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  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador
  • Enjoy to see humpback whales
  • Practice scuba diving
  • Amazing pictures.
  • Practice snorkeling
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A new adventure begins and this time I decide to make a trip that I had postponed for a long time and that I had not decided to do this time is whale watching.

From the months of June to September, humpback whales arrive from Antarctica to the beaches of Ecuador. They do it for two reasons: reproduction and having their young. They take advantage of the heat of the Ecuadorian waters to migrate here.Post Creator

Throughout Ecuador, you can take different tours for whale watching, so I took advantage of the invitation that my girlfriend and her family made me go to Ayangue, a coastal town on the Santa Elena province from where you can do the sighting of these giant mammals.

Although you can also make this tour from Salinas, we prefer to go to Ayangue where there are different tour operators that carry out this work.

Our tour starts from La Libertad which is where I reside to go as the first point Manglaralto which is where we are going to have breakfast at Esquina de Doma, one of the best places to taste seafood and its spectacular bolon (which is made of plantain) seafood and shrimp bowls in coconut sauce to a Price of $ 8 can eat up to two people. You definitely have to visit where Doma and we’ll go for those seafood burgers.Post Creator

After and spectacular breakfast, we will go to Ayangue, this place is 40 min from Libertad or 10 min from Montañita.

We arrived to Ayangue and looked for an operator to help us with the sighting. My girlfriend knew of one thanks to a friend of hers that her family has this business. We made contact but we had to wait an hour because the yacht had already left.

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This tour has a cost of $ 15 per person they give us our respective life jackets and we have to wear masks inside the yacht. They explained to us that they make visits to the islet where you can snorkel and dive in this place. There is a beautiful place where there is a Christ underwater and the Ecuadorian navy sank a disused ship to create an artificial reef. We hope to do this adventure with my girlfriend in the future.

If you want to know more about these adventures at sea, you can contact the operator Viajeros del mar cellular phone. 593-994628921. Diving for a day has a cost of $ 120 and the visit to the islet El Pelado is $ 25 and if there are groups 10 or more people $ 20.

It was time to board and on the yacht our guide gave us an explanation about humpback whales, their origin, and what they did on the Ecuadorian coasts. One of the things that surprised me was the size of its fins, which can measure up to 5 meters long and 14 meters long. In addition to the fact that its tail fin is like the fingerprint of the whales because they do not repeat themselves and by that means they identify them.

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They have a 360-degree vision that when jumping makes them look at everything around them. After 20 minutes we reached the point where the sightings were made, the captain of the yacht and his sailor were looking for where they could appear.

We managed to see the first whale part of its back, on a second time the dorsal fin and the one that finally managed to record was On the one side, the tail fin and its back I thought we were not going to be able to observe them, we spent a lot of time looking for them, but it was possible and that makes me happy.Post Creator

This tour lasts one hour and our luck can be great because we can see a part of the whale, see its spectacular jumps or simply not observe them. It is a matter of luck to see these types of sightings.


Our time is running out and it is time to return to land with the happiness of having seen these beautiful animals that year after year visits the coasts of our country.

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Once on land, the owner of the operator told us that on the day of the whale, which was celebrated on July 8, there were free tours for consumption in her restaurant. I think we will be back next year for another tour and to consume her delicious food.

The day is ending and, it’s time to go home with the satisfaction of having seen the whales and of having shared with my girlfriend’s family and her son, a trip that I really enjoyed because they have the spirit of adventure of La Huecatrips and I am sure that won’t be the last trip together.

We will see each other again soon and don’t forget to take care of this blue planet.

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