Why Ingapirca

  • Enjoy a beautiful archeological place
  • You can do a great trekking around this place
  • Take great pictures.
  • Admire the Inca culture in Ecuador
  • Visit the most important arqueological place of Ecuador
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Ingapirca is an archaeological complex located in the province of Cañar. Ingapirka is a Quichua word that means “Wall of the Inca”.Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

From Cuenca to Ingapirca there is a duration of two hours by bus. There are buses from Cañar that leave twice a day from Cuenca to Ingapirca. These frequencies are at 9 in the morning and the other at 12:20. In case you do not arrive on time what happened to me, you can take a bus that will take you to El Tambo that had a value of $ 2.50. There are buses that take you to Ingapirca with a value of $ 0.50. These buses are Trans Inka and Huayna Capac buses.

This trip to the archaeological complex lasts just twenty minutes. The bus left me in the parking lot of the town and from there I walked towards the entrance of the archaeological complex. Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

Once you enter, I had to buy an entrance ticket which had a value of $ 2 for adults, $ 1 for people between 12-17 years besides elderly people and children under 12 years and disabled people enter free.

To enter I had to wait for several minutes to be able to enter because it was a holiday and there were a lot of people, entering groups of 30 people.Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

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Our guide began the tour explaining about this construction that is a mixture of the Cañari and Inca culture.

This site was a resting place for the Incas, who came only at certain times to rest.

One of the things that got my attention was the temple of the sun. It served by the military, religious and astronomical functions Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

Once the tour through this archaeological complex is over, I visited the face of the Inca, a structure that is carved into the mountain and it looked like a face, Local people said that there were two faces but one was destroyed with the imposition of Catholicism. On this route, you could also see other rocks with different shapes such as the Face of the Sun, the Face of the Moon, the Turtle Head and the Inca Games. This is a journey of approximately one hour.Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

To visit Ingapirca you should know that you must bring sports shoes, sunscreen, glasses, a cap, and a sweater. In addition, You have to bring a lot of desire to walk and explore all this beautiful complex.Ingapirca and its Sun Temple


If you want to eat something you have to visit the restaurants in this place. I ate a plate of roasted lamb with a value of $ 5, you can drink Canelazo that is a hot beverage with punta (a strong alcoholic beverage). Ingapirca and its Sun Temple

It was time to return to Cuenca so I went to the Ingapirca bus station and I took a bus to the terminal of Cañar with a value of 0.75 ctvs and the bus from Cañar to Cuenca $ 2. It was a day trip where you could appreciate the history of Ecuador.  It was time to continue my trip to Cuenca which is my next destination.

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Ingapirca and its Sun Temple


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