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Kia Ora guys!

Hey, I was thinking of sharing this special wee spot with you all.

I am going to share with you another great getaway not too far from the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland.

Now before you head off, here are some things you should plan to get the most out of your day:

1- Life’s best moments are shared, so bring ya mates along for the ride!

2- Bring some lunch/ treats for a picnic! There are limited eat-out options once you get out to the Hunua Ranges. Bring plenty of fresh water in a reusable drink bottle!

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3- Rain or shine, who knows what the weather will be but in any case be prepared for both! Bring a rain jacket, hat, sunblock, and sunglasses. Getting 4 seasons’ worth of weather in one day is the typical weather around Auckland!

4- I’d recommend wearing hiking boots for this track, in the middle of summer you’ll find that the tracks are not so muddy so running shoes would be fine if there hasn’t been much rain recently.

So here we go, here’s what your day will look like. Driving south on the southern motorway, just 50 minutes out of central Auckland you will pass through the rural lands of green pastures & cattle to then arrive at the sounds of gushing waters in the Hunua Ranges. Just 100m from the car park you can get some picture-perfect shots of the awe-inspiring Hunua Falls. For those looking for more of an adventure, there is a track that takes you in a loop near the falls, rewarding the hiker with different viewpoints of this spectacular natural wonder. I would recommend spending some time just sitting or standing in silence and just listening to the sounds of this water pounding into the water surface below. The water stream is so powerful you can barely hear what someone is saying even if they’re a few meters away from you!!

Just 10 minutes drive from here you can head out to the Wairoa dam and start another loop walk. Here you cross a suspension bridge then up you will walk winding yourself the track looking out at the farmlands through gaps native bush. From these heights, you can enjoy some breathtaking views. This is also a great opportunity to see for yourself where the city of Auckland sources some of the drinking water. Along the dam, you’ll see some of New Zealand’s famous wooly friends who will just go about their business. Follow the track around and you’ll return back to the car park via a gravel road.

Highlights :

    During the walks, one can see the Fantail, Pukekohes, cows, sheep, lambs, warblers, and hear the Tui’s call echo from far away.

Lowlights :

    Driving on the petrol light, I became a tad concerned that I might breakdown on the road, however, there was a Gull petrol station in Hunua just 5 minutes drive from the Falls.

Something I learned :

    I learned that the walk showcases many of New Zealand’s native bush. Here you can find the 7 finger tree, the New Zealand fern, the Kauri Tree, the Totara tree and many more!!

Wow, moment :

    Arriving at the car park and as soon as I opened the car door, I could hear the water come crashing down onto the rocks below. It gave me some sense of how close it was to us.

Anyway, guys, I hope that gives you some idea of what to expect for your trip!

Have a great day, drive safely!



Hunua Falls Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls Hunua Falls Hunua Falls

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