Why Ho Chi Minh

  • I like so much Asian countries
  • we can visit small budget
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • my friends recommended me
  • I like the place with nice weather
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Hi, I hope you are doing well😘 Today I gonna write my first Asian article.  I went to Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang in July 2018, ( about Da Nang I will write in my next article). I stayed there for 8 days.  The itinerary was 5 days in Ho Chi Minh and 3 days in Da Nang. At that time, I still lived in Tokyo, Japan. from Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh, there was a direct flight, so I took this flight on Friday night to arrive early morning there.

Vietnam is one of the countries we can enjoy a small budget, like 350ml beer costs 60 cents, 500ml water costs 40 cents in the supermarket. Even in a popular restaurant, one Pho(Vietnamian noodles) costs only 4 $.

I stayed at Eden Star Saigon Hotel, if you are curious, you can check out from here 🙂

(around District 1, near Dong Khoi avenue, there are many 4-5 stars hotels, check out😉)

This hotel is located in the center of the city, so very good access to any place😍 If you are scared to take a taxi on the first day, you can ask for a shuttle at the hotel, but the shuttle of the hotel is much more expensive. ( I asked at the hotel but actually, I paid 40 bucks instead of 10 bucks for a local taxi😂)

Actually, Vietnam is a safe country, so you don’t need to feel scared but don’t forget to negotiate:) Vina sun Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi is a known taxi company there 😊 and in Asia, it has started to be a popular Taxi Application Grab. you can download it before visiting:)

Day 1

The first day, I was very shocked about bikes on the street. There were thousands of bikes there, and it’s so hard to cross the road😂 I can not upload my movie here on my blog, because it’s too heavy but if you are interested in it, you can have a look at my IG story highlight how is the road in Vietnam😂

I started to visit Saigon Central Post Office. It was built at the end of 18 Century, a model for the Orsay museum in Paris. Then I went to the money exchange first.  My recommendation is, Hung Long Money Exchange, it’s near Dong Khoi Avenue and the rate is very nice.

( there is another money exchange inside Saigon Central Post Office, but the rate is not so good, so I don’t recommend it😓)

My thumbnail’s photo is People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh. in the night, it turns right on✨✨it was built in 1908 during the French regimen, so it was a model for Paris’ City hall.

And one more recommendation is Tan Dinh church. It’s not as famous as Saigon Cathedral, but the outlook is very cute and photogenic.

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Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

Day 2

On the second day, we went to the War Remnants Museum. This is the museum to introduce how outrageous the Vietnam war was…I can not describe how bad I felt as a Japanese who had a bad memory of WW2, but we should not forget what has happened there.

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

It’s a quite big museum, so I spent all morning there. And there were people who experienced Vietnam War making elaborate glass flowers, so I bought some. I put them in my room😊

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

In the afternoon, I went to Ben Thanh Market to enjoy shopping and I bought an Aodai, a Vietnamese Traditional Dress for 30$. Then later I found another shop, they sold it for 15$😂😂😂Don’t forget to negotiate any time!!!😂😂  Anyway I am so happy with the dress, so I changed continued my tour with the dress😍

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018 Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

Day 3

On the third day, I went to Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden🌷🌷 which is the oldest zoo in Asia.

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

There are many rare animals:) ( I gonna put some images of sneaks and chameleon, if you don’t like them, pls skip!)

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018 Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018 Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018


It’s a very big park. We wanted to stay until the end of the afternoon, but it was very hot, so we had a look at the local market, and went back to the hotel. ( In the summer, it’s very hot with humidity, so if you visit there in the summer, pls pay attention, drink water often!)

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

Day 4

And on the 4th day, we went to Suoi Tien Theme Park. Not so many guide books introduce this place, but it’s known as a “crazy attraction park”, and actually, among all of the activities and tourist places in Ho Chi Minh, this one is my favorite 😍 definitely you must go!! We can spend the entire day there 😍 it takes 40 mins by taxi from the center of the city. It’s very rare, but it’s a Buddhism attraction park. So there are many Buddha statues. It costs around 7$ for 2 adults, (140000 Vietnam Don for 2 ) and for each attraction you need to pay 🙂

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018 Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018 Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

Each place is very unique:)  and we even can fish crocodiles….!!!🐊🐊( I recorded a movie, so if you are curious, you can check out from my IG story highlight) Haunted house, roll coaster, photoshoot studio, small shops, restaurants…

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

There is also a pool outside.

Ho Chi Minh Travel summer 2018

My advice is better not to take a bikini there. Because I don’t know why… but no one took a bikini there, and I was super outstanding….😅maybe it’s about culture…..? We literally could enjoy all of the day here😍

Day 5

On the last day, we just went to local markets and went to the airport to take a domestic flight to go to Da Nang. I think staying in Ho Chi Minh for 5 days is a little bit too long. Maybe 3-4 days are enough. But I could relax so it was nice 😍 My next post is about Da Nang and Hoi an 🙂 See you soon💖💖

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