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  • Unforgettable hydroplane ride
  • Perfect nature and sand
  • Diving
  • Beautiful animals
  • Delicious food
I was in Maldives on my honeymoon in July last year. Though July isn't the most popular month for Maldives, we spent perfect time. The prices are cheaper in this period and the weather is perfect, except some rainy days.
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Many people think that Maldives is only for a couple of days and it is boring and nothing to do there. And I thought so, as a matter of fact. But we are wrong! The Maldives is the perfect place for spending your honeymoon and doing many activities there. Now I’ll share with you the most interesting things in the Maldives😍🥰

1. Arriving at Male airport you must reach an island by hydroplane!🚁😍 First interesting news that you hear arriving there. First I was scared. It was my first time and I didn’t know anything. But when I saw a lot of beautiful hydroplanes I was surprised. While riding you have very positive emotions. I was smiling, crying, and taking pictures. You are able to see all the beauty of the Indian ocean from the top and a lot of islands. But there is one negative thing while riding we were gotten plugged ears. So be careful and close them with something.

Honeymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in Maldives

2. Reaching our island we were amazed. We chose a Milaidhoo hotel and it was a very little island. You can walk it all in 10 minutes. There are 4 restaurants of different cuisines, a spa center, a lot of houses. And what is most interesting is a beautiful beach with its white sand. The view is really amazing. All you want to do is stay there forever. But be careful! If the weather is too hot you can get a bad sunburn, so don’t spend all your day on the beach. Our house was with an ocean view. And what is also very interesting is that you can do snorkeling when you wish. The hotel gives you all equipment for it. While snorkeling you can see different kinds of fish, they are very beautiful!

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Honeymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in Maldives

Honeymoon in Maldives
3. What next? The most interesting part! Diving! I’ve never done it before so it was my first time. We took an instructor and paid for equipment and went together to learn how to dive. To tell you the truth  I couldn’t do it. I was very scared because the instructor said that there are some dangerous fish around and you must be careful. And also I couldn’t breathe enough to do it. So it was snorkeling not diving for me🤪 But my husband dit and he was very happy because he learned new things and also saw a lot of beautiful fish! So don’t be afraid! Honeymoon in Maldives Honeymoon in Maldives Honeymoon in Maldives
4. While being in the Maldives you have a chance to see the most beautiful animals😍 Different species of fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. To see dolphins we went for an excursion on a boat. They are so sweet and beautiful that you can’t describe it. I took a lot of pictures of them. Sea turtle we saw while snorkeling. It was very big and you can be scared first but don’t be they are very kind to people💛 Also we went fishing and caught a lot of fish. While fishing you can see different species. From big ones to little. So while being in the Maldives go fishing it is very interesting and you will have fun! Honeymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in Maldives

Honeymoon in Maldives

Honeymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in Maldives


Honeymoon in Maldives

5. And of course food 😋 On the island there are different restaurants with different cuisines. All food is delicious! Mostly I liked seafood. There is one restaurant where you can cook the fish you caught. It is very interesting and tasty. Also the most popular are fruits. You can eat them all day long there💛😋Honeymoon in MaldivesHoneymoon in Maldives

So if you are planning your honeymoon choose the Maldives, you will be very glad!💛 Thanks for reading me!🥰

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