Why Yallingup

  • Swimming in the natural spa
  • Watching the phenomenon of water pour over the rocks
  • Exploring the rock pool and finding sea creatures
  • Climbing the surrounding rocks
  • Enjoying a day of baking in the sun
This is one of my absolute favourite, if not my number one favourite spot in the South West of Australia. I can't stay away!
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Injidup Natural Spa

The natural spa at Injidup has been on my bucket list since forever and let me tell you… it did not disappoint! We had ventured down there a few weeks ago but the wind and rain had scared us off. When Emma, our family friend, suggested we check it out again, we jumped on the opportunity and headed there the very next day. This time we got blessed by the weather gods.

Injidup Natural Spa

As soon as the kids went to school (poor things) we left early as we’d heard it gets really busy. After a stop in at Gracetown general store to pick up some wraps for lunch, we arrived in what we thought was the car park for Injidup Natural Spa. Google Maps had told us we were there but we had no idea so Emma, true to form, stopped a man from driving off, opened his car door, practically got in with him and asked him where we needed to go. He directed us down the rocks. When we reached the bottom we weren’t sure whether to go left or right so I flew up the drone and it was easy to spot. The incredible rock pool with crystal clear sea water running down over the rocks into it (if you sit next to the water running in it gives you a massage, hence the name ‘spa’). There was a family there when we arrived but they were just leaving so we had the whole spa to ourselves for a few hours. So magic.

Injidup Natural Spa

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There wasn’t a breath of wind or a cloud in the sky so we spent the day climbing rocks, sun baking, playing games and enjoying the spa. There’s something so rewarding about climbing over rocks barefoot. These rocks were covered in foot holes and grooves to hold onto. The water was crystal clear and you could see so many different types of fish swimming around your feet. Danni (my step mum) screamed every time the water crashed over the rocks. It was hilarious. Crabs hid amongst the cracks in the rocks and the brave ones climbed out to find food. A paraglider flew over and Emma, again, true to form, flashed her boobs at him. We played eye spy and when it was her turn, she said “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with f. Wait no! P.” It was phone. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Injidup Natural Spa

Eventually, a small group of people came to join us. The girls sat further up the rocks and the guy set off to find a fishing spot. He stacked it big time on the wet rocks and spilt some of his bait. The crabs and fish had an absolute field day. The guy was red-faced but fine. When he finally found his spot, we heard a scream from the girls. A snake had reared its head at them so they left pretty quickly. Emily (my step sister) is absolutely petrified of snakes and wanted to leave immediately too but we talked her around. Then another group came and saw an ‘ink fish’ in the water. It was an octopus. So cool!

Injidup Natural Spa

I actually cannot recommend this spot enough. Head there early and midweek to avoid the crowds and it is literally the best day out! By far my favourite spot in the South West so far! To finish off an already incredible day, Emily, her friends and I went down to The Point in Margaret River for fish tacos and to watch the sunset. Can’t wait to keep exploring this amazing part of the world. ​​


Injidup Natural Spa


Since I wrote this, I have returned to Injidup three times. Obsessed much?! I seriously am. Each time we have been there has always been some new rocks to climb, exciting new marine life to spot, or something cool happening so you can bet that I’ll just keep on coming back! One of my absolute favourite spots in the South West!

Injidup Natural Spa

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