesty of The Point, a building that changes color throughout the night.Post Creator

Although it is not such a large promenade in Puerto Santa Ana, we will find an infinity of restaurants serving Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and especially Ecuadorian food, as well as drinking a good beer or wine. Post Creator

In this time I stopped at a Pub (bar) called Biersal, a cozy place where they sell craft beer, the blonde or Pale Ale, the red with a slightly spicy flavor, and the black with a touch of coffee flavor, I’m not a lover of the black beers but I recommend the blonde and the red one. I loved the spicy taste of this beer. In Biersal we can eat fast food to accompany our beer, we have hamburgers, wings, ribs, and shrimp.

Arriving at Biersal with friends or alone as I did, this time gave me the opportunity to relax and enjoy Puerto Santa Ana, as additional data they only serve until one in the morning so you can enjoy this early fun site that is becoming more popular in Guayaquil.Post Creator



I had not had the opportunity to go to Plaza Guayarte, and as I had this unfinished post so I decided that it was time to visit one of the new iconic sites of Guayaquil.

Plaza Guayarte is a space dedicated to art and culture, a place where the artists can demonstrate their talent. To enter Guayarte, you can be done by two sides, the first side is Urdesa next to the University of Guayaquil, or by Carlos Julio Arosemena Avenue on the side of the Catholic University.Post Creator

Guayarte is characterized by a bridge with the shape of Zigzag, here we will find local food, this place is made on the basis of metal containers which gives a special characteristic. In these places, they offer different types of food, such as Mexican, Japanese or fast food. If you want so special ice cream, there is a place where made ice cream with nitrogen.

We also find sites to present the works of artists as well as a café-theater that presents their works while enjoying a good coffee. Post Creator

But one of the most attractions is its murals, Guayarte, and its beautiful murals are made by different artists and they attract the attention of the public that visits it.

Guayarte a place where art and gastronomy come together, where spending a good time with friends is the best, Guayarte awaits you in this Guayaquil that we are still visiting at night. Post Creator

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